Weiner is his own Wurst Enemy

Okay, so Obama just lost his Weiner. Big deal. It’s not like it was an isolated incident. In fact, several years ago the Rev. (and I use that term loosely) Jessie Jackson said “I want to cut his nuts off.” Beans and Wienies—some foods just naturally go together. I mean, in a perfect world you could crack open a pineapple and cottage cheese would spill out. But we are stuck here on planet Earth and we’re going to have to get our protein from cheap sausage instead—hold the small curd cottage cheese.

After enduring several weeks of public (drop the “l” and the context is actually quite a bit more accurate) humiliation the Weiner resigns from Congress at a senior center, which leads us to the subject of this entirely too long run-on sentence—where do old Weiners go to die?

Anthony Weiner
Normal people, after suffering the disgrace of twittered pulled pork, would crawl into the deepest hole they could find and drown their sorrows in caramelized onions and sauerkraut. But this Weiner has no shame. So where did this Weiner go to die? The Hamptons, of course! Where else would a Weiner go that likes to toot his own horn? They don’t call it Long Island for nothing! The New York City media, lead by the New York Post, tracked Brooklyn’s version of Abe Froman (the sausage king of Chicago in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) to a King Kullen grocery store in Manorville, Long Island just a few hours after his nationally-televised resignation announcement. So there was Weiner, with Huma at his side, singing fifties doo-wop love songs under his breath while flinging chicken and salad into a shopping cart. I know there’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere about Weiners choking chickens. I can’t think of it now, but if I remember it I will be sure to share! I’ll take roasted Weiners for $600, Alex!

It’s not like Weiner is going to starve to death now that he is losing his $174,000 Congressional salary. After all, he still has a sense of Huma and Huma gets a fancy paycheck from the State Department, courtesy of the HildaBeast. What’s more, Larry Flynt recognizes real talent when he sees it (for that matter, we’ve all seen it) and has offered the left-leaning Weiner a shot at an internet communications career unfettered by morals at a starting salary of $200,000 a year. Poor little Weiner.

Notice how libs never feel shame? You name the sexual perversion and the libs are right there leading the charge into Sodom and Gomorrah. Oral sex in the Oval Office? Check! Cross Dressing? Check! Gender Reassignment? Check! Bestiality? Check! Voyeurism? Check! Pedophilia? Check! Paraphilia? Check! Bigamy? Check! Running a male homosexual prostitution ring in a home where your roomie is a Congressman? Check! Tweeting your meat? Check! And Double-Check!

Liberals have an agenda and that is to tear down every part of society that stands for freedom, the rule of law, morality, personal responsibility, and belief in God. Weiner is a field commander of the leftist troops (or would that be trollops?) in the war against decency. Weiner, like most liberals, seeks to define deviancy downward. The real shame in his online antics is that he has opened a window to his soul and having peeked inside, we have beheld the real Weiner. This isn’t conjecture. He has confessed to it. He has admitted that the accusations are true.

The real danger to all of the sexual perversions promulgated by the liberals is that they destroy families. Just take a look at the large cities run by liberals. Detroit. East Saint Louis. Chicago. Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, etc. We find fathers abandoning their children and their wives in record numbers. We find latchkey kids. We find high levels of marital separations and divorce. We find single mothers struggling to care for themselves and their children in a world of poverty and welfare because the men, who aren’t acting like men, have run away from their family responsibilities. We find Hillary Clinton’s misguided mindset that “it takes a village” when it reality all it takes are a mother and a father working together to lead their families and raise their children.

There is now a branch of scholarship that examines the politics of family destruction. And what destroys families? Liberalism! The family is the most fundamental unit of society. And that is what the liberals are attacking. They know if they can destroy families that they will win the war. They know that if they can destroy the love parents naturally feel for their children that big government will be the only place people can run to for safety. Cradle to grave Big Brother is what it is all about for the leftists. The destruction of nuclear families is actually part of the liberals’ political platform. That is why abortion is such a big deal to liberals. Murder the children and the family is destroyed.

Angry, bitter, vocal, activist Weiners are exactly the type of people the left needs in order to destroy society as we know it. What will Weiner do next? None of us know exactly what job title he will end up with, but we all know it will end up somehow as a Community Organizer. Now where have we heard that term before? Does that ring a bell? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Community Organizer is nothing more than a code phrase for radical activism—Social terrorism, for lack of a better term. Weiner fits the job description for the liberal agenda.

This Weiner will rise again.

And we will be there when he does and will send his meat packing because his mask has forever been removed and we all see him for what he is—For what he has admitted he is. Two days in therapy at an undisclosed location hasn’t changed Weiner at all. For all we know, his “therapy” could have been simply an orientation session for his next gig. Time will tell.

The politics of family destruction has been perfected by the leftists, communists, socialists, and liberals in America. But the chickens have come home to roost. Weiner may well have destroyed his own family as a result of his hormonally supercharged quest to tweet his meat. What goes around comes around, Weiner.

Wickedness never was happiness (you’d be surprised to know where that phrase originated), Weiner. You will spend the rest of your life kicking against the pricks, Weiner—only to ultimately discover that you have been kicking against yourself. Your radical liberalism is your personal downfall, Mr. Weiner. You are your own wurst enemy.

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One Comment

  1. Priceless! Absolutely priceless! You should have written this before I wrote my article about his self-destruction by pride and arrogance https://conservativedailynews.com/2011/06/anthony-weiner-self-destruction-by-pride-and-arrogance/
    I still cannot “relish”… to put another “topping” on your article- in his demise, but he has indeed brought this on himself.
    Unfortunately…. like you very well stated- he did not learn his lesson. With the ungodly amount of pension We The People are now stuck paying this degenerate he has nothing to be sorry for. This little blip of the screen of being shamed will be forgotten before the month is out I am sure- not only by him, but most of America as well.

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