Hey, Obama! Nero and Richard III called. They want their Tragedy Back!

It was his moment of crowning glory. NeroClad in the elegant trappings of a socialistic false priesthood and in a speech delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a Greek temple, Barack Hussein Obama proclaimed from the very heights of Mount Olympus that with his coronation the oceans would recede and the earth would begin to heal. Placing himself on par with, if not superior to God, Obama literally made Messianic promises by offering the most blatant leftist and communistic platitudes American presidential politics has ever witnessed. Obama that night revealed himself to be of the same mindset as Caesar or even Pharaoh…

From the beginning Pharaoh is “ruler of all that which is encircled by the sun,” (Alan H. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar (Oxford: Clarendon, 1927), 74; Alexandre Moret, Histoire de l’Orient, 2 vols. (Paris: Presses universitaires, 1929), 1:213.) he is “the son of God, none can resist him; all people are subject to him, his bounds are set at the ends of the earth,” to him the gods “have promised world dominion.” (Eduard Meyer, Geschichte des Altertums, 4 vols. (Jena: Diederich, 1928), 2:72; cf. Kees, Ägypten, 172-85.)

We’ve seen the likes of Obama before…

In China, the Ming emperors after the expulsion of the Mongols “took over the claim to world dominion” and “sent embassies to every country over which Kublai Khan had once held sway, demanding instant submission.” (Prawdin, Mongol Empire, 389. “According to Chinese political philosophy there could be in the world only one rightful ‘Emperor,’ however many kings there might be.” Thus William M. McGovern, The Early Empires of Central Asia (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1939), 321.) At the other end of the Mongol world, Tamerlane sought to fulfill the prophecy that he “with the might of his sword, will conquer the whole world, converting all men to Islam.” (Prawdin, Mongol Empire, 414.) Even then the Grand Prince of Muscovy was preparing to assume the might and glory of the Golden Horde and to call himself God’s chosen one and “the only orthodox sovereign in the world.” (Ibid., 512-18.)

The Obama philosophy is all too familiar to students of history. Tyrants arise and take control of government. In their vanity they believe themselves to be infallible, divinely called to perform great works and even an earthly manifestation of deity itself…and then promptly proceed to destroy their societies from within in order to satisfy their ill-advised notions of omnipotence and omniscience.

It’s one thing to be proud of one’s wisdom and knowledge. It’s another thing to be ignorant and proud of it. Obama falls in the latter category. He has proven to be ineffective, weak, aloof, arrogant, and possessed of the fallacy in his mind that he is infallible. Obama’s night of glory is but a distant and distasteful memory in our collective consciousness. He has fallen from grace. He is without a doubt the worst president in the history of The United States of America―A distinction for which Jimmy Carter will eternally be grateful.

And yet, as the economy is falling to pieces in large part as a response to his insane socialist policies, Obama punts yet again, goes on vacation, and will likely lounge around on plush pillows in his Martha’s Vineyard man cave, eating grapes, and watching Rome burn around him. What? Me Worry? – Alfred E. O’Failure.

The only question left is whether Obama is just massively incompetent or if he is doing this to us on purpose. Of course there is a third alternative. Both, coach! (Flashback to Deion Sanders in his pizza commercial.)

This is the dangerous heritage of the hierocentric state. Removed from those boundless land-spaces which gave it rise and which alone offer boundless empire, the hierocentric ideal becomes in practice a pretentious ritual, pontificale et vide (pretentious and empty); but in theory a noble dogma, a pure idea of such compelling logic, simplicity, boldness, and universal appeal as to appear nothing short of a revelation from heaven. The great Greeks, like the prophets and apostles, saw through the imposing fraud: “God never meant that one man should rule all of cattle-raising Asia,” says the ghost of Darius, addressing at once the Eastern and Western worlds from the stage of Athens. But the shallower minds of the schoolmen were lost in ecstatic contemplation of the universal king around whom all things revolve in perfect circles. No less so the schoolmen of the Middle Ages, “cabined in the Absolute,” hypnotized by the overwhelming authority of the One. And so, too, the schoolmen of our own day. Toynbee is confident that “religion is likely to be the plane on which this coming centripetal [we would say, hierocentric] counter-movement will first declare itself,” and recommends above all else the study of “the part which the west has played in the unification of mankind.” (Arnold J. Toynbee, “The Unification of the World and the Change in Historical Perspective,” History 33 (1948): 25-26.)
― Dr. Hugh W. Nibley

The rise of the Tea Party, composed of conservative God-fearing men and women, is the religion-based counter movement of our day predicted by Toynbee. And why is the element of religion so important in fighting back against Obama? It is simple, really. Tea Partiers (the true conservatives in our society) know that Obama is not God. They recognize Obama for what he really is: a fraud, a con, a huckster, a cheat, and a swindler. The only thing that sets Obama apart from Bernie Madoff is the scale of his fraud. Madoff was penny ante. Obama’s fraud is of such massive proportions that it has the real potential to bring this country to its knees—and then kick us all while we’re down. Nibley recognizes the value of a religiously-based opposition to tyrants such as Obama. “It would seem that nothing can so effectively block “the unification of mankind” as that very religious” centripetal counter movement” for which Toynbee yearns, and that the West has been less the author of such unification than its consistent wrecker” says Nibley.

It is amazing that even in the depths of our woes that a significant part of our citizenry continues to buy the snake oil that Obama is selling. But Nibley predicted that, too…

Men seem unable to leave the dream of a hierocentric state alone. To recapitulate the sections given above, we cannot blame people if they yearn for (1) the grandeur, color, and unity of the great assembly, (2) the lofty and uncompromising certainty of universal kingship, (3) the sense of refuge and well-being in the holy shrine, (4) the high and independent life of a chivalrous aristocracy, (5) the luxury of hating all opposition with a holy hatred, and (6) the sheer authority of the institutions established and maintained by force. These are the strengths of the hierocentric state. Its weakness is that it doesn’t exist. That “son of the morning” who went up into the North, placed his throne upon the mountain of the assembly, and said, “I will be like the most High,” only succeeded, we are told in “weaken[ing] the nations” (Isaiah 14:14, 12).
― Dr. Hugh W. Nibley

“The planet begins to heal.” Wow! Obama is nothing more than an articulate Huey Long. Praise Obama, the great Messiah. I shed my individualism for him. /sarc. Next time, America, don’t take Oprah’s advice on who the next president should be. Don’t fall for the show. Look behind the curtains, America, for Obama is nothing but a hollow shell. He’s nothing but a MSM-created Potemkin Village.

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