Obama, You Got Jimmered!

At the high end we have BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, a 2011 Naismith Award Finalist vs. Kenny Boynton, the Florida Gators’ defensive specialist extraordinaire.

Jimmer Fredette

That contest of NCAA basketball titans will be decided on Thursday in a Southeast Regional semifinal game. Meanwhile, we have at the low end one Barack Hussein Obama, whose love of the game is unquestioned – as is his lack of talent, vs. Rey Decerega, Director of Programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. The Obama/Decerega matchup has already been decisively determined. Decerega got all the bragging rights. Obama got 12 stitches in his lip from a wicked elbow tossed his way compliments of Decerega. The only other time Obama’s lip has found itself on the wrong end of an upfront and personal confrontation was the time it lost a round to a fly – see the accompanying photo for clarification.

“I learned today the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport. I enjoyed playing basketball with him this morning. I’m sure he’ll be back out on the court again soon,” Decerega said at the time of Obama’s on-court humiliation, sounding just like the public relations flack that he is. The understand­ing is that Obama had the ball, refused to go either left or right, decided to go “up the middle” – AND GOT CLOBBERED! Is there a lesson here? It couldn’t have been a whole lot funnier had it happened in a Leslie Nielsen movie.

While revealing his NCAA Tournament Brackets, Obama said of Fredette: “Unbelievable. Best scorer obviously in the country. Great talent.” We’ve gotta go with Obama’s opinion on this one considering the fact that he comes from the exact opposite end of the athletic spectrum. Perhaps he should send Fredette and Boynton out on a deep fly pattern. Oops, wrong sport! Anyway, back to the basketball/politics comparisons…

Boynton missed practice on Monday due to a slightly sprained ankle. Obama missed a war due to a career gone South – all the way to Rio. Fredette has been on the winning side of a game 32 times so far this year. Obama has yet to win anything – he’s a natural born loser. Boynton was named to the prestigious John R. Wooden Preseason Watch List in October, 2010 in recognition of being one of the NCAA’s premier student/scholars. Meanwhile in Kenya, the search for their lost idiot continues, “hope” is low. . .

Fredette has positioned himself to make millions as a NBA lottery pick. Obama just met with George Soros but to what end? $everal of u$ can gue$$ at $ome po$$ible rea$on$. Fredette used to play basketball in a prison against a team of inmates. Obama belongs in a prison where he can play basketball against a team of guards. Boynton was a McDonald’s All-American. It is widely suspected that Obama is anything “but” an American. Libya has a No Fly Zone. Fredette and Boynton have their meals prepared in a No Fly Zone.

Fredette and Boynton both made the Sweet 16. Obama is allegedly lucky Larry Sinclair was over 16 –Repeat, allegedly, for legal disclaimer purposes. Both Fredette and Boynton play like beasts. Obama knows that the Muslim Brotherhood is a euphemism for Animal Husbandry…Daaaaaaaaaadddddddy… Fredette and Boynton are both stand up guys. Obama, on the other hand, is a perfect example of Electile Dysfunction. Fredette and Boynton are going to New Orleans to weigh their excellence in the balance. Obama went to Brazil to balance the earth and keep Guam from tipping over.

Both Fredette and Boynton have submitted their personal records to the NCAA.

Kenny Boynton

Meanwhile, maybe the birth certificate is somewhere in Rio? Fredette looks like a baby-faced assassin. For the moment, the public can’t decide if Obama looks more like Barney Fife or Howdy Doody! Fredette and Boynton will both get off an airplane this week in New Orleans. Did you hear what Obama said when he got off the plane? He yelled “PRESENT!” Boynton steals the ball so many times you’ve got to wonder if it’s legal. Conversely, the fact that Valerie Jarrett decided last week that bombing Libya will improve Soetoro’s poll numbers doesn’t magically make it legal.

Fredette and Boynton are touring the country in style, making beautiful music on the court. Obama “Begins Latin America tour”??? I didn’t even realize he had released an album! What was it called? The Great Depression Redux? Fredette and Boynton watch their diets carefully. Meanwhile, in your guts, you know Obama’s nuts! Fredette and Boynton will face off in person in hoops war on Thursday. Did anyone else find it strange and disturbing to hear the president declare war from Brazil by radio? Yep, Obama literally phoned it in.

Fredette and Boynton are in perfect health. If Barack Obama could eat his own words he’d choke non-stop. The NBA is about to draft Fredette. Will the MSM start the “Dump Barry, draft Hildabeast” movement? We shall see soon enough. Fredette and Boynton play it one game at a time. Obama? –  Nothing like starting a third front and then going on vacation. Our two basketball superstars participated in pre-game planning with their teammates last weekend. Barry had a busy weekend, too; partying in Rio and all, though, he just didn’t have time to consult Congress. Boynton and Fredette are patriots. Obama? Save the Libyan Rebels! Save the Libyan Rebels! Save the Libyan Rebels! It’s like 1776 all over again!!! Isn’t it?

Both Fredette and Boynton support athletics. This naturally begs the question “Is Obama an athletic supporter?” Fredette/Boynton is the complete package. Meanwhile, Libya is part of the Obama stimulus package. It still has that “new war smell!” It’s crazy, Gadhafi bombs his own people, now Obama bombs his own people. The title of last weekend’s news stories should have read, “Nobel Peace Prize winner orders a missile strike against Libya.” – Or would that be too blatantly Orwellian? And Broke Insane Odumba had the nerve to criticize Bush?

Fredette and Boynton are multi-year stars. Barry “Skidmark” Soetero is a one-term president. Finally, Fredette and Boynton put a round ball in a round hoop. Obama has yet to learn that he can’t cram the ‘square’ office of President into the ’round’ hole of his ideology. If there is a lesson to be learned from this study in contrasts it is that the loser Obama has engulfed us in an international policy nightmare in Libya. Fredette and Boynton would never play a game that stupidly. Where is Erwin Rommel when you need him?

The Desert Fox - Erwin Rommel

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