Jonathon Sharkey: 2012 Presidential Candidate Profile

It’s been said that truth is often stranger than fiction. I would have to say this very well may be the case with Presidential Candidate Jonathon Sharkey.

Personal Information



John Albert Sharkey was born on April 2, 1964 in Elizabeth, New Jersey to Al and Mary Sharkey. He currently lives in Florida, and has officially put his hat into the ring for President of The United States of America.

St. Hedwig’s Grammar School in Elizabeth, NJ.- became an Alter Boy in December 1973.
Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, NJ.
Kansas State University- majored in Pre-Law and minored in music.
Hillsborough Community College for Business Administration
2004- Received Ph.D. in Political Science from SCU, Lake Charles, LA
The Hollywood Film Institute

Military Career
August 1981 to August 1990- Served in the United States Army
Disabled Veteran,

“who just had his left knee replaced by world famous orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the Tampa Bay Lightning – Dr. Ira Guttentag”

Commenting on the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Sharkey says:

“If I was President when the US Navy Seals went after bin Laden, I would have lead the military operation. That’s the difference between a Combat Arms Veteran and a civilian. I know not only how to draw up a military attack, but, lead the attack to complete success.”

Civilian Career
American Wrestler, known as “The Impaler”
Wrestling Instructor who trained Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Recorded a CD
Owner of Impaler Films, Inc., which is currently producing the movies listed under  On The Web at the bottom of this page

Religious Beliefs
Luciferian who follows the the Goddess Hecate- hence, he is a Pagan
Vampyre who claims to actually drink blood twice a week

Jonathon Sharkey comes from a Catholic family,  but says he’s always hated God The Father. He says,

“My hatred bloomed into a whole new meaning on 26 Oct 86 when my Grandmother died.  All the good that I process and do, is because or her. All the evil I process is strictly from me and when I destroy someone, or harm them, I do it because they crossed me, not because Lucifer or Satan told me to.”

His mother was a Hecate Witch and at 5, he started practicing the Craft. Of this, he says, “As you know, the Vatican and the RC Church are very much against Witches. Hence, they are my enemy.

You never hear of a Pagan Priest molesting a child. But, Catholic Priest are a long history of it. Maybe if the Vatican let them marry Nuns, it would allow them to have sex legally, and they won’t attack innocent children.”

Mr. Sharkey says though he hates “God the Father” he has no problem with Jesus. Mr. Sharkey stated in his 2006 run for governor in Minnesota that he respects all religions that respect people, saying

“According to the 1st Amendment, every American has a right to his own religious beliefs and practices. However, as President i will not tolerate Witch Hunts or personal religious attacks.”

Of the good things he does in his life he says,

“In the same breath, all the good things I do for people, is because I want to… Not because a Bible, minister or Jesus tells me to. My good deeds are done from my heart.”

Civic Affiliations
Previously served on MADD’s Public Policy Board
Previously served served on the Hillsborough County, Florida Republican Party’s Executive Committee

Political Affiliations
Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party

Political Candidacies
Jonathon Sharkey has run in more than one state-level and nations elections. He is a perennial candidate, meaning his numerous bids for various offices have resulted in no victories.

Due to his somewhat strange public persona he has attracted a large amount of media coverage. He has also had more than one run-ins with the police.

In 2006 he ran for Governor of the State of Minnesota
The 2012 Presidential Race makes it Mr. Sharkey’s 3rd attempt for the office. He ran in both the 2004 and the 2008 election.

On The Issues
In the unlikely event that Jonathon Sharkey were to be elected President we would have no concern with the closure of Guantanamo Bay.

He believes, “Certain criminals, instead of being put in jail, they should be brutally tortured and impaled….Upon them being found guilty of their crimes I’ll beat them, torture them, dismember them and decapitate them. ”
We  most certainly would be able to cut the Federal and States’ budgets with this policy in place! I am quite sure he would work quickly to streamline the endless waste of tax-payers money by making quick work of the criminals who have been on death row for decades.

