The Deification of Barack Hussein Obama

When we glorify a man to the status of a mini-god...

There is something that occurred in America that concerned me during the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama. There seemed to be a mindset that this nation needed a great leader; someone to pull us out of a pit. I would not question the fact that our nation needed help. Things were fracturing left and right; however…

Thanks to an amazing media campaign that glorified him above the status of an ordinary man, and thanks to the exhausted state that many of the liberal left found themselves in from what the media told them, (that it was President Bush’s ineptitude in running this nation well that caused their sorrow), Obama seemed the natural answer; a savior of sorts. A term I seem to remember being bantied about freely.

Men and women everywhere – and I mean across the globe – wanted this man to be president.  He was glorified, lifted to the status of a small god, and people bought the lie. The truth is, dear friends, that he became a drug and Americans far and wide were intoxicated with his promises, great speeches, and good looks.

Now look where we are.

Allow me to share with you, that NO man is the answer to this nation’s problems.
While I believe with all of my heart that the Lord is the one who causes a nation to rise up from humble beginnings to greatness, there is another factor in the greatness of this nation that cannot be denied or ignored if we are to flip this thing back up from its side upon which it has fallen. That thing that we need desperately is the awareness of what it is that makes this country run and run well.

Go and look in the mirror.
It is you.

Consider a great ship with many sails. Each person on the ship has a job that keeps the massive vessel afloat and in good functioning order. While there is a need for a skilled captain to navigate the ship, and while there is a need for a wise first mate to help guide the captain when he’s off base, as well as carry out and deliver orders to the crew, the ship is only as good as the laborers upon her.

We are those laborers.
The shipmates do not look to the captain, place him at the helm and then relax and forget about the direction they are moving in while they engage in selfish pursuits, blindly trusting the man at the wheel. They don’t march below deck to eat, drink, and be merry while the Captain and First mate handle the ship alone.  Good sailors know that they must set their hands to labor –  that the vessel may function as it was built to.

Who keeps the Good Ship USA erect? Her sailors do. The common laborers.

The thing that alarms me the most is the lazy sailor mindset that SO MANY Americans have today.  It is also a “we need a savior” mindset – the mentality of a pet in a home that looks to its master for food, for shelter, for everything. Where did this mentality of helplessness come from…this mentality that enslaves us as a nation?  It not only enslaves us but cripples us.  It weakens us, prevents us from labor, self-sufficiency, self-reliance – from success.

The “we need a savior” mindset inadvertently came from slothfulness, among other things.
It came from the government employees that told a people that they did not have to work for a living; that their government programs would carry them along life’s dusty road.  It also came from fear and despair. It is a result of various social plights and too large an issue to narrow down to one or two causes, but that does not remove from us the responsibility to acknowledge its existence. One must acknowledge an ugly problem before it can be erradicated.

While we all have hit hard spots in our lives, and while we may need a helping hand, it was never the plan of our founding fathers that we look to the teat of the government sow to feed us. And yes, our government has become that sow; wallowing in the filth of its own corruption and lust for power.

The thing that makes America Great, my friends, is her people.

You and I make her great by keeping a watchful eye upon our Representatives in Congress.
When we turn off the soaps and “Who wants to be a Millionaire” reruns and begin to watch C-Span as it airs the goings-on in Washington, that is when we can effectively set our hands to the plow, so to speak.

One would be surprised at what is being said during the speeches on the House Floor. One would also be surprised at how legibly the names are displayed on the television screen so that citizens know who to call – whether they are behaving properly, or like a maverick. If Americans paid attention, their Representatives would actually represent them.

We do need a great captain to navigate the Good Ship USA into better waters; however, no captain can bring a ship into a harbor safely on his own, and we had better remember that lest we put all of our hopes on the new Republican candidate and make the same mistake our counterparts in government did; erecting a pedestal for a mini-savior and thrusting him upon it.

We cannot afford to operate from the same platform that those who were consumed with passion operated from.  It is that blind near-obsession that elected Barack Hussein Obama into power, and tt will be our own destruction. We will be just like those who looked to a man for help when what this country needed to do was look to ourselves, becoming more active participants in the government God has blessed us with.
Will you lift your hand to labor for your country?
While we search far and wide for a worthy captain, let us remember to do our part.
  • Pay attention to what bills are being discussed before they are passed.
  • Pay attention to the decisions the judges in your district make.
  • Pay attention to those in law enforcement that ignore laws being bent or broken and vote their sorry hides out of their elected office when it is time.
  • Pay attention to the character of the men and women that run for smaller positions in your cities and school districts.

This nation will be set on its feet again when her citizens actively take part in her recovery.  The collective must gather together as one, lending their giftings to re-build what is not too far from becoming a thing of greatness again.  We must look for help in our own mirrors.

It hinges on us, beloved friends, citizens, brothers and sisters.


America’s strength lies in us!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. The one thing that I noticed was where Obama did not salute the flag and it stays with me forever. That was the indicator for me, that this man does not love this country and that turned me off period. Every day since that time he has proven without a doubt, that he is not what this country needs or wants as a President. Everyone needs to wake up to this fact, that we must change the direction we are going before it is too late for this Great country of ours to prosper to be what we are destined to be, greater as a people and a nation under God, not Obama.

  2. It’s obvious to me, that there is no amount of surveys, calls, emails, ETC….that will get President Obama Motivated. Our President is a no working President. Since the first time I was eligible to vote, in 1972, This President has been the first President that refuses to stay in DC to work for Americans. Instead, this President flies off into the wild blue yonder on Airforce #1, just to land in different parts of our country, as well as other countries, just to put down, and blame republicans, and everybody else in order to take our eyes of him. President Obama has shown me that he will refuse to work with the republicans for the Good of America, if he doesn’t get what HE want’s. NOT America. I have seen where the Republican leadership is ready to sit down with the President, by what the Republicans have already done, giving the President his tax hike on the Rich, except the President refused to tax Hollywood. For whatever reason, the President doesn’t think the rich Actors, and muscians, who helped the president get elected, does not have to pay taxes, ONLY the Rich who worked hard all their lives to be all they could be, so that they could become employers in order to help employ America’s Citizens, so that the Citizens could help him, while he helps them, by paying salarys that helps Americans live the American Dream. Sadly, for most American, the American dream is no more. Obama has removed the dream for the majority of American, and unless America can rid themselves, of what this President has Forced his democrates to do what he wants, while He flies off into the Wild Blue Yonder, to Blame the republicans for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong under his watch. I had a Boss at one time that told me, if a person goes around and blames everyone but himself, it’s because He isn’t doing anything. Make’s sense to me.

  3. ZING !!You realy called it like it is with this post! There is not a single word that isn’t truth. (Though I wish there was) The ‘let George do it’ attitude is running rampant. We have few doing the heavy lifting for a Nation of millions..If some of the complainers would stop whinning & quit sucking their thumb in the corner & actually, physically get involved with the elections we ‘might’ get another shot at righting the wrongs. One of our contributors put it this way last wee,…”THERE WOULD BE NO LEFT, IF THE RIGHT DID THE RIGHT THING”…words to live by.

    I would take exception with Michael’ comment on letters. It does make an impact but often it takes more than one or two. And don’t limit them to just the legislators in your state, let them know you can rach across state lines to elect an opponent. Make your letter short & to the point. No ‘fancy’ words needed.

    Roll up your sleeves, every single person can find something to do…keep in mind “If you’re are part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”…Let’s put our money/action where our mouth is & just Do it !!

    Trust me if you wait until the storm passes to pull out your umbrella you’ll already be soaked.

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