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Liberals: Americans Didn’t Know What They Were Doing When They Voted

Obama, Pelosi and a number of extreme-left pundits have spent the last several days trying to convince American voters that they voted for for the wrong reasons and that they probably didn’t even understand why they were voting.  Obama has said many times that he believes that progressives just failed to get a message out that voters could understand, Pelosi thinks they lost because they didn’t accomplish enough of their far left-wing agenda, and Sen. Harry Reid is claiming the vote was a re-asking of Rodney King’s famous question, “can’t we all just get along”.

Fox News reported that our Commander-in-chief had a different perspective on why liberals faired so poorly in the mid-term elections:

Obama on Wednesday directly attributed GOP gains to frustration over the economy, declining to sign on to claims that it was a referendum on his decisions.

Americans are certainly upset by the failing economy and it’s obvious that the Obama-Pelosi agenda has not yielded the results that Obama himself had expected. Seriously though, voters weren’t simply voting on today’s economy – they voted on the failed economy that Obama’s policies were all but guaranteeing.   The President seems to be struggling with the thought that his overbearing handling of American policy is unpopular:

  1. Obama’s opposition to keeping taxes where they are instead of raising them
  2. The ramming-through of a back-room hashed-out health-care reform law, his preference to raise taxes on small business owners and successful families
  3. His attempt to lump the blame of the financial crisis totally on Wall Street when Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the liberal push to put everyone in a house were key causes might be unpopular – if not dangerous – to Americans

Checking in with the outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she espoused that liberals lost the election because they weren’t able to accomplish more of the far-left agenda.

From: The Daily Caller

“Let’s understand the message,” Pelosi told ABC’s Diane Sawyer. “The message was not, ‘I reject the course that you are on.’ The message is it didn’t go fast enough to produce jobs.”


“As to the agenda that we’ve put forth, progress wasn’t fast enough. And that’s really what the challenge is,” she said.

Are they right?  Did Americans dump Democrats because they hand’t gone far enough left?  Or was this was an attempt to stop an alarming leftist agenda in its tracks.  Splitting Congress is by-far the single-best way to cease Congressional action.  Americans seem to have felt that Pelosi and Obama had moved far too fast and in the wrong direction.

Even Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) owned up to the real issues that concerned Americans – when the citizens spoke up, instead of re-thinking their terrible policies, Democrats “doubled-down”

How far out-of-touch are the Democrats?  A recent Rasmussen poll shows that Americans have not changed their mind on the progressive-left’s plan to get some car out or that now-infamous ditch.  Almost 60% believe that increased federal spending will do increasing damage to the country.  Only less than 25% think that Obama and Pelosi’s spend more to save more hypocrisy has any chance to improve the national fiscal situation.

Voters continue to believe that raising taxes and increasing government spending will dig our economy deeper in a hole, and they don’t see things getting any better under the Obama administration.

While actual Americans are visibly upset over the left-wing extremist agenda, Congressional Democrats don’t seem to get it.  Now it appears that the now more-extreme left Democrats intend to keep the orchestrator of their House losses as the leader of their party in the lower chamber.  All signals point to Nancy Pelosi as the next minority leader of House Democrats.  Even though many in Pelosi’s own party don’t think she’s the right person to lift them up for 2012:

Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-N.Y.) compared the situation to that of a sports team that has had a bad season. “When you suffer a defeat as big as we have, you have to change something. And often you have to change the person who led you in that direction,” he said.

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said Friday, before Pelosi’s announcement, “My perception of what the minority leader does is communications, and I don’t think that’s her skill set.” Yarmuth, a liberal who calls himself “a big fan” of Pelosi’s, later announced that he would support her for minority leader.

And who could leave out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Reid stated that the election results prove that Americans want more bi-partisanship.

“I think the main message that we should have received last night … is that the people of Nevada and the American people want us to work together,” he said.

Of course he’s always been a fan of cross-party co-operation .. right?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he’ll ditch bipartisanship in the Senate if it means getting a health care reform bill.

The tin-ear responses from the top posts in the Democrat party are indicative of the entire progressive movement, but not all Democrats.  After Democrat candidate Alex Sink lost her bid to become the Governor of Florida, she said what many on both sides of the aisle are now thinking:

Sink calls the White House “tone-deaf” in an interview published Saturday on Politico, saying Obama’s aides weren’t interested in hearing her concerns..

Maybe Ms. Sink understands American voters much better than our White House and Congressional leaders – and ex-leaders.

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