Wisconsin April Election: I am taking it Personal

I am taking this upcoming April election personal! There are mean-spirited, foreign entities coming into my state intending to do my state much harm. These saboteurs have absolutely no concern for the well-being of the majority of taxpayers in my state. These repugnant economic terrorists would rather see a few get rich(er), even if this results in the financial failure of my state. And what is really sad is that there are traitors in this state—traitors are citizens who sellout their own people—who are eagerly seeking to help these terrorists accomplish their goals! (Does the name Benedict Arnold ring a bell?) And what is the main reason that some of our own are selling us out? Money! Like they don’t have enough already? Power! The power to decide what they think is best for Wisconsin  instead of a majority of the taxpayers. These traitors are a lower form of life than even drug dealers. Even drug dealers aren’t traitors—though they are another type of evil.

Again, I consider the outside repulsive foreign leaders economic terrorists. They might not have literal bombs, but they are more than willing to inflict monetary harm on my state. These foreign terrorists say their main agenda is to do whatever it takes to help the “rights” of the working man—NOT! What they are really concerned about is keeping their pockets lined with union dues and the power that enables them to control people’s votes. These foreign intruders are more concerned about feeding their egos and their totalitarian philosophies then they are on really helping workers. Most of these foreign economic thugs are pushing their public union members (my fellow citizens) to wreak economic havoc on my state. (This is why you caring Wisconsin public union employees need to break free from union bonds. As long as they are tied into or yoked to these selfish, self-centered anti-state unions they are not free citizens.) They are owned persons.) Some of these foreign terrorists are here simply for selfish, public prestige reasons. Let us be honest here! How many of you ‘average Joe’ public union employees from Wisconsin really believe Jesse Jackson is here to help you? Jesse is just another type of economic terrorist. He just does it for the attention he gets. As long as his picture is on the local news channels he’s more than willing to bring economic chaos to this state. (Reverend J thinks he’s back in the sixties helping real poor people with real civil right issues.) I do not want Jesse Jackson nor any other outside thug or manipulator coming into my state and trying to tell me that I need to do things their way…or else!

Some of these Wisconsin traitors are now being told by their foreign leaders to bully private business owners — fellow Wisconsinites — into promoting the public unions…or else. Or else what? Who really knows how far these foreign influences are willing to go to use our state traitors to accomplish their goals? I believe these terrorists are willing to use whatever tactics they need to use to economically sabotage my state. It is already obvious that these foreign saboteurs and our own state traitors have no convictions about using dirty judges, union-owned politicians, false political advertisements, and even their own family members to financially ruin my state.

So if for no other reason than eliminating or silencing these foreign bullies — and to silence our own in-state traitors, I am going to make sure I vote April 5th. And not just in April — which is very important — but in every upcoming election. These foreign saboteurs are not going to go down easily. They know they are fighting for their very existence. They know that if they lose this fight their power (i.e., monies, crooked politicians and numbers of followers) will fade away.

What is really sad is that these foreign terrorists know that what Governor Walker is attempting to do is what is best for all Wisconsinites.

Scott Walker
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

They know that private, public union and non-union employees will economically benefit from what Governor Walker is trying to do. But these foreign thugs don’t care about that— even though they say they do. The bottom line for these foreign terrorists is that they know that if Wisconsin’s citizens unite, to do what is best for the state; these foreigners will lose their grip on even their own members. That is why these foreign miscreants use lies and half-truths to pit taxpayer against taxpayer. A confused people are a defeated people. When a united majority of Wisconsin’s taxpayers show through their votes that they, too, do not want these despicable foreign elements coming into their state telling them what to do, these foreign thugs will move on to another country/state. They will take their economic terrorist agenda to a different state; a state where the people might not stand up for its law-abiding citizens. A state where her citizens might not have each other’s back. A state where the majority of patriotic tax-payers might not be united for the good of the state. So I’m voting in April because I take this foreign intrusion personal! They are on my turf! They are in my neighborhood! They are pushing their economic agenda on citizens in my state. I want them out — now! I want to eliminate these vermin right now. I want the stench of these foreign terrorists out of my state! And as for the in-house traitors — I say love her or leave her! Stand up for what is good for all Wisconsinites, or move out.

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Rich Mitchell

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