Herman Cain Shines in South Carolina GOP Debate

Update May 12th 2011 Recent Zogby poll has Cain second in Republican Primary-

Last night Fox News held the first round in it’s new series of 2012 GOP Presidential candidate debates on live television across the nation. Afterward, Frank Luntz asked a focus group of 29 Republican voters from South Carolina who they thought had impressed them the most in the debate. Watch the following video for the somewhat stunning victory of who received top honors in this debate. While there were many notable candidates absent from this debate, it appears that Republican voters are fed up with the Old Guard GOP and it’s apparent lack of true conservatism. As we see in the following video, just being a longtime GOP politician no longer ensures that you will win the 2012 Republican nomination in 2012. This speaks volumes about the weight of the grassroots  Tea-party movement and their message during the 2010 mid-term elections.  See the winner of the first 2012 Republican Presidential debate  here.

While the focus group in the above video had a clear-cut view of who they thought won last nights GOP debate, this writer thought they echoed the sentiments of most informed voters in America today. We need to cut back on the size and scope of the Federal Government, and reign in spending. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that America is being destroyed under the weight of  our fast approaching $15 trillion dollars of debt.  If we take out the obvious message of  the need to cut spending in our government, we then get a clearer picture of who is the most complete candidate among this group. here are some of my observations from last night’s debate:


Tim Pawlenty – While most candidates have been expressing disgust with Obamacare in general, Mr. Pawlenty articulated the facts behind how the Democrats crammed it down Americans throats in a very partisan and somewhat illegal/unconstitutional fashion fairly well.  Understanding that America didn’t want the Government takeover of the their health-care system after the fact is one thing, reminding the people just how wrongly it was done is yet another. Across the board, this Independent voter thought Mr. Pawlenty had good solid answers to all the questions in this debate, and showed America that he is in fact in touch with the American people and their concerns with the direction of the country today. Just because Mr. Pawlenty doesn’t have the WOW factor when he speaks does not mean he wouldn’t make a good President of the United States some day. Mr Pawlenty closed the debate with the plea for more common sense values out of our nation’s capitol, which, when looking at the elitists and tyrants pushing anti-American, big government Socialistic policies in our government today, would be quite refreshing.


Gary Johnson – Mr Johnson came out with the standard message of the need for budgetary reform and fiscal sanity in our government, and he has the proven track record to actually fight both progressive parties in D.C. (RINOS and Liberal Socialists) to back it up. See my article here for more proof about Mr. Johnson’s abilities in balancing a budget and battling both Liberal Republicans and fake Democrats to get it done. Mr. Johnson stood out last night in his call for a quick visa for illegal immigrants that would supposedly help our economy and create jobs. The problem there is that he didn’t say create jobs for AMERICANS, which I find repulsive to the core. Add to that the fact that Johnson, while being an anti-war zealot, did not state that he would immediately withdraw our troops from the 3 wars we are in if elected. As a matter of fact, no candidate really mentioned the fact that while Obama declared victory in Iraq, we still have thousands of troops there, and many are being killed every day. I say pull them out and let them rebuild their own mess of a rock-pile there, period.


Rick Santorum – Mr. Santorum came out with a somewhat defensive stance to many questions last night in trying to explain his previous statements on the war on terrorism, the national debt and social issues. This is a man who seems to be having trouble articulating his stances in a clear and concise manner, which could relegate him to being the first to drop out of the GOP Primary race, in my opinion. I would like to see Santorum do some extended one on one interviews that would give him a platform to explain his core beliefs a little better. While he does have the conservative credentials of past experience, he needs to step up and relate that experience towards dealing with the problems America faces today with some viable solutions. If Mr. Santorum would like the chance to articulate his stances on the issues of today in a different atmosphere that may be more conducive to explaining why he would make a good president in 2012, I would certainly like to hear what he has to say in an interview. I do feel that this debate format left me without any answers as to why I should support him in a Presidential bid. Contact my editor Sir, and I,ll give you a fair shot.

Ron Paul – Mr. Paul did an excellent job of answering all the questions at this debate, and never wavered on expressing his Libertarian platform, which speaks volumes about this man’s unwavering character, unlike most of the long-time GOP wishy-washy-flip-flopping cowards in D.C. the past two decades. Mr. Paul spoke eloquently and strongly about the three wars Obama and the Democrats have us engaged in today, and the fact that there is no apparent defined mission in any of them. Mr. Paul is the staunch enemy of big government and he doesn’t care who knows it! Good for him. He also proved he has the knowledge and understanding to deal with America’s problems today in this debate in his explanations on what is plaguing America. Bottom line here is that Mr. Paul’s stock as a viable U.S. Presidential candidate went up a few notches during this debate, much to the dismay of the Old Guard GOP entrenched Progressive-leaning politicians., which is a good thing in my opinion. Whether they like it or not, Mr. Paul will be a formidable opponent in the upcoming GOP Presidential debates. His participation forces the fence-sitters to clarify their idea of what we need to do to fix this mess in America today.

Herman Cain – As you now know from the video included above, Mr. Cain proved to be the voters choice in South Carolina last night. He was articulate and very adamant in expressing his views about America’s problems today. He scored points for stating how he would weigh the advice of all the experts involved in the current wars America is involved in, before being able to state a position on what he would do. That is a very down-to-earth realistic approach that most Americans can appreciate. Mr. Cain is a businessman, which also makes him the obvious anti-Obama candidate extraodinaire. The other glaring difference between Barack Hussein Obama and Herman Cain is one that most politically correct cowardly writers will not write about. While Mr. Cain is black, he carries himself like an un-hyphenated American first, who loves his country, whereas Barack Obama is widley touted as half-African first, and anyone with an once of common sense and an understanding of U.S. culture and values can see the fact that Obama is anti-American at his roots. Mr Cain is a pure Capitalist, who believes that anyone can become successful through hard work and determination through America’s freedom from over-regulation by an out-of-control, too big government. The anti-capitalism Mr. Obama and his far-left Liberal party masquerading as Democrats are as opposite of Herman Cain and American independance and freedoms as one can get. This is the reason true informed Americans are rallying behind Herman Cain today. One is simply an America-loving Patriot in every sense of the word, whereas the other is hell-bent on destroying American freedoms and prosperity. Right now, the choice is clear if the election was held today. Herman Cain would embarrass Barack Hussein Obama in a landslide, and not even a billion dollars in Obama campaign cash will  buy America into supporting the Nanny-State destruction of American freedoms that Obama wants to continue to relegate her to. Nice job Sir.

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  1. I watched the debate off and on and looks like from the parts that I watched they all did a pretty good job. Ron Paul is still too off the wall for me. I don’t like his anti-waterboarding stance and the fact that he wants Gitmo closed. There’s still plenty of time and many more debates to decide and I’m not going to be in a rush about it.

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