My Personal Rant to Senator Dick Dirbin – (D-IL)

Dear Senator Durbin:

I’m weird like that… I have this notion that when the American People elect one of their own – citizen – to be represented in Congress, this position elevates said citizen to a higher standard.

So in my simplistic way of thinking, it goes like this: When you reach the level of US Senator, it warrants a certain decorum that should prevent you, or any of your Democrat colleagues, from referring to law abiding citizens in any pejorative terms. The fact that you may have been elected from a Blue state does not preclude some of YOUR constituents from being Tea Party members, or God forbid Republicans.

While Republican voters from Illinois may not have voted for you, or agree with your policies, you have a duty to represent ALL of your constituents to the best of your abilities, once the votes have been counted.

You should not label Citizens of any political affiliations as ‘extremists’, ‘radicals’ or ‘terrorists’; and what’s more, you should fiercely defend this philosophy! It’s the honorable thing to do!

I, and many US Constituents in America take personal offense that your Party stubbornly refuses to call Fort Hood Murderer Nidal Hassan a Muslim Terrorist, when clearly, there are 14 innocents victims on his hands!.

The U. S Congress or Political Campaign material should never be the forum or vehicle to disparage Americans. On behalf of millions of Americans it would be my desire that the 2011 Congressional Record reflect a commitment to strike all disparaging references to Tea Party and Republican Americans; we are all Americans!

Your Party, which promises Fundamental Transformation, is fracturing the psyche of this country with its vitriolic language designed to sip into the subconscious of the Nation. All the money in the World cannot heal a broken spirit.

I will make sure to notify your office, in my household we are Proud legal, law abiding US Citizens, registered GOP voting Tea Party, neither extremist nor radical.

I don’t expect a response; but I feel much better for putting pen to paper; IT HAD TO BE SAID!

Respectfully- An American Citizen.

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