D-Day for Obamacare

     Last week Judge Vinson gave the Obama administration a one week stay to produce a valid argument against his ruling that Obamacare is illegal under the U. S. Constitution. D-day is now here and we have yet to hear a peep out of  the President or his lapdog over at the Justice department, Eric Holder. Make no mistake folks, Obama and company are on the ropes here, and our founding fathers surely must be smiling  from above, seeing how the proper Rule of law and Constitutional interpretation are being carried out to a tee  in this situation.

   Judge Vinson is teaching Constitutional law 101 to the whole bunch of Liberal academics and misfits trying to rewrite our Constitution to fit their Socialist agenda today, and he is not backing down. Judge Vinson has made several clear statements on his ruling as a direct answer to the Obama administration trying to label him as *extreme*, which is the usual Alinsky tactic deployed by the left today when anyone disagrees with their Socialistic, Nanny-Stateagenda. Here are Judge Vinson’s most clarifying statements on why Obamacare in unconstitutional, and also about the three branches of government and their separate authorities, which Obama seems to need reminding of here, from Newsmax.com;*

“Vinson clarified his ruling on March 3, warning the president’s lawyers that it was “not just a bit of friendly advice.” The administration suggests “that a single federal judge” cannot halt an entire regulatory scheme. Wrong, said Vinson. A court’s judgment is binding.

The delay may have been calculated, Vinson said. “It could be argued that the executive branch seeks to continue the implementation, in part, for the very reason that the implemented provisions will be hard to undo once they are fully in place.”

     Just like the situation where Obama put an illegal moratoriam on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and ignored the Judges ruling several times that resulted in irreversible damage to the oil industry, Obama and Company are trying to denounce and delay Judge Vinson’s ruling  so that Obamacare can pass the point of no return once they spend the initial money to start implementing it. Throughout history we have seen these types of programs become impossible to derail once they get rolling, and Judge Vinson has shown he is well aware of that gimmickry being used here.

  Judge Vinson called for the expedited ruling from the U. S. Supreme Court when he stated:

” The sooner this issue is finally decided by the Supreme Court, the better off the entire nation will be,” he said, repeating what Marshall had said two centuries ago: The court is the final interpreter of the law, and Congress and the president must obey.”

  Yes Sir, D-Day for Obamacare is staring down Obama and his self-proclaimed, *Historic piece of Legislation”  Lets hope it gets thrown on top of the scrapheap of attempted and failed Socialistic, freedom-robbing, tyrannical legislation against the people’s will in a very historical manner ! Better yet, let’s build a giant toilet like pictured above, flush all 2500 pages one at a time, and put it on National TV for all to see. Now THAT’S what I would call historic !

      As an afterthought, make it a pay per view event, and pay off the $1.6 Trillion dollar deficit we face for this year alone from these irresponsible corrupto-crats and the teleprompter in chief !

* https://www.newsmax.com/McCaughey/McCaughey-Obamacare-Court-ruling/2011/03/08/id/388744


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