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Texans vs TSA

As a citizen of Texas I was quite proud to hear that the Texas Legislature would be voting on a bill that  would make TSA pat-downs a felony. I was equally outraged when the bill did not pass.

To quote my colleague from an article just a little more than a month ago:

“Simpson’s bill has now been approved in committee and is awaiting debate by the full House. In addition to Simpson, the bill has attracted 70 co-sponsors, who represent more than 90 percent of the votes required to pass the bill in the Texas House of Representatives. According to Simpson, if the bill becomes law, the only way a TSA agent could avoid prosecution would be if a traveler gives written consent to the pat-down after being fully informed of the extent of the procedure.”

If you notice the italicized portion of the quote, the support for the bill was more than 90% of all Texas State Representatives. This is an overwhelming percent of approval, only to have the votes suddenly disappear, thereby causing the bill not to pass at the time the Texas House of Representatives voted on it.

It seems as though the motto “Don’t Mess With Texas” doesn’t apply to our Representatives. They have allowed themselves to be bullied by the federal government.  The Department of Justice sent a threatening letter saying they would stop all air traffic in and out of Texas. And….. our Representatives caved!

The Washington Times headline put it nicer than I would have with this: “Texas Senators Need to Grow a Backbone”.

The Senators of Texas need to do more than grow a backbone- they need to realize that they are there to represent us- We The People of Texas! We are tired of our elected officials bowing down to the special interest groups, and that includes the federal government! We The People of Texas elect you, not the federal government!

There is now a rally pushing Governor Rick Perry to take up TSA Bill (Texas HB 1937) in the special session. The Come and Take It! rally is this Saturday, June 4, at the Texas Capital South Steps from 12:30-1:30pm. As the organizers of this rally say, “we have drawn the line in the sand!”

The question for Governor Perry is this: Do you really believe what you say about States’ Rights, or are you just another politician spewing hot air? As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. It’s time for Governor Perry to put up or shut up! With the rumors of a possible run for the White House, there is no time like the present to show whether or not he’s cut out for truly taking a stand against special interests and stand up for We The People.

When babies, the elderly, nuns and everyone in between are being subjected to groping in order to travel by air, things have gone too far.

Call, write, email, fax, tweet and send Facebook messages every day to Governor Perry to let your voice be heard! Tell Governor Perry that you are IN FAVOR of HB 1937 and that HB 1937 needs to be placed on the special session agenda. Let the Governor know that you will not sit silently by while our State Representatives allow themselves to be bullied by the federal government! Tell Governor Perry it’s time for him to stand up or shut up!

To contact Governor Perry by phone:
(512) 463-2000    – or –    (800) 252-9600      G

Governor Perry on Twitter: @governorperry @TexGov

Governor Perry on Facebook

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