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President Oba….. Errrr… Clinton Presents Plan To Fix Job Crisis

Have we been thrust back in time by some twist of fate or magical time machine? Surely we have! When last I looked, Barack Obama was President of The United States of America- unfortunately. However, President Bill Clinton has just unveiled his 14 point plan to fix the job crisis we are facing. Shouldn’t this have been something President Obama took charge of, as “leader” of the free world?

Now, we know that President Obama has struggled with his decision making abilities, as we have seen here:

A.F. Branco Political Cartoon - Cowboy Obama

It appears that President Obama has worn out his welcome with President Bush giving him the answers, so now he is turning to President Clinton for the answers.

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that President Clinton is the one to put out a plan to fix the economy. Now it appears that both Clinton’s have stepped up to the plate to rescue Obama.

It has been reported from a long-time Washington, DC insider that President Obama was reluctant to take out bin Laden, therefore he was overridden by senior military and intelligence officials. This situation has been described as a “coup within the Obama White House”. I would not be surprised if it were in fact Hillary Clinton that led the coup!

The common joke regarding the Clinton presidency is that it was actually HILLARY Clinton, NOT Bill, who made the decisions. I guess things really have not changed much at all, as we witnessed with the Osama bin Laden killing, depicted here:


This is not the first time that we’ve seen President Obama in a situation that he has no clue how to handle. Here is another situation depicted for us here:

President Obama has been called “the president who lost Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon”. He and his administration have single-handily allowed the Middle East to become a virtual tinder box with their inability to lead.

History has handed Mr. Obama some pretty big shoes to fill:

Unfortunately, just as is depicted above, he has not been able to fill them. Is it simply a matter of the shoes being too big? Or is it the fact that Obama refuses to take off his blinders and truly look at reality, preferring instead to be “blinded” by his “idealistic” political views?

This author still stands by the fact that President Obama could have gone down in history as the greatest president, even with the vast differences in political views. To quote the previous article:

It frustrates me because there is one man that could have gone down in history as the greatest unifier is instead the greatest divider of all time. Barack Obama has made history. He is the first black man to be President of The United States of America! His life and attitude is living proof of how our actions bring about consequences. Rather than working diligently to unite a country that has been growing more and more divided over the years he is in fact intensifying the division and playing on it from his leadership position. He is outright exploiting every American- black, white, brown, yellow or red.

Instead, there is little doubt that this is how history will remember President Obama:

Jimmy Carter must be eternally grateful to President Obama for knocking him out of his title as The Worst President of The United States of America.

But if we are expecting Mr. Obama to take personal responsibility for anything that has happened on his watch we better think again! We have seen from the 2010mid-term elections that all Barack Obama knows how to do is blame others for what has gone wrong during his presidency:

Now, with Bill Clinton presenting his 14-point plan to get Americans back to work, it truly makes one wonder if Hillary is considering a run for the White House. It is true that she has stated time and time again that this is not going to happen, but one thing history has taught us: politicians cannot be taken at their word.

Only time will tell, as the events leading up to the 2012 election unfold.



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