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2011 Budget “Deal” Means “Historic” Deficit Spending to Continue

The first headline I encountered at 4 am about the government shutdown soap opera that we have been inunindated with for weeks now, is truly puzzling. From FoxNews.com;  ‘Historic’ Deal Made to Avoid Closure .  It might just be time to sign FoxNews up as head of promotions for Obama’s 2012 Continuing to trash America Re-election campaign by the looks of things here. The only two things that are historic concerning this situation is the fact that we will continue to spend record amounts of tax payer dollars that will be borrowed from other countries thus piling on record debt, and the historic amount of flat out fear-mongering and lies that were told to the people by the media in this fiasco.

To put it in one simple sentence, our government wants the American people to believe that Obama and our Congressional representatives are some kind of heroes for putting us under what now will be sure to surpass $15 trillion dollars of national debt.  According to the Washington Times, our national deficit will reach almost $2 trillion dollars in 2011. That means that we are on a pace to spend $2 trillion more dollars than the U.S. treasury is projected to take in this year.

Mr. Obama’s budget projects that 2011 will see the biggest one-year debt jump in history, or nearly $2 trillion, to reach $15.476 trillion by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year. That would be 102.6 percent of GDP — the first time since World War II that dubious figure has been reached.

And the budget projects the government will run a deficit of $1.645 trillion this year, topping 2009’s previous record by more than $230 billion. By contrast, 2007’s deficit was just $160 billion altogether.

Check the above numbers over one more time, and we see that, yes, we are truly in “historic” times today, at least as far as our government’s spending us into financial Armageddon goes, anyway.  We can expect President Obama to be championed as a real hero and budget hawk ,          (in the media fluff sure to come out today) that has saved the lives of millions of people due to his wizardry during this fake budget debate. Millions of lives were  saved, according to lunatic Democratic Congresswoman Louis Slaughter, (D- NY) who told us all yesterday on national TV, that the Republicans wanted to kill women by de-funding the abortion promoters over at Planned Parenthood. You can watch this disgusting display of shameful rhetoric right here:

Oh yes, maybe this person truly does have the fitting last name of Slaughter , as in Slaughtering the idea that the Democrats are calling for a new “civil discourse” in America today.  That episode right there should be enough get her kicked right the hell out of the people’s government, period. What  say the voters of New York about that truth ?

Since I mentioned the sure to come trumpeting of Obama and company as heroes that avoided millions of deaths from a government shutdown earlier, let’s take a browse around the news right now at 5:35 am the Saturday morning that followed this “historic” action. Let the spin begin. Over at yahoo.com we see Obama’s own version of,  ‘lets make heroes out of the idiots that are bankrupting America, spin:”

Obama: government shut down avoided after budget deal.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Friday that compromises by both Democrat and Republican lawmakers involving “painful” spending cuts had secured a budget deal and avoided a shutdown of the U.S. government

In remarks at the White House less than an hour before a midnight deadline to shut the government down, Obama thanked the leaders of both parties for reaching an agreement he said delivered the deepest spending cuts in U.S. budget history (emphasis mine)

Painful spending cuts Mr. President? 38 billion is nothing when stacked up next to your current Historic Deficit Spending of 2011.

Deepest spending cuts in U.S. budget history? Total dollars in spending cuts are only historic due to the fact that you have already jacked up our national deficits and debt to unprecedented levels. The true number would be found in the percentage of the budget dollars that are being cut as compared to other years.We see lots of spin using the word historic again that amount to nothing more than Liberal math being used to perpetuate budget gimmickry through catch-phrases designed to hide the truth.

Over at TheDeseret news we see more fluff and spin here , in which the politicians were made out to have been digging ditches and plowing fields by hand for the past six weeks !

