Stewart Rally – Comedy Central Ad or Democrat GOTV Event

Jon Stewart and elmoSupposedly, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hope to host the Restoring Honor Fear Democrats rally in an effort to give all the people in the middle a voice.  Mainly sighting Beck as the extreme vision with little attention  to Maddow or Mathew’s extreme left views, they hope to get us all to tone down the rhetoric .. or something.

At first is sounds both apolitical and non-partisan, but the Democrat’s concern that the rally would suck up all their GOTV (get out the vote) staff, led them to work out a way to use the event and the people attending it.

We reported that the left-wing moneybags (Huffington and Oprah) were already working to buy Jon and Stephen a crowd.  That should certainly worry the DNC as those two women play host to a very liberal audience.  It also starts to put visible cracks into Stewart’s assertion that the rally is about the middle – or perhaps it’s his opinion on where exactly that middle is.  Are Maddow, Mathews and CNN the “middle”?

To really start the rally off with an apolitical slant, Stewart had the non-partisan .. Obama on his show this week.  On the show the President and Stewart both looked silly and the clown act insulted anyone even mildly-informed in the political arena.  As Chris Stigall put it on Big Hollywood:

It was uncomfortable because the President of the United States was taking a voluntary scolding by a clown on a low-rated cable show.  Uncomfortable, too for most informed voters who realize Stewart’s line of questions made Obama’s radical agenda sound conservative..

..“You ran with such, if I may, audacity,” Stewart said. “Yet, legislatively, it has felt timid at times. I’m not sure, at times, what you want out of health care.”

Timid?  Are you serious?  If this is what Stewart thinks is the middle, he’s looking at a statistical sampling of some European socialist mess.  Most Americans want that thing repealed, not strengthened.

Ok, so how is Stewart’s plan to de-politicize his rally going?

  • Step 1: Create an atmosphere for America’s middle by busing/flying in thousands of  liberals – CHECK
  • Step 2: Remove politics by having the most visible leader of a progressive left-wing agenda on show week of the event – CHECK

Now he needs to make at non-partisan.  Of course the DNC will help with that too.  The Examiner posted this little gem on Thursday.

Facing dire prospects at the polls, Organizing for America, the permanent incarnation of the Obama presidential campaign, is looking for help from Saturday’s Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert “nonpartisan” rally on the Mall. “We need folks to turn the energy from that rally into action by contacting key voters across the country and making sure they have a plan to vote by November 2nd,” Organizing for America officials say in a new email to supporters. “That’s why we’re holding a special phone bank just after the rally.”

But at least the entertainment is apolitical, right?:

..and the stage Saturday was stacked with entertainers associated with Democratic causes or Obama’s 2008 campaign.  – Fox News

Yup – Step 3: Make rally non-partisan by NOT denouncing the connection of a DNC phone bank to the rally (or politely asking them not to make a connection to it) – CHECK

If Stewart wanted to see what a non-partisan, apolitical rally looks like he should have gone to D.C. in August.  No phone banks, no signs, Beck didn’t have Boehner on his show the week of the event (he did have Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece on).

The rally will likely be larger than the One Nation and Restoring Honor rallies.  It should be anyway, it’s not a grass roots anything.  It’s a half-day long Comedy Central commercial.  Arranged and orchestrated by Viacom, transportation paid for by Oprah and Huffington, and after show activities (including food and drinks) by the DNC.

So if this is Jon and Stephen’s answer to 8-28 “Restoring Honor” they are answering “faith, hope, and charity” with Ariana Huffington, Obama, and the Democratic National Convention – Honor vs. Self-interest.  Way to go Jon.


Restoring Sanity Crowd Photo
From Reuters

Yup, looks like a pretty good sized crowd.  I heard the rally was highly entertaining, good job Viacom. I was busy removing lint balls from one of my socks, but what I did catch looked like Jon and Stephen pretending to argue over pretty much nothing.  If people took these two professional clowns for more than just comedians, today must have been disappointing.

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