Spinning the Downgrade

On Friday, S&P downgraded the U.S. credit rating to AA+ from AAA. The downgrade report complained that the debt ceiling deal did not do enough to stem the tide of future deficits and debt.

While the report blamed no political parties, politicians, groups, or approaches as the reason for the shortfall, Democrats have been falling over themselves to blame Conservatives for the negative credit rating.

John Kerry came out and applied bias where there was none on Meet the Press Sunday.

Justin Ruben, executive director at MoveOn.org, an extreme left-wing organization, expressed outrage at the President for not taking a more aggressive stance against fiscal Conservatives.

“It’s a terrible deal that will destroy jobs and big part of reason is because president accepted the premise that it was okay to hold economy hostage,” Ruben said. “Instead of saying, ‘this is outrageous’ and ‘You will not threaten the full faith and credit of the U.S.,’ and telling America what the Republicans are doing, he sat down and said, ‘let’s bargain’ and tried to show he was more reasonable.”

Ruben’s demand for less compromise is in direct opposition to the President’s attempts to bring both sides together. Mr. Ruben’s spun the whole outcome by saying that the deal itself is what threatens the “full faith and credit of the U.S.”. Incorrect. Had Obama toed the line with Ruben’s idea of raising the debt limit without curtailing spending or raising revenue, two more ratings agencies would likely have joined in the downgrade. Only because some slowdown in spending was present in the bill at all did Fitch and Moody’s leave the nation’s AAA rating in-place.

On the Sunday circuit, progressive talking points were prevalent. “We can’t cut our way out of this recession” was heard loud and clear. This a variation on Obama’s, “we can’t cut our way to prosperity” theme. While we haven’t even tried spending cuts as a method to save the economy, we have empirical evidence that taxing and spending our way to recovery does not work.

The rising-star, progressive commentator and writer Ezra Klein tweeted, “This didn’t happen because an earthquake wrecked our factories or a plague hit our workers. It was Congress. Particularly GOP in Congress.” in reference to the S&P downgrade.

The more honest perspective is that Speaker Boehner had accepted an Obama administration deal that included over $800 Billion in revenue enhancement (lefty-speak for increased taxation). Obama then came back to the table with an additional $400 Billion in demanded taxes while still keeping Medicare, food stamps and Social Security off the table – turning compromise into arm twisting.

The spin is working. Liberal forums are full of comments where the democrat-faithful are extremely upset at the lack of reporting that the S&P report specifically calls out Republicans for having obstructed the debt deal. They will have to remain upset for quite some time as the report contains no such admonition. In fact, the report is careful to make no comments for or against either party nor does it recommend either cutting nor taxation as the chosen remedy.

S&P had needed to see $4 trillion in deficit reduction – the deal only delivered $2.7 trillion. If the democrats had gotten what they originally demanded, there would be $0.

If not for the Conservatives, this downgrade would have come faster, may have been worse (AA-) and could have included Fitch and Moody’s lowering the nation’s ratings as well. If the politicians in Washington fail to cut the deficit by much more than Conservatives already have, we will see further downgrades in the coming months and all the scary stuff that Democrats threatened the country with before the debt deal. Perhaps even that “Satan Sandwich”.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Blah, blah, blah. Kerry can’t say anything that doesn’t sound like blah, blah, blah.

    The point of the whole matter is we are not strong enough yet to be able to finally take over the Republican Party like we were trying to do in 2010. That is the GOAL of next November people!! To take over the Republican Party is like the Tea Party says, and that is to “Primary” these country club big government Republican’s like Boehner, McConnell, and the rest who’ve been in Washington way to long and have learned to do nothing but make deals with the Socialist Democrats, and insane bastards like Reid. And he is insane. No one who is looking at a President like the Marxist Obama and a economy like we’ve got and tell the American people, “This bill is dead on arrival!” No one in their right mind would not even consider balancing the budget, and on top of that to not even have attempted or even mentioned balancing the budget for three years?? C’mon.

