PHT – Cinco de Mayo Program 5-5-11

Ok, we didn’t really discuss the Battle of Puebla, but we did discuss the first Republican candidate debate, mileage taxes and GOP wimps.

Here’s the archived recording – was a fantastic show:

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Great convo!!! helps to hear others debate a debate…. although I watched it pretty closely… I missed a couple of key points ! I had not fully understood Cain’s answer on tax, but certainly Rick’s reformation answer probably did damage!
    However, I agree Santorum and Cain at this stage of the game. Although, I was going back and forth Rick and Herman and Herman and Rick…. unfortunately many Americans wont vote for Rick, so the next best thing on the stage was Herman! Personally, I think Allen West has the most gravitas, and would absolutely clean Obama’s clock and t’s beyond my comprehension for any legitimate conservative candidate to sit this one out… there won’t be another election this vital for another 20 yrs if Obama were to prevail. I wouldn’t have voted for Palin a yr ago, but I may reconsider if she jumps in if for no other reason than we cannot afford to have a Rino or some half baked gop who can’t find his back bone!

    And another thing… ANY candidate who says they would not torture or rendition or whatever… they’re either liars or unsuitable for POTUS!! More than anything, for me, I worry about the Supreme Court, the last barrier to most of Obama’s extreme positions… so no matter who I will vote GOP because it is fundamental for Obama to be unseated.

    Good analysis, hard to say who edged who out, bet you if went back to listen to that debate… I could be swayed if for no other reason that both were the only viable picks for now. I picked Herman first and close second Rick.

    Tim P had a couple of good answers but the man wont make it out of the gate… Johnson should get his backpack ready and Rand Paul… well let’s not go there.

    Can’ wait to read your piece!

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