D.A.M. Media Operative Bob Franken Bashes Pawlenty Plan

As I have been writing in my Democratic Attack Machine (D.A.M.) articles, the Liberal media is the heart and soul of D.A.M. today. Once again we see a once unbiased, honest reporter out of Washington D.C., Mr. Bob Franken turn into a media-puppet of the left. Also of note is that he is a cousin of the failed comedian and big mouthed leftist Al Franken ,who stole an election in Minnesota in which 341 convicted felons voted illegally, Democratic activist judges turned the other way and he won by 312 votes to crawl into the U.S.Senate. Meanwhile Cousin Bob (NYT) Franken was even too far left for CNN who refused to renew his contract in 2007, thus relegating him to the far left smear dungeon of MSNBC. Yes, that MSNBC, the very same arm of D.A.M. that houses the foul-mouthed Ed Shultz who called Ann Coulter a slut on national TV and is still there slinging his vile rhetoric at everything conservative, and Queen big-mouth butch, Rachel Maddow, both of whom wouldn’t know fair and balanced reporting if it fell on their heads. Such is the state of journalistic integrity and a total lack of morality over at MSNBC. Is it any wonder they are at the bottom of the ratings every single week? Yet they serve the purpose of the D.A.M. in spreading rumors, lies and misinformation to bad-mouth conservative patriotism 24/7. They simply do not report the news,  but instead they spin it into leftist propaganda in the nastiest of ways.

So now we have both the Franken-freaks bashing conservatives, one in the U.S. Senate, and the other writing for the N.Y.T. as some kind of supposed syndicated columnist. Bob Franken was once a solid, Emmy award-winning writer, covering three decades of important issues in America. Key words, once was a solid, Emmy award-winning writer there. Not any more, as our friends over at Newsbusters show us today:

It takes a former CNN “correspondent” to make Tim Pawlenty sound scary . .  .

It’s kind of fun to watch former MSM “reporters” turn into totally-out,  liberal partisans once they leave their “reporting” gigs.  Take Bob  Franken. For years a big-time national correspondent for CNN, the network let  him go in 2007.  Franken is now free to let his liberal freak flag  fly.

Check out ole Bob in that video up there. What are you now Bob, 90 years old? If I ever get that senile and am out in public spewing nonsense like that I bet I’d end up in the state loony bin, which is pretty much where Bob is at these days as a liberal mouthpiece in the media arm of the D.A.M. Tim Pawlenty’s new plan to try to fix America’s massive debt problem hadn’t even been finalised yet, and the D.A.M. went to work attacking and falsely slandering it and him. For decent, concerned Americans wondering how or if we will ever have a real leader in this country to address our crushing debt, I,ll let 2012 presidential candidate Mr. Tim Pawlenty tell you about his ideas:


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