Meet the Race-Baiting, Impeached Corrupt Judge/Congressman Hastings (D-FL)

Meet Congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida. Watch him berate the Governor of Florida and go on a race-based rant that he tried to pass off as a lecture to all Floridians concerning the current proposed budget. To put this as politely as possible here, this piece of corrupt scum has a hell of a lot of nerve trying to lecture anyone on anything today. Watch that video here. Keep in mind a few facts about this Congressman the ignorants over in that part of Florida just reelected in 2010. Good solid candidates desiring to actually desiring to serve all the people of Florida got passed over for this ignorant piece of work. Amazing.

Lets analyse this geniuses hate-speech here,especially for those politically correct folks who are afraid to hear the truth.  First of all , Alcee Hastings has a lot of nerve calling anyone in Florida ass-backwards when we consider that he is reading an op-ed “from a friend” as he states, and then using that opinion piece from a leftist rag newspaper, to call the entire Florida State legislature and Governor’s office ass-backwards and tops it off with the intelligent, insightful question of, “What is this shit?”

Then he proceeds to accuse Governor Rick Scott of stealing his companies money without a single fact to back it up. Surely this nanny-state beggar of a Congressman has a spotless record that allows him to spew this trash right there in the video right?  Well, not so much folks. You see Mr. Hastings was a Federal Judge down here in Florida, appointed by Jimmy carter in 1979. It took the illustrious Mr. Hastings 2 short years on the bench to be caught in an FBI sting taking $150,000 dollars to give a lenient sentence to mobsters Frank and Tommy Romano, who were indicted on 21 counts of  racketeering.  The Honorable Mr. Hastings, you see, isn’t really all that honorable. In fact, this self-righteous hypocrite is more aptly described as the scourge of the Democratic party in Florida.

The Romano brothers were initially found guilty of stealing $1 million dollars from a pension fund in Mr. Hastings court. While waiting for the sentence to be handed down,we see that things got quite interesting. I have narrated the corruption case of Mr. Hastings in the following podcast,  just for your listening pleasure .   Alcee Hastings Podcast 3-1-11

Mr. Hastings is a glaring example of how corrupt and out of control our Government has become today at all levels, including Federal, Congressional, State and local government. This corrupto-crat is an embarrassment to the State of Florida and the entire nation. He needs to be thrown in prison, not sitting on the U.S Intelligence Committee up in Congress. We obviously cannot leave this decision up to the people of the 23rd district of Florida, as they have voted for this corrupt lowlife 7 straight times!

That is right, this impeached criminal is still in the United States Congress sitting on powerful committees within the Democratic Party leadership today. What do you say we demand justice for the whole nation and demand this crook be put in jail and kicked out of our Government? Lets speak up America!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Donald is a troll that cant dispute the fact that him and people like him elected this corrupt piece of scum, and then reelected him 7 times. That ignorance and Donald’s are quite apparent in his mentally challenged comment here.

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