You almost had it right Joe.

The sitting Vice-President Joe Biden said “This is not your father’s Republican Party.”(1) I was almost ready to congratulate the pretentious old fart if only mister half-*ssed hadn’t only gotten it half right. In his current “stump speech” this line from the one and the same old Joe Biden who…

…withdrew from the 1988 presidential race after being discovered “delivering, without attribution, passages from a speech by British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock… a serious plagiarism incident involving Biden during his law school years; the senator’s boastful exaggerations of his academic record at a New Hampshire campaign event; and the discovery of other quotations in Biden’s speeches pilfered from past Democratic politicians.(2)

…proved to have displayed all the necessary and mendacious Oba-like qualities to qualify him to his current position.

He has it right in perception if we go back to our true conservatives influences and can wrest control of that party away from the all too willing to capitulate-by-compromise RINOs. I’ll make a big presumption here and say that generally we conservatives believe that we are the influence that is reaching out to pull the Republican Party back to it’s conservative roots of our  “father’s Republican Party”. Political compromise is essential to accurately representing the people…all of the people, but PRINCIPLES are NEVER for COMPROMISING to attain a pragmatic end. RINOS wouldn’t know a principle if it was staring them in the eye!

The real start for this shift in viewing America as a sovereign entity, totally in control of  her own manifest destiny, was corrupted during the reign of The Prodigal Prez, William Jefferson ‘Bubba’ Clinton. The lone voice crying out against this was he whom I came to call The Reluctant Candidate, Ross Perot. [see video source>] (3) To be sure BOTH parties enabled this. The Democrats, the former “loyal opposition”, had already morphed in the demonRATic party and the left-leaning influence of RINOs was already in motion in the Republican Party then tugging towards the left. The McCain influence was being felt. Necessary to any discussion of partisanship in American politics is to define what a conservative ‘in geberal’ merans. I’ve come to state it this way. Conservatives are those who support the view of a “traditional values” America guided by a loyalty to the “original intent” interpetation of our Constitution. Traditional values are those  basic values that remained present in our policy-making and law up to and including the immediate post-WWII era. After that a very subtle influence shift started to take place.  In the post Korean War era progressive education as a policy started to entrench itself into our elementary school curriculum planning.(4) I’ve always preferred to transalte that codeword phrase of “proigressive education” to a more understandable “diversity restructuring agenda”. That’s where the original strength of the that American Melting Pot era has the social engineers separating diverse groups into separate “target groups” by which they’ll identify themselves and perceive themselves, over time, as “victims” to enable a political agenda of subliminal coercive influence of groups of voters into which they’ve sown the seeds of envy and discontent. My opinion strictly, but one that can be borne out by a fair examination of history.

I have a habit of saving files around the times of national elections. They provide interesting historical perspective later on in the not so immediate future, when they become much harder to dig up. So it may soon be with this source> (5), which should be read in it’s entirety, and this excerpt:

McCain had initially wanted Joe Lieberman. The two senators were fellow romantics, deeply imbued with a sense of righteousness and honor. In mid-August, when NEWSWEEK’s editor Jon Meacham was interviewing McCain aboard the campaign plane, the discussion turned to “The Winds of War,” Herman Wouk’s mega-bestseller about World War II. The main character, a naval commander named Pug Henry, was a favorite of McCain’s. As it turned out, Lieberman—sitting just across the aisle and listening in on the NEWSWEEK interview—was a friend of Herman Wouk. “Let’s go see Herman!” Lieberman piped up. “Yes!” exclaimed McCain. The two began planning a road trip out to Wouk’s California home. “We can shake the money tree,” McCain cackled (Wouk lives among the wealthy in Palm Springs, Calif.). McCain loved to travel with Lieberman, a fellow maverick who had stood fast on Iraq, nearly at the cost of his Senate seat in liberal Connecticut. McCain’s other traveling buddy, Lindsey Graham, urged McCain to pick Lieberman, still a nominal Democrat, as a way to show that McCain put country over party label—and as a way to answer the Democrats’ choice of the first African-American presidential nominee. “We’ve got to match history with history,” Graham declared.


Much as we conservatives like to show unity we know that the second Bush term was catastrophic for the Republican Party. “W”…, the Compassionate Conservative, capitulating to the “globalism” agenda that his father and grandfather before him supported, exacerbated the southern border problem this nation had turned a blind eye to for years. And he, with John McCain as his willing enabler, set about promoting an Open Borders and Shamnesty policy as the goal of this sovereign republic. Ironic that he whom many of us saw as a conservative, albeit “compassionate conservative” influence, would be the one who became the big federal free-spender and actually enabled the Oba-agenda.

That was, in and of itself, bad enough as a national policy, but it gets worse. At the same time Joe Biden and his kind of leftist demonRATs, the new left Democratic Party, were mounting it’s assault upon our Constitution. In every administration they controlled they set about ‘stacking the system’ with judges in positions of great authority within the federal appeals court system and the results would become obvious(6) only later. This was out of the headlights glare as their nominations to the Court of Nine, SCOTUS, got all the attention. Yesterday’s seeds sown were bearing today’s despicable judiciary harvest. The average citizen doesn’t and didn’t pay attention to where these SCOTUS nominees were coming from. In the modern era it can be shown that by control of the courts the demonRATs set about an agenda, albeit never formally announced, of a b-r-o-a-d interpretation of the “original intent “ meaning of “implied powers” in our Constitution. It came to be called “legislating from the bench”. Original intent was that implied powers were defined as only those necessary to bring enumerated (or granted powers) into law. Not so anymore!

Yep Joe…you almost had it right, but you missed by some 230+ years.

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