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An OPEN LETTER To The Less Than Honorable Charles Rangel (demonRAT/NY)

Rangel Introduces Resolution to Repatriate POW/MIAs and Abductees From North Korea

 Charlie-boy…You’re late to the party again! Wassup wid dat? I remember how you stood by silently as Mssrs. Kerry and McCain worked very hard to STOP the duly constructed Senate Select Committee on POWS/MIAS from the successful completion of their mission to your fallen brothers and ALL WE VETERANS.
I ask YOU Charlie WHY YOU waited until the 50th aniversary to start to make some noise when there has been an ongoing advocacy for this for a Hell of a long time, which YOU did NOT jump in front of to take the political lead on, WHEN SUCH WAS DESPERATELY NEEDED, by pressuring BOTH party members and State Departments over the years?
I ask YOU Charlie WHY YOU failed to step forward, when in 1992 Presidents H.W. Bush and Yeltsin formed the U.S.-RussiaJointCommissionOnPOWs/MIAs, TO LEAD THAT EFFORT?
I ask YOU Charlie WHY if you are such a sincere and wonderfully inclined person today is this the true picture of you painted yesterday:
Congressman Charlie Rangle (D-NY) GUILTY of Ethics Violations
A House ethics subcommittee found Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel guilty of violating several House conduct rules. The House Committee on Standards and Official Conduct convicted the Representative from New York on 11 of 13 separate violations.
…and WHY have YOU, Charlie Rangel been not held to account by Law for your behaviors?
I ask these questions of YOU as a citizen pondering why you have not been held legally accountable for your many violations of the public trust?
There is ample evidence that would be known to you, Mr. Rangel, had YOU had even the slightest interest during your political career, that many such POWs/MIAs were tranferred to Russia for brainwashing and medical experimentation. Excuse me Mr. Rangel, but you have more access to secret documentation than I do, so you should be REALITY COGNIZANT OF the information noted in this section of ‘public information’:
POWs and MIAs: Status and Accounting Issues

of this report:
I have this in my files and excuse my inquisitiveness, but this curious citizen ponder upon just this…
WHY it’s not in yours?
Excuse me if I question your motives now as TAKING ADVANTAGE of YOUR brother Korean War vets for some apple-polishing to an image that has YOU teetering on the brink of political survival and open to local challenge from your own NY district.
You earned our respect as a soldier for your more than honorable service during that war, but then earned our disdain as a civilian politician in all the years that followed. Behavior during one part of life does NOT wipe the slate clean for the behavior during the other. That is NOT how life works and how the value of a man is assessed.

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  1. Just thinking out loud you understand, but if any reader happens to have the ear of Charlie Rangel you might want to suggest he read a book that starts off with…THE TRUTH and ends with THE TRUTH.
    Opening up comments(1) about his own book titled “Unwanted Dead or Alive”” Robert Pelton notes this…
    “An expose of the worst act of treason in our history — the Betrayal of American POWs following World War 11, the Korean conflict and the debacle in Vietnam. A shocking expose of the shameful betrayal and astounding cover up regarding American military men who were deliberately left behind following World War 11, the Korean War and the debacle in Vietnam.
    How American soldiers and marines were abandoned in Russian and Chinese slave labor camps.”

    And further along this significant reference…
    “And how the attitude of our leaders followed the view espoused by Henry “Bor” Kissinger: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

    And Harriet Ison, Charge d’ Affairs — United States Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, 1990: “You do not understand … there is a greater destiny for our foreign policy in Asia and the POWs are expendable in pursuit of that policy.”
    “And in July of 1990, Colonel Joseph A. Schlatter, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Special Office for POWIMIAs, brazenly continued the big lie. He boldly declared: “If we look at everything we collected during the war and everything we’ve collected since the war, we don’t find any evidence that Americans are captive.”
    “On January 23, 1973, Richard Nixon flagrant lied to the American people. He said: “All American prisoners of war throughout Indochina will be released” and that America would have “the fullest possible accounting for all those who are missing-in-action.”
    Nixon knew better!”


    “Navy Captain and fighter pilot Eugene “Red” McDaniel sums it up best when he declared: “If had known as a POW, what I know now about my government, I could not have lived the 2110 days I spent in captivity.
    “I was prepared to fight; I was prepared to be wounded; I was prepared to be captured; I was even prepared to die — but I wasn’t prepared to be abandoned!””

    Almost too much for the mind to believe and the heart to accept. Patriotic young men all, who offered up their lives in service to the call of their country, REGARDLESS of whether they agreed or disagreed with that call, ABANDONED by SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS of that same country. One must dig beyond the obvious surface illusions to get at THE TRUTH for the TRUTH is always camouflaged by political agendas of those who crave power and influence over others. I and other dedicated vets wear that mantle of responsibility to ADVOCATE FOR THE TRUTH with brotherly pride and a personal humility. TO NEVER FORGET!

    (1) https://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewArticle.asp?id=48479

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