Another Orchestrated Panic

PanicThe current political atmosphere in this nation is so diametrically polarized that any centrist or compromising position is seen as selling out. Take note of the fact that damage done by Newt Gingrich’s criticism of Republican efforts to constrain spending and stop piling on debt cannot be easily undone.  That is to say in the immortal words of the late Lee Atwater…”Perception is reality.” Never so true as in politics wherein most citizens suck up to what the mainstream media promulgates and are too mentally indolent to go forth and use the technological tools of the times to validate the truth of such messages. Gingrich has further enabled John Boehner to genuflect to Obama in agreeing to extend the debt limit and make it appear to be the acceptable option, which IT IS NOT. Whether he does or does not capitulate, Newt’s ill-advised comments will have been a push in that direction.

Medi-ScareIt is the same as the panic of “too big to fail” that was politically instilled in us by Little Georgie-boy Bush and exacerbated by the Oba-tyrant. Bush, without saying so, validated the lie that the demonRATs spread that this government will come to a screeching halt if said debt limit is not extended. That methodology is directed at instilling fear in the huge segment of the voting populace who are dependent on all manner of government benefits/entitlements for their day-to-day existence -senior citizens, like yours truly, that rely on Social Security and Medicare. Why is it then that I’m not in panic mode?

Doubt me? Here is the text of a letter from our esteemed Oba-collaborator Timmie-boy Geithner to the congressional leaders.  It is intended to be the hickory switch for our good shepherds to herd us into believing they have OUR best interests at heart while instilling fear and insecurity in us. This same pressure has worked with these same Republicans for Obama before. Read the complete text now please and contemplate, for yourself, the meaning.

Then…, consider that this letter was carefully crafted to convey fear, but without being able to be accused of spreading a lie. Consider the meaning of this ‘qualifier’ comment: “I will be unable to invest fully the portion of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (“CSRDF”) not immediately required to pay beneficiaries. That “not immediately required” comment is key here, because it’s true and is why refusing to raise the debt limit will NOT bring benefit payments to a screeching halt. What the entire statement represents is a bold attempt at misdirection and deceit. How many people do you think will be confused by this wording and have to re-read it, or worse…will not do so and thus come away with the subliminal mental waterboarding message that it meant that benefit checks will cease. Many, many…I’d suggest! What this statement says as an affirmative confirmation is that ‘I will be able to invest that portion of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund immediately currently required to pay beneficiaries.’  His deceit is tied to the linkage of the phrase “unable to” and “not immediately required”.

And so it goes with this administration. A continuing practice of calculated deceit to fool the citizenry. It is up to we who understand this to spread the truth of such an agenda or stand by as observers as our rights evaporate and this constitutional republic slips further away.

It’s been about two weeks since this letter was sent out. I have not seen my take on this repeated in the print or TV media, have you? I haven’t even noted any serious comment on the Geithner letter.

We know that the disloyal opposition, the demonRATic leadership in congress, knows what this is all about, but why doesn’t the Republican Majority Leader in the House or the Whip hold a press conference to enlighten us all with this truth? Questions with an obvious answer. Capitulation to ‘business as usual’  for politicians when the public is crying out for statesmen to step forward and stand tall. The silence truly is deafening.

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