Taking A Stand May Mean You Lose Friends

I was put in the position just a couple of nights ago where I had to take a stand. You know the saying, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

As a very solid supporter of Israel I write articles, tweets, and speak out very boldly of my support for Israel. I had a friend who is a liberal, who as it turns out is atheist, but her parents are Muslim. Obviously we are as different from each other as night and day in our beliefs.

However, we had found a way to remain friends without letting our difference cause issues. I had to draw the line with her a couple of times and tell her certain things were not up for discussion. I was never disillusioned enough to believe I could change her mind or beliefs and I know for certain she was not going to change mine.

That all changed night before last when I posted the link to my article “Come Hell Or High Water I Will Stand With Israel“.

I doubt very seriously she even took the time to read the article. Instead, she started ranting that while she could sympathize with Israel it was not right that they go “bulldozing down homes.” This was just the beginning of the rant.

Israel is one of the topics that was off-limits for us. I warned her, as nicely as I possibly could, that I would not discuss this issue with her as I refused to do in the past. She persisted. I told her I was giving her one last warning. I drew my line in the sand. The topic of Israel just was not up for discussion with her. Still she persisted. So I blocked her from my twitter account.

That was the last thing I wanted to do. However, she did not respect me and my stand. She refused to let it go. She continued to bait me. I stood strong. A friendship was ended.

It is sometimes tough to take a stand. These days, it is often very difficult to take a stand, most especially if it involves supporting Israel. However, if you don’t stand for something, you WILLfall for anything! Not I, says the Lady Warrior who knows the Blessings of Freedom! I will fight forever- until my dying breath, if that is what it takes! To paraphrase my favorite movie, “Braveheart“, they may take my life, but they will NEVER take my freedom!

America, we must be prepared. I strongly believe that the actions of President Obama today will bring down the wrath of God Almighty on this nation. He has turned his back on Israel. He spat in the face of God’s chosen  people. God will not take this lightly!

I stand united with you, Oh Israel! Lift up your eyes unto the heavens. Yes, as Glenn Beck just said, I do most certainly believe the very gates of hell have just opened up against you! But I also believe just as Glenn Beck just stated that the very gates of heaven are standing wide open for you! YOU, OH ISRAEL, are the apple of Sovereign God’s eye! Do not despair! He is with you always. My heart and prayers will continue to be with you, Israel! May God bless you and keep you always!

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