    Obama stayed above the fray again by letting Reid take the heat, and Reid CAN take the heat because he’s insane. Only a insane person could do what Reid did and still watch unemployment go up, the country about to default, and our credit rating be downgraded, and I don’t care if the other rating services stand against Standard and Poors, the credit rating did get downgraded.

    The whole deal behind the Democrat ploy during the whole debate about the debt ceiling fight was to make the Tea Party look bad. Democrats did everything they could to make it look like it was the Tea Party were a bunch of “terrorist” who were holding the economy “hostage”. All the Democrats know they have to do is put a statement out there that their sicaphants can run with in the leftist media and the whole country is being propagandaized all at one time. Talk about using technology to do the most damage as possible faster than can be repaired, it’s how the Democrat Party uses it’s control over the leftist media to get their message out there 24/7/365. And whoever it was who said the Democrat Party is in campaign mode all the time, they are right. The Democrats found out in 2004 that they needed to get their message out better than they did. They fully expected to win in ’04 and when they didn’t they decided then that if they were going to make sure American’s got the “progressive” message they would have to tell the dummies what Democrats stood for every day and not just every four years.

    What taking over the Republican Party would do would put conservatives in control of both Houses so that the American people would finally see what a Constitutional conservative economy would do for them. Let Obama win, and he can try to veto every bill that comes before him, but there’s enough smart people who are conservatives who would Constitutionally force him to sign those he should, and the one’s he is able to veto will be over riden by the House and will become law anyway, and Obama knows it. We would not ever hear Nancy’s voice, or ever hear Reid’s voice talk about garbage and no more “Democrats will not vote for this bill!” crap.

    People!! we are only FOUR (4) votes shy of having a majority in the Senate!! Do you mean to tell me we can’t get four measly Democrats to vote for a balanced budget?? Once we take over the Republican Party we can show the American people what a Constitutional Capitalistic economy looks like without ever having to worry about letting Democrats water a spending reduction, tax increase, regulation cut back bill down until there’s nothing left that would have done all the good the bill started out being. Once we take over the Republican Party we can show the American people what having their money to do as they wish feels like. And once they realize that we’re not kidding, and it’s some sort of trick and big tax increases are on their way, and it doesn’t happen, once we gain the trust of the American people that we know what we’re doing and this is the way America was supposed to be, and should have been had it not been for Socialist Marxist Democrats and spineless Republican’s standing in the way, and had been doing deals with those in our government who meant to harm this country as much as they could, like Obama is doing, then the American people won’t ever want to go back to Democrats ever again!! The Democrat Party will not be known as the Party of the Little Man anymore, and will be known for who they really are, and that is a wing of the Communist Party who is against the American Way!! They will cease to exist as the second party of the two party system. From then on it will be constitutional conservative representative republic we were created to be!!

  2. Once we can start showing the American people how they can help themselves and that they don’t need any help from the government, and it some do need help it won’t be for the rest of their lives. Once the American people see that without all those Democrat amendments put in good conservative bills, like they had been in the past, they will see that we aren’t suppose to give a damn what other countries think about our being able to “…keep our themostats set at 72, eat all we want, and drive a new car to our nice homes, and have all the doctors and hospitals we need all the time…” and we can go on and have the kinds of lives we want.

