Save Gibson – Vote Out a Democrat

Collection of Gibson Acoustic GuitarsThe news of the Obama Department of Justice’s witch hunt on Gibson is plastered across the internet. What’s not equally as noteworthy is any real admonition from Democrats. Where is the outcry from the imaginary protector of the arts and artists? As usual, caught between special interest groups.

Leftist politicians would have to choose between three groups of supporters. First, there are the environmentalists who decry the use of anything natural – or, for that fact, unnatural – in much of anything. At the other end of the debate are the performing artists – another typically left-leaning group. The third may be the biggest driver of these raids – the unions. You see, Gibson, is located in Tennessee – a right to work state.

Guitarists are worried that the government might come after their guitars, pianos or anything else with now-controlled materials. While the use might have been done in compliance with regulations – as it was in Gibson’s case –  the artists don’t have the official harvesting documentation. Their instruments are now contraband.

What scares me most about that article is that, as they claim, if your old Martin has an ebony bridge, you may need to have papers to prove it. This, if true, if just out of control. This is the pendulum swung WAY past the side of environmental protection, into police state territory. –fromthe Atlantic Wire


The music world is known for an ‘up yours’ style of anti-establishment rhetoric, but now that they are directly under attack – will they fight back? All that is necessary to end this political attack on an American manufacturer is to relieve the country of the current President.

While many are concerned for one of the greatest Guitar makers – an American guitar maker – the Obama administration is worried about a non-existent infringement of the laws of India. The frustration with the situation is easy to remedy and might just make for a great 2012 t-shirt – “Save Gibson, Vote Out a Democrat”.

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