What’s So Scary About NPR? Nothing!

Joe Conason, a full-on liberal journalist and writer asked the question, “What’s So Scary About NPR?”. There doesn’t seem to be any relevance to the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” other than possibly the first act where Goerge tells a story of a college buddy that “accidentally” killed his own mother and father. Here, Joe is possibly putting the last nail in NPRs coffin “accidentally”.

Mr. Conason’s article wrests with the recent video where NPR executives are exposed as willing to accept $5 Million from the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only would they take the money, they joked about most Americans and their constitutional rights. What’s worse is that they may well have offered to shield the donors from American law.

When a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam asked, “It sounded like you were saying NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?” NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, Betsy Liley, responded, “I think that is the case, especially if you are anonymous.[1]

Where Joe’s article takes the ridiculous and pushes it right off the ledge of sanity is when he first makes the assertion that NPR is fair and balanced:

It has been decades since NPR — one of the least-slanted and best-reported news sources in the country — depended for a significant part of its revenue on federal funding. The amount that congressional Republicans suddenly decided to ax on an “emergency” basis, around $5 million, represents not only a tiny fragment of the network’s own financing..[2]

NPR hosted animation - Learn to Speak Tea Bag

First, anyone that thinks NPR is the least-slanted and best-reported news sources in the country… is clearly a liberal – oh wait.. we have to remember that Mr. Conason’s most-known work is a book about Conservative lies about liberals (Big Lies – 2003). Secondly, what great news!! Here’s more corroboration that NPR does indeed NOT need taxpayers to pay for the content that most of us do not want. I guess the Republicans will have no trouble axing that funding since even liberal agree that NPR doesn’t need it.

To answer Joe’s bigger question – what’s so scary about NPR?  I say, nothing.  Nothing at all.  It’s not about fear. We aren’t scared of the imbalanced coverage, leftist drivel and liberal bias of much of the media and certainly not one mainly on AM radio. We don’t want NPR de-funded because we are scared of it, we want it de-funded because it’s our money and we no longer wish to pay for programming that we don’t like. I know this might be a surprise to you Mr. Conason, but that’s how free markets work. Create products or services that consumers want, or go out of business.

[1] https://dailycaller.com/2011/03/10/new-video-npr-was-going-to-accept-muslim-education-action-center-donation-and-hide-it-from-the-government/#ixzz1HIH5LZvW
[2] https://www.creators.com/opinion/joe-conason/what-s-so-scary-about-npr.html

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