    Maybe in time we can get America to a point where there aren’t any “parties” anymore and just conservatives run the country like it started out when our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, except this time the declaration of independence we’ll be living independent from servatude under the heel of the so-called Progressive Democrats, when what they really were are Socialist Marxists. They just use the name of Democrats so that people won’t suspect who they really are. Schumer himself has admitted to being a Socialist, and Nancy Pelosi belongs to the Socialist Democrat Party, and Obama is a member of the First Party that is a combination of both the Socialist Party USA, and the Communist Pary USA that was formed before Obama ran for the US Senate. So who are these people? They aren’t American’s who believe in our founding documents, remember what Obama said about our Constitution that it, “…was a negative document for what the government could do for and to you.” They are traitors, and I’m not being to “extremist” in saying that either. They have done nothing but use Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and the Communist Manifesto to run the country instead of the law of the land the Constitution.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to return to how we’re supposed to be? Wouldn’t it be nice to return to where we got to keep our own money we earned and give it to anyone we pleased? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to start our own businesses and not have to worry about spending the first million dollars trying to comply with environmental regulations? I would, and I think you would to.

    Here, I’ll give you liberals your “utopia”, a America that is supposed to be the way our founders meant for it to be where you got to build any kind of “land” you wanted on your own property because you had the right to have that property. How’s that “utopia” ? If that isn’t a utopia then I don’t know what is. I am old enough to remember when Ameria was a utopia when gasoline was 59 cents a gallon and you could you could call somebody “fat” without going to jail. And do you know what? We knew it was wrong even then. That’s right, we had societal rules that frowned on talk like that because it hurt the fat person’s feelings. You liberals didn’t know that did you? You thought back then people went around calling people dirty names and back then you could get away with it. NO. You are wrong, no one went around just saying whatever they wanted because there were rules against that kind of language. BUT! The difference between then and now is, we weren’t arrested for a “hate crime” because people “understood” that some people were going to say things hurtful from time to time and you just have to ignore them. You got IGNORED instead of being JAILED for the things you said back in my day. That was the difference between being free to speak, and like now, not being free to speak. People knew it was wrong but they knew people had the freedom of speech back then to say what they wanted, and as the 1st Amendment says, “…without fear of prosecution…”.

    This is the America that we could return to and that is one where people did not punish you for having rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and people weren’t afraid to exercise their rights.

    Maybe we could return to the America where everyone had equal rights and no one had more rights than they deserved because of the color of their skin!

    Liberals say that we just want to live in the past. They say if we want to be a better people we have to “move forward” in what America is if we ever hope to get along with everyone else in the world. Well, there’s that utopian attitude again. And it’s because nowhere in the history of man has he ever lived with and got along with people in another country or land. Look at Muslims. Look at Communists. What would liberals want to do, what would they suggest we do when it comes to “getting along” with those people? Do they expect to get along with some one who hates your guts! And like it’s been said, “How do you start negotiations with someone who wants to start the talks with your death!!”

    This proves the insanity of liberalism. It’s exactly right when it’s said that anyone who is doing the same thing and making the same mistakes over and over expecting a different outcome. That is the definition of crazy!!

    We’re not crazy. How could we be crazy when all we want is for the Congress and the Senate and the President to follow the Constitution. Does that sound crazy? Does that sound “extreme” or “extremist”? What is extreme about balancing the budget? Are the Socialist Democrats saying the we can’t ever balance the budget? Okay, can we live like that, then? When we get ourselves as deep in debt as we can, can we go to the bank and borrow all the money we want and just keep spending? That’s what the government is doing and did by Boehner allowing Obama to have the debt ceiling raised 2 trillion dollars more!!

    We wouldn’t need to do that…..ever!!

  3. You Democrats are going to have to realize that “moving forward” is not the direction that America needs to be moving if we ever hope to recover from this disaster that your Party has gotten this nation into. You are the ones who keep the borders open allowing illegal Mexican’s into the country in hopes of having them as voters to keep your people in office forever. That is NOT what will make America a better country. History has shown that any country that does not protect it’s sovereignty ends up destroying the country. Anything that is not protected, you loose. Like our education system was lost because the radical racial activists rioted to force our government to let Blacks get the same access to better education that the other races were getting. The only problem was the STANDARD of excellence that was found in the “non-Black public education system” was not protected, and preserved in order to keep everyone at the level that would guarantee a better future for them. But instead Democrats were scared of Blacks rioting in their cities and gave up just to keep the peace. After that liberals found the secret weapon to use on Whites to force them to surrender every right guaranteed by the Constitution for everyone. But the thing we understood about it was you had to earn what you wanted. Blacks were completely unprepared for the level they were exposed to that they could not reach.

