Obama Blinks – Moves Speech to Thursday

Obama requests speech at same time as GOP debate

Despite having said that it should be country before politics, Obama put his politics before almost everything – including politics.

Before his most sudden change of heart, Obama had demanded that he address Congress on the same night as the next GOP debate – September 7th.

Obama sent a letter Wednesday to House Speaker Boehner requesting a joint session of Congress so that he may deliver his jobs plan. On any other night that week, there would be no reason not to grant the teleprompter a reason to explain to us what Obama’s ever-changing group of economic advisers wrote down. The day Obama originally requested is also the night of the next GOP Presidential Debate.

The debate is to be carried by MSNBC so any damage to their viewership will be negligible, as are their ratings. The real question is why did Obama pick the same night as the GOP debate?

Politics, of Course

It won’t hurt the GOP candidates just to have the debate and the president on at the same time. Between DVR’s and archived streams, anyone who wants to see both, will be able to. What is interesting is that now we’re hearing that the moderators may push the candidates to respond in real-time to the President’s plan – a plan his advisers spent months on.

Obama gets to take his time, studying the speech someone wrote for him, the plan someone else devised. The candidates have seconds to respond? Way to go MSNBC, you’ve managed to top CNN’s bungle of a Presidential debate -AND- confirm the New York Times assertion that they are nothing but a marathon of liberal propaganda from 6-11pm. Although the need for the time boxing is questionable.

Obama could be assured that MSNBC would pounce on any opportunity to make the GOP candidates look unprepared and uninformed while the President reads calmly from the teleprompter. All he had to do was schedule his speech at the same time and on the same day as the MSNBC-hosted debate.

Rep. Ron Paul is said to be weighing his options as to whether he will attend the GOP debate or the President’s speech.

There is Football to Consider

John Boehner has stated that he was only given 15 minutes to consider the Obama request before it was announced nationwide. Boehner publicly asked the President to consider moving his speech to Thursday. As Thursday is the kick-off of the 2011-12 NFL football season, our sports fan-in chief is likely to refuse.

Boehner Asks President to be More Considerate

Letter to President Obama re: Request to Address a Joint Session of Congress

The President Changes His Mind

At about 9:20pm this evening, the White House blinked. The President will address a joint session of Congress on September 8th. So far the White House only alluded to Speaker Boehner’s concerns as the reason to move the date.

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One Comment

  1. Unfortunately, this is much bigger than a simple DVR or TIVO viewership issue. Our President has chosen bully-politics, knowing full well that republican candidate members of congress will have to drop out of the debate to attend a Joint Session. How immature.

    One more reason to vote “NOBAMA” 2012.

  2. To my knowledge, there is no requirement for Reps. Bachmann or Paul to attend the joint session.

    I can’t imagine there being a whole bunch of negative feedback if they don’t vote on a resolution to allow the President to interrupt the GOP debate.

    Now, Obama will be able to say that they didn’t care enough to hear his speech in-person, but seriously.. we’ll have the text 30 mins before he goes out there and so will they.

    1. By definition, a Joint Session is both houses, comprised of all members. Their attendance is a matter of obligation, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it. So, yes, it’s a judgement call, and I’m sure Speaker Boehner would allow Bachmann and Paul to miss it. It just shows bullying by our President, making him look even less presidential, so in the end it’s a win-win for republicans.

      Just saw Boehner’s reply to Obama asking he move it to the 8th. I wonder what the divider-in-chief will do in response. Should be fun to watch.

  3. I totally agree with Maxes assessment that Obama was using the bully pulpit, and looking quite childish to boot. Then Obama and his propagandists try to convince the people that they had no idea there was the GOP debate on the same night. That makes them shown to be incompetent liars as well as out of touch with the reality of just how informed the citizenry has become recently.

    As far as the TIVO bit is concerned, while it is true most political junkies and concerned citizens might go that route, this appears to be a struggle for the primetime limelight, and we all know that Obama considers himself some kind of Hollywood star that deserves top billing, anyone elses schedule be damned
    .Personally, I feel I,ve got a very,very good understanding of Obama’s core ideology (Marxist/Socialist/Radical Leftist) and no teleprompter propaganda will ever make me ignore what he has done to America in 2 1/2 short years, period. I,m way too old to be spending my time listening to his tired B/S.

    1. DJ,
      The fact Obama rolled over so easily on this (moving to Thursday night) tells me his advisors are the rabid dogs pushing for more controversy. Carney’s arrogant press corps comment proves Obama wasn’t firm on the date, his advisors were, and they succeeded brilliantly in embarrassing their boss.

      It’s arrogant actions like this that only fuel the anti-Obama fever spreading around the country.

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