Victory Formation! Down.. Set… Hike!!!

Once again, we are faced with another deadline for another manufactured crisis contrived by the Obama administration. According to the Treasury secretary, the federal government will officially run out of money on August 2nd due to the country hitting its debt ceiling.

Since 1917 when Congress passed the Second Liberty Bond Act, the United States has had a self-imposed credit limit for borrowing money. Almost 100 years later, that credit limit stands at about $14.3 trillion. In the past 10 years we have raised the debt ceiling a total of — you guessed it — 10 times. Finally the taxpayers and voters of the country had had enough and voted in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives to put a stop to the insane spending binge that our federal government has been on for the past three years. What’s uncharacteristic is the fact that these politicians are actually keeping their promise and, at least so far, standing firm on their campaign vows. Enter the demagogues.

Presented with the prospect that they might actually have to spend within their means for the first time in their political lifetimes, Democrats are having conniption fits over Republican resistance to raise the debt ceiling for the umpteenth time. As per their usual playbook, they have hauled out scare tactics of government shutdowns, Social Security beneficiaries going without checks, members of the military not being paid and other typical demagogical techniques with which we are all familiar with by now.

As August 2nd looms on the horizon and the stare down continues, some Republican leaders’ knees are beginning to buckle. After all, no one wants to be accused of denying someone their Social Security check or our brave men and women defending our country overseas their well deserved pay. So what is the loyal opposition to do? Easy!

Run out the clock!

What would actually happen if our federal government, which is become all too comfortable with misspending trillions of dollars per year, had to live within its means like the rest of us? Some say the government would shut down. This is a bad thing? Just think, we could save $4.1 billion in government waste per day that our government is not functioning. Others say that we would default on our debt for the first time in the nations history. Still others spread political terror by once again exploiting the elderly by telling them that their Social Security and Medicare benefits will be held up.


Economic experts (who actually paid attention in Econ 101) tell us that there is sufficient revenue coming into the government to pay the interest on our existing debt for the rest of the year. Political terrorists bomb number one — disarmed. So what about Social Security and Medicare benefits? Not to mention pay for the military?

Teachable moment!

As a former civics teacher, I take you back to your ninth grade year. You are sitting in your civics class (if you were fortunate to have one offered to you to begin with) wishing that you were somewhere else, while your faithful teacher was teaching you about an old wrinkly document known as the Constitution! Those of you who are paying attention will remember that Congress is not in charge of spending money. It allocates it by law, but it is the executive branch that is in charge of distribution. In other words, the priority in which money is spent is up to the president of the United States. So if indeed the standoff continues past August 2nd, and this is indeed the day we had our credit limit as a country, then all eyes should fall to the president for the distribution of the available funds, of which there is enough to pay for servicing our debt, paying our military, and cutting Social Security checks. Bomb number two—disarmed.

So what should Republicans do in this situation? In the spirit of fair play, I would suggest them presenting a plan for spending cuts, tax rate reductions and teaching the federal government to live within its means. Aside from that, it’s simple:

Take a knee!

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One Comment

  1. If you want to see Harry Reid’s eye’s bug completely out of his head from hate welding up inside of him so furiously that his head is about to explode, then don’t raise the debt limit and see what happens. Come to think about it that might not be such a bad to watch. And you notice I said “from hate”, due to his hatred of conservatives, the Constitution, and Republican’s, or just about anyone who disagree’s with him at any level. ‘

    When Bush’s Amnesty bill was being pushed through the Senate my Senator, David Vitter stood toe to toe with Reid and defeated that bill. Two things happen, well, three things happen with that bill’s failure. One, the illegal Mexican’s didn’t get any rights according to our Constitution, Two, Bush’s head almost exploded and we got to see where his loyalty lies and that was to the Mexican people, not American’s. Since we know that Bush was nothing but a leftist in Republican clothing and a puking globalist New World Order dunder head, his statement that I wonder how many people actually remember what he said told the truth. He said, “The American people just need to stay out of this and mind their own business, and let us take care of these problems.” He hated the American people for defeating this bill, he really did. Bush is a dispicable person who, along with his treasonous father the Clinton lover, kept nearly all of Bill Clinton’s administration outside of his senior political advisor Karl Rove, and my head almost explodes when I think about what I think about him, but that’s another story for another time, other than that the rest of his administration was all Clinton people. Even the entire Justice Dept. lawyers were all 98 of them, Clinton lawyers who just continued what Clinton had set them to do which was to undermine the Republican Party and Clinton’s political enemies. Oh yeah, those eight lawyers Bush gave jobs to then fired them just before Bush left office for doing their job. Other than that the government hasn’t changed since Bill Clinton was in office.