    Democrats were the ones who took Christianity out of our schools. What they didn’t understand was in doing so, it broke the connection between the home and our schools, which was what was needed to keep our children in an environment that was condusive to raising them up in faith and morality. Once the teachers began telling the kids that religion didn’t belong in the education system, and forced the Christian beliefs in the home by removing all signs of it from the rest of society by disallowing the “free exercise” of Christian beliefs that were what most all American’s had gave our children and young people the feeling that they had been lied to. They were right in the middle of their rebellious years of their growth and what they needed was the structure that Christianity gave them along with the disipline they were getting from home. Once all that was removed from society our youth just was being blown along by the wind….of change. And the only direction that takes you is, down the drain. And look at our society now. Democrats believed that they could replace Christian beliefs with the religion of liberalism, environmentalism, and progressivism. Did that do the job that Christianity was doing for our society after Christianity was thrown down the toilet? No!

    Democrats are responsible for all the problems they caused to happen in America because of their political beliefs and their ideology were the same. And that is liberalism. America was not created to be liberal. It was created to be conservative. America was not created to be run by an ideology like the Democrats have. It was created to be a conservative representative republic. Democrats wanted America to be a Democracy. There is a big difference between those two ideologies when you apply them to a society that could only function like it was supposed to under but one of them, and since Democrats have been trying to convert the nation to a Democracy it has failed and failed and failed, until we find ourselves in the shape we’re in today.

    See, Democrats, your way doesn’t work regardless of whether Obama says that, “The only reason why Roosevelts “New Deal” failed was because he didn’t put enough money in it, fast enough.” So what Obama is trying to do is run the New Deal again but put trillions into it, and in a matter of a few months. Look at our economy. Does it look like anything you could do to some failed policy like the New Deal would look any different than our economy looks right now? No.

  4. We’re not talking about just cleaning up around factories of the waste and spent materials. We’re not talking about stopping the policy of dumping industrial waste into our streams, rivers, or lakes, and the ocean for that matter. We’re not talking about setting regulations concerning those things which would make the manufactoring and industrial companies stop doing things the old way and make the changes needed in order that the waste and dumping would not happen but instead better handling of those things so they didn’t end up in the environment. If it had only been just those things that really did need to be done to make industry better, it would have been okay. But Democrats didn’t stop there. Oh no, they just kept going and kept going, and kept going with regulations until they ran off the manufacturing and industries and they had to leave the country. Does that sound like good economic policies? Well, those are the policies of the Democrats. What’s the matter with that? So what if it destroyed our manufacturing and industrial economic foundation? So what?

    Democrats were taken over by leftist 60’s radical Communist influenced young Democrats who were bent on changing the country so that America would be converted into a country that obeyed the laws that were best for the whole world. The scope liberals had back then was much more than the conservatives who had been in control of the culture, society, and governance of the people. That’s why conservative Republican’s lost the country and the government. The country, because of the changes liberal Democrats forced upon the way American’s live now. The government because of the changes liberal Democrats forced upon the way American’s were governed. That’s pretty much all we have that has been forced to change America and what it is as a influence on the world. And if liberal Democrats planned to influence the rest of the world, that is why people in our government is so close to the U.N. and how it operates now.

    Just changing America back to a constitutional conservative nation is not going to change how the U.N. controls the rest of the world. But it will influence how all those other countries begin to make changes within their own country that will make life for their people better. That will change the way the U.N. makes it’s decisions. We may be able to get rid of the U.N. eventually because foreign countries won’t need any U.N. to do anything for them that they can do for themselves.

