2012 Presidential Profile: Donald Trump

When people talk about Donald Trump running for President in 2012, we often hear a question made famous by another politician last year. The question is “Are you serious?”  Donald trump  for President ? Are you serious?  The politician also known as The S. F. Queen of Liberalism, one Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, also made this question quite famous in 2010. A reporter had  asked her to state where in the U.S. Constitution did it give Congress the authority to force people to buy healthcare? She replied several times, “Are you serious?”   Well we were quite serious Nancy, as you witnessed  the complete thrashing of your Liberal Democratic party  in the 2010 elections. When we try to evaluate, or score Mr. Trump in Conservative values today, we come up with a handful of air. Anyone who has read my previous columns will see that I am pretty much a hard-line Constitutional Conservative. When someone tells me Trump might make a good Republican President today, I am left with that now famous answer phrased as a question.  “Are you people serious?”

I can hear all the Trump band-wagon jumpers sighing right now about how I am being unfair, or that I am uninformed about the “New Republican Donald Trump,” blah blah blah. While I do state some heavy opinions in my coulmns here at CDN, I also state my reasons and any pertinent facts behind my statements without bias. They call that being a straight-shooter where I come from, and as far as today’s politics goes, we see way too little of this, from what I see today. I was one of the first people to start my twitter profile with, “I am not P/C,  (politically correct) as that is the message control mainly used by decades of Democratic Party Propaganda. Let’s get back to trying to decipher just how “conservative”  Donald Trump is today. I was going to title this article the Two Faces of Donald Trump originally, and below you will see why.

Here on the left is Donald in 1999                Here on the right is Donald in 2011

Abortion I,m pro-choice he said 1999    At CPAC he stated that he is now Pro-Life.

Healthcare Called for single-payer in book  Says Obamacare needs to be repealed

Gay Marriage Took no stance on gay marriage  Recently said he not in favor of gay marriage

“R” or “D” or “I” In 1999 he went from ‘R” to “I” to run for Pres. Switched to ‘D” in 2001. (a 2 year span- 3 parties)       Republican since 1999  (supposedly)

Favorability rating in 1999 was 33%   Favorability rating in  2011  is 29%

To be fair, some people do an about face in life’s philosophy at different ages. I consider some of these changes in ideology to be nothing more than the acceptance of  basic reality, as related to the evolving of our society at the time of change. What I find hard to believe is that a life-long capitalist to the tenth degree, such as Donald Trump, can go from one extreme ideology to another in short spans of his life. The abortion stance is all-telling here. Pro- abortion to pro- life shows a lack of solid core values, in my opinion. Supporting Obama’s Socialist Medicine, even at one point going so far as to want a single-payer healthcare system, shows us an anti-Capitalist ideology at it roots. This coming to us from a billionaire capitalist shows us the elitist attitude that there is one set of rules for the working class, and yet another set for the elite, just like most of the Tyrants in DC today.  One last statement Trump is on record as saying,  is that most of his business friends today are Democrats. The same Democrats that have had unchecked power in Congress for the last 4 years are his current set of friends. Democrats took a historic beating in 2010, and now the “New Donald” wants to run for President as a Republican. There can be no solid conservative scoring done on Trump today, simply because he changes his supposed core values almost as much as Charlie Crist does down here in Florida . Trump in 2012? “Are you serious?”

UPDATE: 3/22/2011.  Apparently Donald Trump is quite serious in making a bid for President in 2012. He recently re-energized his *campaign* with a real shocker while taking a hardline stance on a certain issue, yet while  I do not find this issue shocking but more in line with common sense thinking, I do find the neanderthalic rhetoric coming from the uninformed puppets attacking him very entertaining!   Keep in mind that his approval ratings jumped considerably after this video went viral.


Update: On May 16, Donald Trump announced he would not be running for President.


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  1. Well lets look at actions in 2011-he has been big fund raiser for Rahm’s Chicago Mayor run & just stated that Bill Daley is one of his best friends. That should say it all. My opinion is anyone that supports Trump is either a Liberal or is just plain stupid.

  2. I still think Donald Trump is brilliant at running things and at this point we need someone with real business sense to straighten things out. He’s the smartest one I have seen so far but it’s still early in the game & I’m still researching. We don’t need another loser like McCain running against Obama this time.

  3. Thank you both for adding valid points here. All I can add to that discussion is that crony-capitalism, while it can produce great results in the business world, when injected into our Government at the highest levels,it can also lead to things like we see with the Unions and their vote- buying favoritism from the Democrats.
    Trump also recently mentioned his business dealings all over the world and particularly China. True American conservatives around the country had to be raising their eyebrows about that statement, considering the trade imbalance we are facing with China. Thats a little to close to globalism for my liking. When it comes to the business end of proven government politicians, Gary Johnson makes trump look like a lightweight, IMHO.

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