Are Bachmann and Palin Headed For The Mud Pit?

The Main Stream Media (MSM) would like nothing more than to see a cat fight between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and their preference would be to have it occur in a mud-pit, according to Congresswoman Bachmann:

“They want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight. And I’m not going to give it to ‘em. I have great respect and admiration for the Governor.”

MSNBC’s Richard Lui proves this point for Congresswoman Bachmann when he introduced a segment with this statement:

“The biggest smack-down of [the] 2012 primary season could be the face-off of Michelle Obama on one side and Sarah Palin on the other.”

I will continue this quote, but due to the fact that I am quoting the news-anchor word-for-word, did he, or anyone in the control booth, notice that he said Michelle Obama, NOT Michele Bachmann? Feel free to watch the video for yourself- the link is listed below.

The quote continues:

“Team Bachmann has already launched the first salvo….”

It is quite interesting that the MSM find it necessary to continually compare Congresswoman Bachmann and former Governor Palin. There have been no comparisons between any of the male GOP candidates and a possible-candidates, much less using comments such as a possible “smack-down” between, oh, let’s say Herman Cain and Chris Christie.

The MSM have continually called Conservatives “racist” because of our dislike for President Obama’s policies, yet they fail to see how they are literally being sexist with their creation of a non-existent cat-fight between these two Conservative ladies.  The hypocrisy of the MSM is nothing less than disgusting!

As is usual, the MSM are trying to start something where nothing exists. Let’s examine the facts, shall we? It is quite apparent that the liberal MSM know nothing about checking actual facts, so we will do that for them. It would be safe to say that Sarah Palin endorses Michele Bachmann, as she has placed her on her “Palin’s Picks” page from SarahPAC. Here is a screenshot of that page:

Screenshot of SarahPAC website, showing Michele Bachman as one of "Palin's Picks"

Now, if Sarah Palin does decide to throw her hat into the ring for the 2012 election, it is quite probable the entire SarahPAC website will change. It would probably be safe to assume that if Sarah Palin decides to run for president she will not be endorsing Michele Bachmann for that office. That would be a bit counter-productive, don’tcha think?

It would also be safe to assume that these two ladies have their differences- this would included differences of opinions. However, this does not make them any different than any of the rest of us. We all have differences of opinions- don’t we?

It would be nice if these people would report on actual news rather than trying to make things up. I guess we can dream, can’t we?



Video: MSNBC Talks Palin and Bachmann

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  1. The sexists MSM knows no bounds. The glaring misstatement (Michelle Obama vice Michelle Bachmann) is how rabid-people speak in search of non-events.

    Good article.

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