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Florida recently took a turn in the right direction in defense of the Second Amendment. State lawmakers passed a law stopping all gun restrictions below the state level.

Starting October first, any public official who enforces or passes any gun regulation below the state level will be held personally responsible. The official will face a $5000 fine and possible removal from office.

Since Gov. Rick Scott signed the law back in June, local agencies have been removing or blocking out signs and literature that prohibit legal gun carry by local regulations.  Citizens that have their CHL will be able to carry in most government buildings and on public lands such as parks.

Matt Suedmeyer, the parks and recreation manager of Orange county said:

“There is a little concern, the bad guys that carry guns would bring them into the parks regardless.”

Of course there are also those who are beside themselves that the state would dare to give law abiding citizens back a fraction of their rights that have been stolen over the years.

Dennis Henigan , the interim of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence called the bill “shameful”. Henigan also stated:

“The gun lobby is determined to force guns into every corner of our society, that does not make us safer.”

The infamous Boca Raton “No Guns Allowed” sign on city hall has even come down. Throughout Florida local governments are scrambling to repeal local ordinances that are in conflict with the new bill.

The greatest response to the passing of the bill was made by NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, who stated:

“The Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms, local governments are not allowed to regulate the Bill of Rights.”

It is about time someone in an elected position started doing their job and started producing legislation that benefits the law abiding citizen instead of the criminal scum that preys on citizens. Legislation like this need to sweep the nation like wildfire and return to America’s citizens what is rightfully theirs.

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  1. Great article. I’ve contacted the co-chair of North Carolina’s State Senate committee on Local and State Government – Jim Davis. I’ve asked Sen. Davis if he would sponsor a bill in his committee to fix similar issues in North Carolina.

    Currently, Durham county forces buyers to get a permit before purchasing a handgun -AND- requires the registration of the gun after purchase. It is the only county in North Carolina to have that restriction. Once I get his comment, I’ll create a post.

    Thanks for giving me another reason to contact my government reps.

    1. Thanks Rich. I don’t know if I should say your welcome or apologize for giving you something else to fight for.Like it has been stated on CDN many times, we must take our county back and put it back on the right path. Taking our rights back should be the primary objective of every patriotic American, starting with electing good people to Washington.

  2. Reguiring you to have a permit is UNCONSTITUTIONAL since it “infringes” on that right

    1. You are correct Jim. Americans layed back for too long and let thier freedoms be taken away. Now we must take them back. Most every tyrrant and/or dictator in history has disarmed the citizens as the first step to oppressing them. We can not let them attack the Second Ammendment beacause teh Second is what comes to play if they try and take our first Ammendment rights. Without the Second ammendment the rest have no teeth.

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