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Same Old GOP: $22Billion in Cuts Voted Down

I recieved a very disturbing Email  news bulletin today from The Hill.com today. Here is the headline  that I find it to be disturbing:

House rejects extra $22 billion in cuts that divided Republicans*

The House rejected a measure cutting an additional $22 billion from the Republican spending bill, as conservatives ran into a wall of opposition from the GOP establishment over the depth of reductions to federal funding.

Lets review our debt numbers today, just in case the Old Guard GOP has forgotten them. The CBO projects our National Deficit to be $1.62 trillion dollars (and counting) this year. That is basically just what our illustrious members of Congress have overspent for this year. Today the House was working on the ( what should be considered illegal ) continuing resolution to run our government for the rest of this year. Yes folks, we once again are running our country without a set budget thanks to our elected representatives of Congress. But isn’t the House supposed to control the purse of the taxpayer, and didn’t the voters fire a record number of members of congress due to these kinds of actions in 2010? Didn’t we elect a record number of Republicans with the promises that they would be cutting spending and reducing our debt? Apparently, this has all been just another con job, and we have seen today that this is nothing more than The Same Old GOP. Just who is behind this refusal to make the serious cuts we have been promised? Further on in The Hill.com article we see exactly what happened here:

“Authored by RSC chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the proposal would have dramatically reshaped an appropriations bill that already slashes federal spending by $61 billion over the next seven months.”

“More than half of the Republican conference backed the measure in opposition to two party chiefs, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who voted with every Democrat against it.” (emphasis mine)
“Like no previous proposal, the heated debate over the amendment drew a bright line through the GOP conference, pitting conservatives pushing the deepest spending cuts against senior Republicans who denounced them as “misguided,” “indiscriminate” and, in the case of Rep. Daniel Lungren (R-Calif.), “lazy.”

Political pundits from across the spectrum, and propagandists from the left have been blowing up a supposed rift between the GOP and the new members of the house including the Teaparty for months now, and apparently the Old Guard GOP is dead set on proving them right. I don’t view this as anything less than broken promises and the continuation of the GOP to spend us into economic Armageddon like the last 4 years of Democratic rule have done. Once again. numbers do not lie when presented completely and truthfully. Our total national debt was $8.5 Trillion dollars at the end of 2006. At the end of 4 years of Democratic control of our entire Congress in 2010, the national debt was $13.5 Trillion dollars.** That is an increase of $5 trillion dollars of debt piled onto the backs of every taxpaying U.S. citizen in 4 years. Lets not forget that the big spenders are not done spending in 2011, as we see in the above statements. The CBOprojects another $1.62 Trillion in debt for 2011. $61 billion dollars is a drop in the bucket when we consider how much these mathematically challenged elitists have already spent this year.

So, the current Congress, while staring at $1.62 trillion dollars of debt for this year alone, refused to cut another measly $22 Billion dollars, leaving the cuts to total at $61 Billion in cuts in spending. I must note here that over 1/4 of the fiscal year 2011 is already gone! So yes, we will still have well over $1.5 trillion dollars in new debt this year alone.Same Old GOP. Here is something that needs to be told here also. Kristi Noem (R-SD), the freshman congresswoman who received the backing of the Teaparty to get elected voted against the cuts. She was also given a house leadership position by Speaker Boehner. Same Old GOP. Now we know why the Teaparty folks were concerned that the Old Guard GOP would corrupt their newly elected representatives. It also happened in the first real budget issue that has come before the house. Same Old GOP.

I watched some of the continuing resolution debate in the house today. What I saw was The Same Old GOP, arguing that $22 billion in cuts was too much, would hurt the people, cost us jobs, collapse the economy, on and on with the same old excuses as the Democrats were using, while exhibiting an elitist attitude in refusing to do what we elected them to do. At one point I thought, “I can’t tell the Republicans from the Democrats here.” It sounded like 80% of the house members were Progressives ganging up on the other 20%, who were Conservatives working on restoring some fiscal sanity into America today. Same Old GOP.

2012 will see another historic election, my only question is which type of big spending Progressives will get the most pink slips, the ones with the “D” after their name or the “R”.

* https://thehill.com/homenews/house/145161-house-rejects-extra-22-billion-in-cuts-that-divided-republicans

** https://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt_histo5.htm



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