Hey! Where’s Perry?

Rick PerryIt’s rare that a person can get into the headlines without saying much, but Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to have that rare talent. Not only does he have the talent to get the media’s attention by staying mum but he strangely has the ability to get the people gossiping like a small town hair salon. Then again, Governor Perry is no stranger to the art of making waves, and being the longest serving governor in Texas history, he’s had a lot of time to practice.

With the Presidential race fast approaching, (though not fast enough) Perry has become somewhat of a hopeful to many in America who wish to see a clear leader in the GOP, and why shouldn’t they? For the last few years, Perry has run the Lone Star State, the most economically efficient state in the Nation. On top of that he has a reality show like rivalry with President Obama that’s more interesting than anything I’ve seen on MTV.

So the question on everyone’s mind is, “is Perry going to run?” Perry says no, but his actions tell me yes. Here’s why. Perry has enough political ammunition stored away to launch an all out assault on not only the other GOP hopefuls, but also against the well-proven failure that is the Obama administration, and I’m not just talking a nice campaign, I mean a Angry Birds style destruction.

For one, in a time where the United States has sunk so far into debt that we’ve practically become a charity case, Texas has risen as an economic power house with unemployment at the lowest of the ten largest states and has produced more jobs than all other job producing states combined. This is no miracle, however, as the recipe is simple; keep taxes low, and government small. This is a value that Perry has proven to appreciate during his governorship, as proven by the stellar record that Texas has.

Almost all of Texas’s major cities are in Forbes top ten “Boom Towns” list with Austin at #1. Texas has one of the lowest state and local tax rates nationally, causing businesses to flock to it, such as Caterpillar who is consolidating all of its engine manufacturing in the world to Seguin Texas. Also, Texas is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state in the nation. This record makes the Obama administration look pretty impotent, and downright pathetic by comparison.

When it comes to the Obama administration, Perry has never been afraid to take the President to the mat. For instance, during his trip to Texas, Perry handed Obama a letter (or tried to) that spoke about the dire border situation in Texas. Obama responded, saying that he has sent more troops to protect the border than any time in history, but Perry says it’s not enough, and he’s right. South Texas has been rife with murders, kidnappings, and narco-traffic, stemmed from the illegal aliens that cross the border on a constant basis. In an effort to increase security, Perry deployed a vast number of Texas Department of Public Safety officers to the border.

“This president either does not know or does not care what is going on, on the border of Texas. I don’t want the people of the state of Texas to have to be the catalyst that finally gets the administration to understand that there is great terror on our southern border,” Perry said.

Also take into the fact that Perry has never lost an election, and having had many in his career. In fact, he’s become so good at it; you could say he’s become devious. He knows just how to politically posture himself in just the right way. A good example is he’s recently taken to separating himself from another former Texas Governor,  former President George W. Bush, and with good reason. He walks, talks, and has the same mannerisms as Bush, but Perry wants his record to talk for him, not his accent, and action wise, Perry is to the right of Bush.

Perry has taken a very conservative stance when it comes to social issues as well, which will please any patriot. He’s pro-gun, pro-life, pro-death penalty, and for icing pro-God. Couple that with his likable demeanor and you’ve got yourself a red cocktail conservative republicanism. This hasn’t been lost on the people. In a Fox News poll, Perry is now ranked second for favored GOP presidential hopefuls, and with a growing support within the Tea Party, his campaign would be well funded and publicized.

He’s perfectly aligned to take the Presidency, and my gut tells me that Perry is not only more than aware of this; he’s playing his silence to his advantage. Some would even say he’s been known since his win against Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2009. So will we see an announcement for a Presidential bid in the near future? This Texan thinks so and hopefully that Texan does too.

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Rich Mitchell

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