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HR 5 The New House Rules under Speaker Boehner

The new House Rules are published.  If you’re up for the 34 page read, the full text is here, otherwise, here’s a quick breakdown of the important stuff:

  1. All bills and joint resolutions must cite the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution that allow the enactment of the legislation
  2. Legislation has to be available to members, delegates and the Resident Commissioner for three days before a vote
  3. Requires the establishment of standards to make documents publicly available in electronic form
  4. Recording of committee votes on rules
  5. “..include proposals to cut or eliminate programs, including mandatory spending programs, that are inefficient, duplicative, outdated, or more appropriately administered by State or local governments”
  6. Locks down the Highway Trust Fund so that it can only be used for those purposes for which the fund was established
  7. Forces a vote on specific budget bills and amendments – no more omnibus spending crap
  8. Slows down the process for “future appropriations” and adds significant accountability and specificity
  9. Requires the reading of the Constitution on January 6th

It appears that transparency, cost reduction and accountability are the order of the day.

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