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Florida Chamber Hires Security, Assigns Threat levels

         Not wanting to have protesters turn the Florida Chamber of Commerce into a war zone like in Wisconsin, the Chamber went proactive today, and hired extra security and assigned color coded threat levels to ensure the security of workers entering and leaving the building during the Florida legislative sessions.

      Chamber President Mark Wilson ordered the extra security measures after learning of the violence that was reported recently in Wisconsin protests. Mr. Wilson has seen similar tactics from Unions and assorted activists before:

“We’ve been picketed by ACORN before,” Wilson noted. “They brought people in on buses and pushed open our front door a few years ago.” He further elaborated  on why he was taking the precautions early,  “If two months from now session comes and goes and we never encounter anything like what is happening in other states and it looks like it was overkill, I’ll take that embarrassment all day long,” Wilson said. “I don’t think you can ever be too prepared.”

     Some people appear to have their head in the sand in ignoring what has happened in Wisconsin lately, with people barging through security, climbing in through windows, making death threats against the Governor, and several protesters having to be  physically removed by police. Some chamber directors and officers went so far as to say they were unaware of the security precautions and one even called it “an over-reaction at a minimum.”  With the threats and increased level of lunacy and disrespect shown in the Wisconsin protests, a person has to be pretty naive to not appreciate the advance preparations being done by Mr. Wilson to protect them.

      The circus atmosphere and disrespect shown in Wisconsin should be a very clear warning to all States to make preparations ahead of time to ensure the safety of all concerned from these disrespectful, ill-mannered protesters. It is an embarrassment I hope to never see allowed to happen here in Florida.

     Elections have consequences. Republicans have won in many states, and Liberals posing as Democrats are using decent people to deny the process of true Democracy that the people voted for. Toss into the mix self-serving Union operatives who have a distinct pattern of thuggery against anyone who opposes their agenda, and we have the perfect storm for protest violence. Be prepared people.

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