    Sorry, but I got off track talking about how much I can’t stand what Bush has done to our government. You know I’m getting sick and tired of all these teary eyed men who are crying about the wrong thing. They should be crying about how our Constitution is being ripped to shreads and not some damn filthy Mexican illegals not getting their citizenship. Anyway, what we should be all crying about is what the Democrats have done to our economy, and why they want more money. That is the shame here and no where else does the Democrat manifesto show itself more clearly than Obama’s resistance to keeping the debt ceiling right where it is and not raise it a bit.

    What not raising the debt ceiling will do is to force Democrats to come up with a budget plan to spend what money they’ve go coming in and not giving ACORN 4 billion dollars to Negros dumb enough to where they still can’t find their own voting place, and when they stop by their local ACORN office to get directions, because after all that’s the only thing ACORN is supposed to be doing, they are signed up to vote Democrat(candidates name to be filled in later on just before they are thrown into someone’s car trunk). That way the Negro’s won’t even have to bother with finding their own voting place after all and they can just go on back home and watch the election results on the 50″ flat screen HD TV they bought with their Welfare check.

    Then after they cut all the money to ACORN, then they actually can force Freddie/Fannie to go into bankruptcy like they were supposed to be when it was announced that they were going bankrupt in 2008 after their fraudulant operations nearly brought down our entire economy. That will save no telling how many hundreds of billions of dollars and make Barney Frank to go back to his desk in the Senate instead of his cushy office at the Freddie/Fannie operations department. Oh yeah, and since Freddie/Fannie will be defunked, his 3-5million dollar salary he gets for managing those two giant fraudulant monsters a year will be stopped as well. Then didn’t Obama say the other day that he believed that the government should manage it’s budget just like all American homes have to do every month? Well then Frank can learn how to manage his boyfriends dope peddling and prostitution operations on a Senator’s pay from now on and see if he won’t resign and go get a real job.

    And then we can work on defunding all the bogus NGO’s the Democrats created that suck up billions of dollars along with ObamaCare, and hell we might almost be out of debt!

  2. Sorry about all that ranting. It made me miss my point I was trying to make. But let me try again. Not raising the debt ceiling would put the government on a budget where they wouldn’t get any more blank checks for programs Democrats have wanted to pass since the 70’s that were dug up out of Waxman’s desk. So that would be a good thing. Democrats didn’t need to make any budget for the past three years because they didn’t need to. They were getting to spend all the money they have ever wanted to spend, on everything they have always wanted to spend tax payers money on. We ought to be seeing all kinds of stuff going on from all that money spent, but what do we see? Not a damn thing but two hundred and fifty thousand new government workers hired. Two hundred and fifty thousand new government workers?? Doing what? For what? I can’t get a straight answer from any Democrats on where the money went.

    And not only not raising the debt limit would be good because it would stop the Democrats from spending anymore money, but having Moody’s lower our borrowing rate would be good to because it would stop the Democrats from being able to borrow anymore money from anyone who was stupid enough to loan it to us. Look what happened to all the money that was spent on propping up Freddie/Fannie and what happen when those props were knocked out from under it, they collapsed from the weight of the debt they were really carrying from all the fraudulant mortgages that didn’t exist.

    So holding the debt limit will stop the Democrats from spending anymore money so that the government would have to pay it’s bills, and lowering the borrowing rate would stop Democrats from being able to borrow anymore money. And since the Congress controls the mints, I would hope the Republican’s would not allow it to print anymore money for the Democrats to spend, and that would just about do it for the Democrats.

    They will be screaming to high heaven about Republican’s trying to kill off the government. Well, as far as I’m concerned which is better, forcing the government to pay it’s bills, or allowing the government to go broke and cause the entire economy to collapse and then have Obama and his Communist friends take over the country? I’ll pick the first one, letting the government pay it’s bills, have the money go back to the private sector so that jobs can begin to come back, put America’s dollar back on solid footing, and then the Democrats couldn’t do a damn thing about America’s economic vitality begin to grow. What is radical about that? ”

    I’m already hearing that Democrats are demanding that the Republican’s show them the jobs that would be created from their budget plan. Really? Really? How about you bastards in the Democrat Party show us the jobs you created from spending two trillion dollars worth of spending you did with ObamaCare looming over us? Show us the private sector jobs that were created from all the spending you people in the Socialist Democrat Party have created since Obama has been in office??!!!

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