Is Sarah Palin Throwing Candidates Under Her Bus?

Sarah Palin One Nation Bus
Photo: SarahPAC

Sarah is travelling the country on her “One Nation” bus tour. She isn’t talking about the candidates or even whether or not she’ll be a candidate. She is talking about the issues and American history. So exactly what is Sarah Palin doing?

As her patriotically-decorated convoy hit New Hampshire the same day as Mitt Romney’s announcement, a possible strategy for the cross-country tour emerged. Local papers had Sarah’s attendance of a clam bake on the front page and Romney’s presidential announcement was pushed to page three. Sarah also slammed Romney on his views on government-controlled healthcare just moments before Romney was scheduled to make his campaign announcement:

In my opinion any mandate coming from government is not a good thing,even on a state level and even a local level, mandates coming from a governing body, it’s tough for a lot of us independent Americans to accept, because we have great faith in the private sectors and our own families, and our own businessmen and women making decisions for ourselves.

Sarah closed her commentary on Mitt by telling the press group that Romney has a long way to go if he thinks he can bring in the Conservative vote.

Sarah has never hidden her Conservative beliefs nor her disdain for the establishment candidates. Maybe Sarah’s use of a bus is more symbolic that most first thought. Could she be throwing centrist candidates under the “One Nation” bus?

Romney isn’t the first establishment candidate to have One Nation tire tracks on his back. In May, Palin criticized Newt Gingrich for bowing to the media after he had referred to Paul Ryan’s budget plan as “right-wing social engineering”.

If Newt Gingrich believes that it’s right-wing social engineering to undo Obamacare and reform Medicare … then say so. But don’t apologize later just because the media has dinged you on what you said.

Sarah has the attention of the main-stream media and she doesn’t even have to go begging for it. Actually, she doesn’t have to even let them know where she’s going. Her tour has not been furnishing an itinerary to the press, yet her activities are top news at outlets left-wing, main-stream, and right-of-center alike. With that kind of publicity and drawing power comes influence. Electoral influence.

The establishment candidates know that they will struggle to take primaries in states where the Tea Parties are strong and well-organized. Sarah turns those grass-roots messages into the news of the day.



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One Comment

  1. Palin has not only refused to work with the MainSlime Media, she told them to pound sand. Therefore, your opinion is skewed from the start. AND as far as Willard and Newt are concerned, she’s telling it like it is and that’s EXACTLY what our country needs – Finally, someone with a pair to say so!

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    Willard “Mitt” Romney https://bit.ly/bad8PI
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    Newt Gingrich’s Radical Environmentalism Hurts Him at CPAC 2011 https://bit.ly/j3kwGe
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    1. Which opinion did you feel was skewed? If I read your comment correctly, it sounds as though you agree – she is using the bus to run over establishment candidates like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and give voice to the Tea Parties.

      1. I think Winghunter has it just right. Palin with all her foibles and guffaws and lack of historical knowledge is greatly respected by the groundswell of citizen activists who come under the “Tea Party” umbrella descriptive. They see her as their flawed yet true “everyman” and one of them. She’s actually their ‘darling’ not the media’s. I don’t think she ever seriously considered a run for the nomination herself, but understands that she can be power-player numero uno. I think she knows that her place of greatest effectiveness is being a constant irritant to the liberal demonRATs and their maintream media allies and she enjoys being that flashpoint. I also think that early on she may have committed herself to being a supporter of Michelle Bachmann and is pro-actively doing her best to publicly identify by criticism any Republican candidates perceived as retread losers and/or RINOs. i think, if I’m correct in that observation, it’s a great position to take. In the end she is helping to steer the Repblicans to supported a solid, unifying conservative candidate who WILL take a principled stand and also re-identify the Republican Party as a clear conservative alternative to the evermore far-left reaching demonRATs.

        Don’t overlook the effect in another venue that Mike Huckabee can be. His TV show is popular and he knows it. He knows that he didn’t have the wide, strong support to have been anything diferent than he was in 2008, an also-ran for the nomination. His show can be very effective in supporting the same candidate that Palin gets behind. To get the all-important independent vote, the Repubs can ill afford to put up another RINO candidate against Obama. The party should have learned that political lesson back in 2008.

        Like many of us I truly believe that 2012 is the fork in the road for this once great nation. We need a candidate of whom the perception is crystal clear as to what they are for and what they are against. The ticket we nominate MUST HAVE an appeal of ‘unification’ and ‘principled dedication’. I call myself an “original intent” conservative Republican. We ALL need to stress that founding linkage as a markerpost for the restoration of a mission of manifest destiny for this “great experiment”. This sorry excuse for an American President we are burdened with now has routinely and with great disdain besmirched the original intent of our Constitution and is committed to wrecking us on the shoals of economic disaster to enable a socialist rebuild of this society. It’s all too obvious by his very actions and none of the talking head are corageous enough to openly state it. Not O’Reilly, nor Limbaugh, nor Beck et al ad nauseum. The last thing we need is to reverse the current course of America is to nominate a weak-sister, finger-in-the-wind populist like Romney as our candidate. I see great possibilities in a ticket of Bachmann/Cain in 2012.

        Just thinking out loud.

  2. Publicly exposing RINOs and ‘throwing candidates under the bus’ are two entirely different things. The former informs the incapable for their own governance where the latter accuses another in the attempt to escape culpability.

    Incidentally, RINOs who support Willard and Newt are hardly the “establishment” where whatever power they once abused is over.

    1. Ah, I see your point. You’re taking the “throw them under the bus thing” in its traditional sense – your point about an attempt to shift blame.

      I was making the point that she might be using the bus to run over, or diminish the establishment candidates. She’s basically throwing them under her own bus.

      It is always interesting how different people interpret the same words. Thank you for an intriguing comment.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out why this woman, whom the MSM try so hard to portray as a trivial and inconsequential, scares the bejeezus out of the left, and apparently those to the middle and right.

    I think the answer resides in what she says here: “If Newt Gingrich believes that it’s right-wing social engineering to undo Obamacare and reform Medicare … then say so. But don’t apologize later just because the media has dinged you on what you said.”

    It’s not just that she stands up and speaks out for what she holds true. It’s that in doing so, she forces the career politicians to do the same, or risk looking cowardly or vacillating next to this lady. As a woman formerly occupied in what’s traditionally seen as a man’s job (flatbed truck driver) I assure you, there’s no quicker way to get big, macho men to quit whining about tarping a load, or fussing about how hot it is, than for a woman half their size to dig in and do it, do it well, and still look like a lady in the process.

    I don’t think Sarah’s throwing them under the bus. But anyone trying to camp out in the middle of the road, too afraid to take a stand on an issue without back tracking and trying to appease all sides, may well find themselves nothing more than political speedbumps in history.

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