Mr. Sharkey would outlaw abortion- in his words, “unlike the so-called previous Christian Presidents”.
He “will protect the elderly and disabled Americans’ disability payments and medical care needs”
He would bring our troops back from the war zones and reward them properly. Again, in his words, “Not like the present administration is doing.”
Once again quoting Mr. Sharkey, “And unlike the politicians in DC and America, I will not be a puppet of the ESTABLISHMENT or Special interest groups.”

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Sharkey where he stands on certain issues that are important in America today. Here are his responses.

Israel… Back in 2004, a Christian Minister I knew, realizing I would have a political future told and showed me this JerUSAlem. The USA has been pre-ordained to protect Israel, and as President, not only will I protect Israel, but, I will give them King Solomon’s Temple back.

Immigration… I was born and raised in Jersey. Still live there. I grew up in a section of Elizabeth that had a lot of immigrants. These people came to America the right and legal way. Not through a hole in a fence or illegal means.

I will allow LEGAL Immigration into America. However, anyone found here illegally will be deemed a terrorist and will be executed as one via Impalement. Children who are here illegally, will be allowed to stay with their American relatives.

No immigrant will be given any special treatment. They will have to survive on their own. Not by tax payers money.

Energy… I believe we need to explore as many SAFE and productive means to take care of our energy needs. I’ve been seeing commercials about land drilling to get oil and other energy items. I support that. Given the fact that I was in Tampa last Summer when the BP oil accident happened, I think off shore drilling needs to be handled safer and more equipment needs to be used, to protect America against another accident.

I do not support tax breaks for the Oil Companies.

I would also set a national gas price standard for all companies to follow – $1.00 for Regular… $1.15 for Medium Grade…. $1.30 for Prem.

Obamacare is a joke and unconstitutional. As President I would legalize marijuana (I do not use it,. nor will I) and Prostitution (I’ve never paid for sex, nor will I). These two things would be put under state control and the money made from them, would be sued to provide medical, dental and prescription care for those who can’t afford it.

Plus, with marijuana and prostitution legalized, there will be more jail space for real criminals.

Medicare and Social SecurityMedicare money will come from the above mentioned program. Social Security needs a total overhaul. I would add a special tax on the gas companies to make them pay back all their perks over the years.

In my discussions with Mr. Sharkey I told him of my passion for The Broken System of Foster Care. I asked him what he would do as President in regards to these voiceless children.

As far as your special concerns… I am totally against Abortion as a form of Birth Control (The only think the Vatican and I agree upon). I would institute Brazil’s laws regarding abortion.

I commend women who don’t get abortions. And yes, their is a problem with Foster Homes and Agencies.

Pat Benatar did a song in the 80’s Hell Is For Children. It is bad enough if a child is orphaned or has to be taken from their parent(s), but to send them into another form of nightmare is wrong too.

As President, I will protect innocent children and protect them from not only being abused by their parents and criminals, but, from the abuse and negligence of the system set up to protect them.

In an effort to protect and help them, I would order states to give more casino licenses and from the taxes and revenues made from these businesses, a bigger and better foster care system would evolve. More case workers and managers…More support to families who open their hearts to these children.


Political Criticisms
A fellow committee member on the Hillsborough County, Florida Republican Party’s Executive Committee stated that Jonathon Sharkey believes in the values of the Republican Party, but says he needs to focus on the issues, not his “extreme behaviors”.

Legal Trouble:
The United States Secret Service investigated Mr. Starkey after he threatened to “impale” President George W. Bush.
Mr. Sharkey went to jail in Tennessee for threatening a judge in Indiana. Weapons were confiscated from his property upon his arrest.
Mr. Sharkey responded to this information, saying the following:

“As far as the judge in Indianapolis, he is a defendant in the Indianapolis District Court for his wrongful actions against me. Case # 1:09-cv-1127-LJM-DML.”

We previously reported that according to the online resource we used for this article that he currently has a restraining order filed against him by the family of a 16-year-old Minnesota girl, stating that Sharkey “brainwashed” the girl. Mr. Sharkey denies that this is true.

