House to Vote on Libyan War Action This Week

The Republican-led House of Representatives will be voting on a bill sponsored by Dennis Kucinich ( D- Ohio ) this week, according to TheHill.com:

The office of Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Friday the House would take up a resolution introduced by anti-war Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) that directs the president to remove U.S. armed forces from Libya. The liberal Democrat is acting under authority of the  1973 War Powers Resolution, which enables legislators to force a vote on troop withdrawal measures under certain conditions.

For those of you who have forgotten about the controversial U.S. war action taken against the government of Libya, here is a reminder of just how this illegal action was started, and then obscured by the cloud of the NATO umbrella. The powers that be may  call it a “kinetic military action”, a world peace action, a move to install “Democracy”, or any other cutesy names that are based on the denial of the reality that the Libyan war action is simply an illegal war action against another country. A war action taken against a country that has not attacked any NATO country, as the NATO charter states that it was originally formed to protect against.  Just because the U.S. is now hiding behind the moniker “NATO” does not make this war action legal, or right.


The measure is not expected to pass, but a significant number of votes in favor could send a sobering message to the White House, which has struggled to win congressional support for the military intervention in Libya. Both Republican and Democratic leaders criticized Obama for a lack of consultation with Congress in the run-up to the military deployment, and the House has ignored his request for a resolution supporting the mission.

This bill appears to be nothing more than campaign rhetoric designed to waste time, when we consider the fact that there is almost zero chance of it passing. America still has no budget for over 2 years running now, with no resolution in sight, we will hit the debt ceiling again soon, our national debt has now surpassed the $14.5 trillion dollar mark, unemployment is still stubbornly high, as is the price of gasoline, and inflation that most officials in our government refuse to acknowledge,  is crushing the poor and Seniors on a fixed income , yet the wizards in D.C. want to attempt to make a statement by wasting time on this bill? Seems like common sense would tell them to start impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama if they truly  feel he is in violation of the 1973 War Power Act, instead of holding meaningless votes to send him a message. It is time to take a serious stand against the abuse of executive powers and the ignoring of Congressional authority in America today, yet it appears that our representatives in Congress lack the backbone and fortitude to take the necessary stand against Barack Obama’s bully pulpit. House leadership tried to make another statement concerning the illegal U.S. participation in the Libyan war, again from the Hill.com article:

The House last week overwhelmingly voted to add amendments to a Defense authorization bill to bar the president from deploying ground troops to Libya and stating explicitly that Congress was not, as part of the legislation, authorizing the military mission.

One example is the second F-35 engine program, which two administrations have wanted to terminate for several years, only to see Congress keep it alive.

Once again we see just why these types of votes are deemed meaningless. The military does not need or want the expensive second engine for the F-35 fighter jet, yet Congress keeps on demanding it be put into the spending bill again. Can you say the words Lobbyists and wasteful eamarks?  How about attempted vote-buying? No matter how many times the military says they do not want the super-expensive F-35 second engine program, some tyrants in Congress keep on pushing for it. How will we ever cut spending with this type of corruption going on? The answer to that is we will never be able to cut spending until we are bankrupt, period.

This takes us back to the illegal war in Libya and how much it is costing America to install an undefined fake Democracy there. The initial bombing cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. Who gave Obama permission to spend that money? Who tried to stop it? What is it costing us today? What is the mission in Libya? All of these questions go unanswered, while the American public is told to simply sit down, shut up and foot the bill for an illegal Libyan war. Is this what Democracy looks like?



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