The deal came together after six grueling weeks and an outbreak of budget brinksmanship over the past few days as the two sides sought to squeeze every drop of advantage in private talks. (emphasis mine)

Six grueling weeks? Let me remind the intelligent, open-minded readers of the facts about those six grueling weeks there. First of all, this is the first time in six weeks that these elitists haven’t taken a four and a half day weekend. That’s right, I don’t consider it a grueling week when you cut out at noon on Thursday afternoon and return to work on Tuesday at whatever time you chose to saunter in to work for the people. As a matter of fact, we need time clocks and punch-in cards for these phony elitists today, then we shall wee who is actually working  forty-plus hours a week like the people paying their salaries, and who isn’t. This is a continuation of the lie that said every politician up on the hill worked all night to try to get a budget deal done. Do they really think the people are so stupid that they will believe that lie? Half of the misfits in Congress can’t stay awake and pay attention during legislative debates during normal working hours, that is when they chose to actually show up, and we are supposed to believe they worked, 60 or 70 hours straight all of a sudden ? Take a look at some of these politicians, it looks like they can barely stand up long enough to make a fifteen minute speech, let alone work for three days straight.

The Hill.com has a pretty decent, all-inclusive breakdown of this debacle here.

The agreement, which came after days of partisan sparring and rhetorical drama, would fund the government through the end of September and cut $78.5 billion compared to Obama’s proposed but never enacted fiscal 2011 budget. (emphasis mine)

When they mention $78.5 billion in budget cuts total there, note the keywords compared to Obama’s 2011 budget proposal. That proposal also increases our deficit in 2011 to a record  $1.9 trillion dollars. So no in reality, we are not cutting 78.5 billion from anything there.  That is why the realistic total budget cuts for 2011 in this latest deal is mostly stated at around a paltry $38 billion.

So there we have it folks, record deficit spending will continue for the rest of 2011 as we march towards the bankruptcy of the United States of America, and the media propagandists will force-feed the people about how the traitors in Congress, along with Barrack Hussein Obama are to be worshipped as tirelessly working heroes who saved millions of American lives by averting a government shutdown. The propaganda media machine of the left is the only group working overtime here, and it shows. In the meantime, taxpayers are still forced to pay for the Planned Parenthood murder of babies through abortions, the EPA is still passing illegal laws and regulations without going through Congress first, and  gasoline prices are  skyrocketing.  These heroes actually look more like zeroes from my vantage point here.

The catch-phrase propaganda term of the day; “Historic.”  Watch for it.

UPDATE, Sunday Morning, April 10th, 2011. Fox has the following headline:

Saturday, April 09, 2011


After Historic Deal, Battles Loom Over Debt Ceiling, 2012 Budget

   George Soros (pictured clapping in article intro) is up in New Hampshire planning the New World order as he thinks it should be, including re-structuring America’s financial system. He can’t do that if our system is in sound shape, so now he is surely clapping as the media makes champions out of Obama and our Politicians, as they continue our irresponsible deficit spending in 2011 towards the “fundamental transformation of America” that Obama bragged about in 2008.  The internet is soon to be our sole source of unbiased, government-influence free sources of real news and information. Historic Deal, my rear end.

UPDATE 2- Fox claims Speaker Boehner achieved a  Major Budget Victory here.

He is the primary author of a compromise to keep the government operating for the rest of the year with the largest spending reduction in history – 63 percent of the original GOP request of $61 billion. Republicans also got a potpourri of sweeteners, like up-or-down votes on politically painful subjects like President Obama’s health care law and federal subsidies for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Not too shabby for a guy who held only one of three seats at the negotiating table. (emphasis mine)

   Spinning numbers with the statement of the largest spending reduction in history – 63% of $61 billion disgusts me to no end here Fox.  Here. let me help you with the cold hard truth: $38 billion in cuts is only a record because of the record deficits Obama and the Dems have created in the last two years. $38B isnt squat, when we see almost 2 trillion in deficit spending in 2011 alone. Clear enough ?  Mark my words, when America is declared bankrupt and defaults on the $14 trillion in debt loans in the very near future, I,m going to personally rub your faces in this crap for calling it historic and lying to the people about what is really happening here. At some point, we the people must hold the media propagandists accountable for these types of lies and skewed information. Furthermore, calling this a GOP victory is another lie. Boehner didnt win anything, just votes on Planned parenthood’s murder machine and Obamacare that the Harry Rid-controlled Senate will throw in the trash. Also, I notice the EPA defunding vote isn’t mentioned. As far as reducing spending and creating a business-friendly atmosphere to repair our economy, defunding the EPA is the most important issue. Funnt how the media is trying to sweep that topic right under the carpet once again. Pathetic.

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