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Why Israel Cannot Withdraw to Pre-1967 Lines

This is what Prime Minister Netanyahu knows and Obama may never want to or be able to understand.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Primarily, the reason why Israel cannot pull back to pre-67 lines is because if they did it would give the miliary advantage to the Syrian’s. They cannot pull back to pre-67 lines because they would loose half their country with this tiny corridor which leads to Jerusalem from Telaviv. Israeli’s took back the land that God gave them, and the Israeli’s knew where those borders were from history, but added the Golon Heights, the West Bank, and all the land to the Jordan River including all the land around Jerusalem, but only half of the city is under control of the Israeli’s, the Western half. But the Israeli’s also have joint control over the Eastern half as well excluding the area around the Mosque’s which includes the so-called “Dome of the Rock” which is the site of Soloman’s Temple, and numerous other era’s when a Jewish temple was located on that same site. The Muslims claim that site belongs to them, and the Muslim’s won’t even let anyone who is not Muslim on the grounds around the “Dome”, and get real upset if anyone like that tries.

    Israeli’s have fought long and hard to occupy the ground they are on, and need more ground because the people are growing in number and need the space. Of course that could be said about Muslims due to the fact that is how they take over countries and that is they out populate the native people. But in the case of Israel it’s the Israeli’s who are populating. But due to rockets constitantly being fired into Israel from Muslim countries around Israel some of the population growth is being put in check to some degree. But, no fear, Israel can overcome any obsticle that prevents them from occupying THEIR land. It doesn’t belong to anyone else but Israel since they’ve lived in the region for centuries. Why take it away from them just because a bunch of disgruntled Muslims complain about Israel being in the way to Islam reigning over that part of the world.

  2. And Muslim’s complaining that Israel is standing in the way to Islamic goals of dominating over the entire Middle East. That is the only reason why Muslims want to occupy any country or part of some country is because it fits their plan to dominate the world. If anyone stands in their way there are a few methods that Muslims always use to force people in other countries to get out of the way so that Muslims can get their way. And that’s all it is and that is Muslims being allowed to dominate over the world.

    The only reason why more countries aren’t telling Muslims who move to that country and see that Muslims are the only one’s who’ve moved to their country in the past thirty years, or at least the past twenty more likely is that the people of that country are accused of being “racists” or that they are “discreminating” against people who are different from them from having a better life for themselves. Well, the question should be, “Why did you come to our country?” And if it is so that they could have a better life, was it so that they could move to some part of the world where there wasn’t so much strife and conflict in order to live each day? Or was it so that they could, through Islamic plan, take over that part of the world through to the glory of Muhammed. Muslims would never admit that they were there to “take over the country”, but if you asked them what it the goal of Islam and they would have to tell you that the goal of Islam is to take over the world in the name of Islam. And if a Muslim is a devout believer, they have to be involved in this plan no matter what they say about anything else that they appear to be doing.

    So ARE the Muslims in Norway trying to take over the country? Yes, they are. Would stopping them by “requiring” them to adapt to the Norwegian way of life which would prevent them from taking over Norway because Muslims couldn’t very well take over a country if they were becoming more and more like those people they were trying to take over, as time went by. Muslims couldn’t be Muslim and Norwegian at the same time due to the fact that Muslims would have to learn the language, become citizen’s, which many do anyway but for the reason of lessening the scrutiny of the government, and would have to acquire the Norwegian culture, traditions, which are counter to Islam, and learn the Norwegian history and about the people’s so that the Muslims could be more like Norwegians and less like the people where they came from, like Iraq, Iran, Saudia Arabia, and Yemen. The same thing applies about allowing Israel to be a sovereign state, Muslims cannot allow Israel to become a sovereign state because Muslims would have to admit that some other people in another country have the right to be who they are and NOT become Islamic. But Muslims can’t allow other people be who they are because that is a “sin” in the eyes of Muhammed, who had embarked on taking over the world in his day but was doing it by killing the people of another country and enslaving those Muslims needed to do the work.

    You can just look at Norway and see what it going on there, and if you need more proof look at Great Britain. And if that it not enough proof that Muslims are trying to take over the world then you have been brain washed into thinking that Muslims have as much right to have their own customs and traditions as anyone else. Yeah, that’s true, but they cannot come to your country and “REPLACE” your culture and traditions with their’s and then force you to honor them as being superior to yours.

    We cannot allow that because then what happens to our customs, and traditions, and preserving our culture and society. If we don’t then our society will cease to exist. But liberals think that the world should “progress” into the future and may be different from what it started out being. But they believe that it is okay not to hand down the culture you grew up in to your children. Liberals always place your future as something that can be disposed of in the future, so long as it is theirs that is kept intact so that they remain in control of who or whatever it is that exists in the future. And if they can keep you at bay until the Muslims take over your culture then they will be the ones who make sure that it stays that way. Liberals and liberalism is the cause of how and why anyone looses their country to a invader, but they are not unique in history as there has always been traitors who’ve helped an enemy to defeat a country. But you know what history has always shown us about what happens when that enemy has take over that country? They kill those who helped them defeat the people of Norway, Great Britain, and in this case Israel for all their good work. They were promised a reward if they would help Muslims take over, and their reward is either their head in a basket, or enslaved by the invader.

    We need to look in our own country, and forget about the fact that liberals call us names for wanting to stop Muslims or Mexican’s or anyone else from taking over our nation.

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