City Council in Iowa Forces Citizens to Hand Over Keys to Private Property [Video]

[Cedar Falls, Iowa] – Ordinance #2740 was passed with a 6-1 vote by the Cedar Falls city council. The law forces home and business owners to give the government the keys to their property.This would give the government access to private property whenever then city deems it necessary. Serious questions arise over 4th amendment rights, liability of damage of the owner’s property or injury to government workers who access the property without invitation or warrant.

It is certainly hard to believe that any city in this great nation (east of California) would allow anything like this.

Special thanks to @carold501 for sending this to me.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Your headline is misleading. Iowa City has been a Marxist totalitarian entity for years now already.

  2. do these spineless libitards have any sence of what the constitution is and what it means?!? if we as americans are not extremely careful in the months to come we will no longer be a free nation, we WILL become the USSA, the united socialist states of america. on your toes people, for we are on a run-away train goin the wrong way on a one way track…

    1. Nohbdy, you should probably shut the F^%& UP before you make conservatives look even more ignorant and paranoid. Just a heads up.

      1. there is nothing ignorant or parinoid about our constitutional rights being trampled on and/or outright ignored. do you honestly believe that this law is intended to “save lives and property”? highly doubtful, however when big brother decides that you or your guns are a threat to america they no-longer have to knock, they can just unlock your door. while you may be ok w/ this, i like every other true american sees this as government intrusion and a threat to our personal freedoms. while you do have the right to say how you feel, i will reserve the right to tell you that you are wrong….

      2. Wow. Such competent, compelling rebuttal of the story! “Somebody has totally convinced me to change my mind about the issue.

        Or not.

        “Somebody”, if you expect anyone to take you seriously, you must do more than hurl profanities and make snide statements that neither prove your point nor to prove you to be in possession of a point.

        Question: do you think it likely that any government would stand up and state “We’re here to restrict your rights and take away your freedoms. Just hand us over the keys now, and we’ll just get rid of that pesky 4th amendment business”? Anyone who does is a fool, and didn’t pay attention to history class.

        The quickest, easiest way to prevent people from fighting an encroachment, be it governmental or otherwise, is to convince them there’s no threat. Pay no mind to the men in black body armor breaking down your neighbor’s door in the middle of the night. He probably deserved it, right?

        “Somebody”, you seriously need to find some survivors of WWII, people who lived through the Nazi regime, through Stalin’s regime, through … well, pick any totalitarian dictatorship you care to, there’s plenty of examples to choose from. It doesn’t start with tanks rolling down your neighborhood street, it starts by convincing you to give up a few of your ‘insignificant’ liberties in the name of safety, or whatever.

        If you have a legitimate, intelligent counter argument to Nohbody’s comment, we’d all love to hear it. Because, my friend, all you’ve done so far is make yourself look like an ass.

  3. Liberal democrat is just a sexy word for fascist communists social nazi. If Cedar Falls doesn’t boot these social-engineering monkeys out of office during the next election it will serve as a terrible precedent for other liberal councils to follow.

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