Mr. Sharkey also shared a video he made with this 16-year-old in which they both present a case that the girl was abused by a family member. Mr. Sharkey says that when the investigation was going on in this case, the accused family member mis-quoted him- I would assume as a “retaliation” of sorts. This is his statement in regards to that:

“…[the 16-year-olds family member] worded what I said differently, and got a restraining order. She did this MN, where my kind have no rights. Remember on 13 Jan 06, my at the time Pagan wife was fired from her job as a school bus driver…”

We also previously stated that there is another legal situation concerning yet another 16-year-old girl to which Mr. Sharkey admitted harrassing. When I asked him about this situation, he responded,

“As to that particular situation, he says, “As far as the 16 year old ADMITTED Vampyre Hunter… Secret Service told me since I was getting death threats from Vampyre Hunter groups, and Meranda admitted to being part of an ELITE VAMPYRE HUNTER SOCIETY, to see if she was tied to them. I did intensely ask her who these people are.

In Minnesota though, it is considered Harassment/Verbal Assault to call your GF or ex-GF, wife… a B*TCH. I called Meranda a B. Several times. Hence, I violated MN Law. Oh well… A Petty Misdemeanor for freedom of expression. What the media did not say, was her phone records showed she had called me, and places where she knew I went to. In Jersey that is called stalking. But, in America, Vampyres. Witches, Pagans and non-liked religious members don’t have the same rights under the law.”

Mr. Sharkey asked that since this article discusses the above situations that we also include that he has the name of another previous (then) 16-year-old girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm.

Mr. Sharkey appears to have quite a few chinks in his armor that may cause him great difficulty in actually securing the Republican nomination for the 2012 Presidential election. I guess only time will tell if history will repeat itself, or if Mr. Sharkey’s luck will change.

In closing during my conversation with Mr. Sharkey, he wanted to add a personal note:

On a personal note, I think if politicians and officials drank less alcohol (especially at political events and dinners) their minds would be clearer to think about the real reason why they were elected… To take care of the people… They would less abled to be manipulated by lobbiests, special interest groups and the ESTABLISHMENT!

Radio Interview with the Plain, Hard Truth’s Rich Mitchell

Jonathon Sharkey Interview [MP3 Audio]

On The Web

No “Official Jonathon Sharkey President 2012 Campaign” website is found at this time.
IMDB Page In regards to his Hollywood career, he states, “I am another Ronal Reagan. Hollywood to the bone.”


The True Impaler: The Movie Trinity
Who Is The Bloodiest Royal?
Granddaddy’s Little Girl (Part 1 and 2)
The Million Dollar Vampyre: A Day in the Life


Presidential candidate Jonathon Sharkey was a guest on “The Plain Hard Truth with Rich Mitchell” on Thursday, June 2. You can listen to the show by clicking on the graphic below.



Jonathon Sharkey personally, by comments to this article and other communications


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  1. Greetings,

    In regards to your article about me, you are beliefing everything Wikipedia says. Well… I am not a Satanist. i am Luciferian and I do follow the Goddess Hecate (hence I am Pagan).

    I was bron 2 Apr 64, not in 1966.

    As far as the judge in Indianapolis, he is a defendant in the Indianapolis District Court for his wrongful actions against me. Case # 1:09-cv-1127-LJM-DML.

    As you can tell from my IMDb page – I am another Ronal Reagan. Hollywood to the bone.

    You spelled Vampyre wrong… Its VampYre. not ire.

    You didn’t mention I use to be on MADD’s Public Policy Board.

    You also didn’t mention that I am a Disabled Veteran, who just had his left knee replaced by world famous orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the Tampa Bay Lightning – Dr. Ira Guttentag.

    Also, the family you speak of, does not have a restraining order against me regarding the girl.

    If you people want to boardcast about candidates, please have the facts correct.

    Thank you.

    Do Svidaniya,
    Nel Sangue,

    Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey (R)
    Presidential Candidate
    If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!
    (My IMDb page)
    (My YouTube Page)

    1. Mr. Shareky-

      I apologize for the errors in the article. I will make the corrections immediately.
      Do you have an official campaign page, as you did in 2008? I would be more than happy to link to it, as it is our goal to inform the public of ALL candidates- not just the ones the main stream media covers.

