How to Get an Obamacare Waiver

Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have been making sure that all their close friends are getting waivers from the disastrous health care reform act. It is a slayer of businesses, destroyer of physicians and ultimately the slayer of the American medical system. Who wouldn’t want out?

The problem is that while Unions and cronies of the White House have been getting them, the average family is not. Maybe it’s time to get one.

Here are the instructions for you to apply for your very own health care reform waiver:

1. Download the form, titled “Waiver Application Form.xls”,  at   
2. Fill in the application information.   
3. Email the complete application to  A complete application will include the following materials:  
a. A complete Waiver Application form, accessible at;  
b. A brief description of why compliance with the interim final regulations would result in a significant decrease in access to benefits for those currently covered by such plans or policies,
or significant increase in premiums paid by those covered by such plans or policies, along with any supporting documentation; and
c. An attestation, signed by the plan administrator or Chief Executive Officer of the issuer of the coverage, certifying 1) that the plan was in force prior to September 23,
2010; and 2) that the application of restricted annual limits to such plans or policies would result in a significant decrease in access to benefits for those currently
covered by such plans or policies, or a significant increase in premiums paid by those covered by such plans or policies.
4. You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your application.  HHS will process complete waiver applications within 30 days of receipt.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. As all of us who reviewed the contents of ObamaCare as it was fine-tuned into it’s final form of law understood, it handed over virtually unlimited powers in ALL health policy-making decisions to the Secy of H&HS. By extension that means the Executive Branch was given COMPLETE control of “public policy” decisionmaking in a social contract of commerce that is an essential of life in America AND an aberration of Law. If that doesn’t define a huge loss of freedom to the American people I don’t know what does!

    The founders knew that a federal government unchecked would run amuck and rule over We the People rather than serve us as politicos rushed to acquire more and greater permanent powers. The 20th century changes that took place with the New Deal and then The Great Society should have been a warning sign for all of us, but it wasn’t and with good reason. Politicians, the abusers of power (who are mostly lawyers by profession)knew that the temptation of government legislated largess given to the masses would be welcomed for the majority of the public. That majority, being in the lower-middle and poorer classes of the citizenry would see all this as FREE with no DIRECT cost to them. The workers and entreprenurial types doing well, upon whose backs this financial burden would be placed via taxation and a graduated income tax philosophy, accepted it as being “the system”. Only until this corruption reached the level of deficit spending by the national government did most people pay attention to the balloon that had to burst at some time.

    Enter The Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, installed puppet tool of the globalist international bankers and new world advocacy who seek to use world financial collapse as the driving force to install a UN managed world for ALL of us as the world teeters on the brink of disaster awaiting what will happen to America for America is the leader of world commerce.

    To accomplish that…, the greatest example of one nation sovereignity, meaning independence must be brought down. That is the motivation for what is going on in America politically now.

    Bankers control their banking system worldwide so it should come as no surprise that the tool used to manage us into this untenable position would be the completely illegal and unauthorized in our Constitution aberration we know as The Federal Reserve. Think about it! How does such a powerful driving force for managing our money exist OUTSIDE OF the Treasury Dept, the cabinet department charged with just that responsibility? The answer is that politicians, in the person of Congress, were used like a thundering herd of wildebeast to make Law THAT ABROGATED THE PUBLIC TRUST by turning over a constitutionally
    “enumerated power” of the Legislative Branch of the national government to a “private” entity posing as a quasi-governmental agency. “To coin Money” and to “, regulate the Value thereof…” is PRECISELY what is stated as a responsibility of Congress in OUR Constitution.The Federal Reserve is independent just within the shadow of government in that “its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government.”(1) The audit requiredof the Fed is NOT one done in the public intersest AND WITHIN the purview of the Legislative Branch as provided for within OUR Constitution. It’s accomplished by an outside the government “private” entity with NO government control. It’s important to note that distinction of “private”. This is that same government that OUR Constitution created and sought to control FROM WITHIN with Checks and Balances and Separaration of Powers. That is precisely why the fed is an aberration, an anomaly and a corruption. Thereby we come full-circle to seal the case for OUTSIDE BANKING INTERESTS manipulating OUR money system. That’s what Ron Paul’s interest and attempt to get the Fed audited was all about, BUT paul was a poor communicator and remains such. he failed to identify what the difference between a “private” and “public” audit really meant. It goes to the heart of placing a dagger in the heart of The Fed once and for all time. The Federal Reserve is a controlling entity, partially public and partially private monetary entity, established in Law as Title 12 of the United States Code by a Congress stampeded by panic back in 1913 and by collusion of the then President Woodrow Wilson. Have you noticed how those who would usurp OUR system use PANIC with great regularity in all forms?

    At the main page of it’s own website The Fed accurately describes what this aberration of Law created as a private agency OUTSIDE the complete control of the government does. It states this…
    “The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stabile monetary and financial system.”(2) Succinct and pointedly accurate as a “cover” statement that REALLY SAYS NOTHING IN SPECIFICITY and for good reasons.
    On it’s own website the Treasury Dept “Mission” is stated in bold font thusly:
    Maintain a strong economy and create economic and job opportunities by promoting the conditions that enable economic growth and stability at home and abroad, strengthen national security by combating threats and protecting the integrity of the financial system, and manage the U.S. Government’s finances and resources effectively.”(3)
    being a craetion of politicians who love to hear themselves reverberate conti uously it goes on in great lengths to expose itself to criticisms by being TOO SPECIFIC. That Treasury Dept highlighted opening statement is NOT, according to OUR Constitution, what the congressionally created cabinet level Executive Branch should have as it’s Mission. Read it closely so you comprehend how the CURRENT mission statement of the Obama administration perverts the real mission of “coining Money” and “regulating the Value thereof”. That responsibility is only mentioned slightly IN PASSING REFERENCE in the paragraph below the one I quoted as this admnistrations statement goes on to BROADLY describes a “social policy” mission that intrudes upon the purview of the Commerce Dept in actuality. Their mission are NOT “implied” powers granted by OUR Constitution, which are defined a those necessary to bring “enumerated” or “granted” powers to fruition. Upon close inspection they are overreaching ABUSES of POWER to exert CONTROL beyond that conveyed by the “original intent” of OUR Constitution.

    I’ve gone to great lengths here to relate just how ObamaCare and Oba-CONTROL is linked to the corruption and control of OUR monetary policy. It’s essential to completely understand this attempt to bring down this ONCE GREAT NATION!.


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