    Individual self reliance is the way God created man to be. It has been other men who wanted to control those things are the reason why the world is in the fix it’s in now.

  5. See, there’s probably no way to convert these hard core, and for that matter just the run of the mill liberals, to being conservatists. They just don’t want to see things the way we do. Part of the reason why is because it’s easier to be liberal and just let it be(no pun intended by quoating a Beatles song title), there’s something in their brains that keeps them from seeing how being a conservative does the same thing they believe except with one major difference and that is we believe in earning the things you want, it even works to aquire more freedom for oneself. More freedom? How does being a conservative get you more freedom than what is already guaranteed in our Constitution? It’s being free to generate wealth for yourself that can gain you more freedom. Wouldn’t having more money, and being able to replace that piece of crap car you presently have, that wouldn’t take you across town without breaking down, gain you mobility which equals more freedom? Being mobile and being able to leave town whenever you want seem like you were more free than you were when your car was so worn out that you couldn’t depend on it to get you to the city limits?

    Being free is a tangible thing. You don’t have to buy it, it’s given to you…free. You don’t have to earn points, the whole ball of wax is free for the taking. No one gives it to you, you are born into it. And no one is supposed to take it from you without paying certain consequences. And you can take it back, by force if necessary. When people like John Kerry blah, blah, blah their way to keeping their job and pretending to look intelligent, some people think that the government controls everyone’s freedom and in some weird way you have to be somebody in order to be as free as you wish you were. But poitician’s don’t control freedom and dole it out to whomever they please. No, it doesn’t work that way regardless is your Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. Or even if you are Dick Durbin, who believes that he can dole out freedom to illega Mexican aliens by the very fact that they made it across our border and since they were clever enough, or had enough money to pay the coyoties to get them into the country. No, Dick you are wrong. And just because they are here, now we have to give them freedom? No, it doesn’t work that way.

    American’s are the only people in the world who are born into freedom. Yeah, God gave freedom to all men. But here’s the problem. Those people from other countries have to wake up and immediately have to protect their freedom, or what little they have left from a government that is determined to take that freedom away from them. We are the only people who can wake up and KNOW they are free. We don’t have to check to make sure no one stole it during the night, you have to look around just in case you misplaced it when you got home last night. No, in America, freedom is with us no matter what we do, or where we go we take it with us. We can never loose it, nor can we accidentally misplace it, it’s attached to our beings, our souls.

    Liberals are free to, but they believe that the rest of us should give up our freedom over to them so that they can give us back what liberals believe we deserve. Isn’t that some sort of errogance? Some sort of mental illness? Some sort of a person who believes that is dangerous when they get to the point of power like Harry Reid. What scares Republican’s or more correctly, Democrats is that Reid has so much power that he could damage someone’s career or hurt their chances of being reelected next time. Reid has hinchmen who do his dirty work. And if you don’t think so, look at the way that he put out a scare about Senator David Vitter and Reid did that by getting hold of the list of clients of the Washington Madame, a prostitute who had many women working for her and had many high level government clients. One of those was Senator Vitter, but it was a long time ago, back in 1994, or 96 I forgot which but it doesn’t matter. Vitter only went to one of the women once and never did it again. He did all he was supposed to do to get his name cleaned up and it didn’t happen again. Reid had the power to do that though, that’s the point.

    So now Sen. Vitter has some of his freedom in jeaporty because Reid could come back and make a big deal of it again and possibly make Sen. Vitter resign in order to be able to deal with lawsuits, like Congressman Tom Delay had to do. Reid and Pelosi forced him to have to resign in order to deal with all the lawsuits that liberals had against him. These two people are evil. They have wickedness in their hearts. They disobey the Constitution all the time and are both traitors. They need to be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives.
    All of our freedoms are in danger as long as these two people in particular are out loose and are able to do whatever they want to people around them that they call “political enemies”. This is just plain wrong. My freedom is worth more than these people’s desire to destroy other people’s lives.

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