      Also, do you have an email you would be willing to share with me? I would like to talk further with you about the issues.

      Thank you for commenting and correcting the misinformation that has been given. If I happen to miss something you would like to add, please do not hesitate to let me know.

      1. Hey excuse me mr. impaler but I couldn’t help getting a call from a good friend of mine last night about 12 or 1 in the morning. His name is above Stafenburg. He is a very good political activist and worked for many actors and actresses to help get there names and reutations back. he forwarded me to your movie and i must say its horrible. I am very sorry but im not going to show pittey to a person who just dosn’t have a clue. I mean you really don;t know what you are doing. I have been around quite awhile mr. sharkey as a actor and club owner. I have also helped young boys who been locked up for there beliefs but they were kids and just were being different you on the other hand, you give those innocent kids on death row i try to help out and all other kids who watch the crap you do a bad name. Your movies have no point, your campaigne is basically non exsistent but yet you feel you have some sort of chance. Give it up, also you think your a satanic decendent or whatever you turned from the light well you sir have no idea what so ever what your talking about. The devil wants your soul to torture and ruin your light. And you have no idea about vlade the impaler. He was a catholic hero, I respect as a catholic vlad and other catholics as well. He isn’t a dark figure, he wans’t vampyre?!?!?! He was a smart romanian night part of a brotherhood that swore to defend rome at all costs. He had little army compared to the philistines army(muslims). There army was massive he slaughtered the first wave, and as a way to scare the others off he impaled there bodies on stakes and sat in the middle eating lunch the muslim’s fled in fear thinking he was a demon. But he wasn’t. He was a normal very loving and respected lord in romania. You need to apologize to all about the name you have hurt and the film you have done. And the kids that you have probably affected. You don’t deserve anything in 2012 and your not gonna get anything but laughter. Put a film out and stofenburg will do one on you. showing the whole word what an idiot you are. In my opinion you need to go to a phyc hospital immidiately.
        -Hohny Deppe

        1. I have to agree, with johnny on this one. I think you are exactly right. This guy dosnt know what he is doing but let him be, he wont even get a percent of the votes. And im not trying to be mean here sharkey but it is probably true. I think you use this as a fourm to seek attention and thats ok. But you are setting bad examples for kids so take it easy god bless.

  2. Greetings Again,

    You also forgot to add, I would outlaw abortion, unlike the so-called previous Christian Presidents. And I will protect the elderly and disabled Americans’ disability payments and medical care needs.

    I would bring our troops back from the war zones and reward them properly. Not like the present administration is doing.

    And unlike the politicians in DC and America, I will not be a puppet of the ESTABLISHMENT or Special interest groups.

    And can’t you use a better picture of me? email me, i’ll send you the one from IMDb.

    Thank you for your time…

    Do Svidaniya,
    Nel Sangue,

    Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey (R)
    Presidential Candidate
    If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!
    (My IMDb page)
    (My YouTube Page)

  3. Roflmao
    How right Mr. Depp and Mr. Walken are.
    I felt my braincells popping when I tried to watch his work.
    Has anyone really (with an independent DNA test) been confirmed as his so called sister?

    You need to try harder johnnyboyo.
    Hardly anyone knows your name and those who do only know you for bad things.
    You need to fire your campaign manager because using this as a means of getting ‘out there’
    was bad on her part.

  4. A few questions:

    Your political platform reminds me a lot of the feudal system, or even a dictatorship. Do you see those parallels?

    Normally, the judicial system handles crime – while the president is usually busy doing other things and really does not handle individual trials on a case-by-case basis. So, if you were elected, what role would Congress or the judicial system have?

    Also, what is your specific policy on impaling? For example, if I am speeding and am clocked doing 40 in a 35 — will I get impaled or is it just reserved for more serious crimes?

  5. There is no “SCU” in Lake Charles, LA. Which university awarded Mr. Sharkley a PhD?
    Fact Cheker

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