Entitlement Conundrum – Break Down the Numbers

Rasmussen reports released a report on Wednesday that shows that 23% of Americans receive some form of cash benefits from the almighty Federal government.  Twenty-three percent.

Almost one-in-four Americans rely on cash from the government?  How sad a situation we share.

On the other side of that entirely imbalanced equation is a government that produces .. NOTHING.  That means taxpayers are on the hook for the 1/4 of Americans that need hand-outs.

I could use the figures posted by many astute organizations that say that 47% of Americans pay zero or negative taxes, but I can hear the libdergardner whining already.  Instead, I’ll use CBS’s more ‘conservative’ fugures:

An astonishing 43.4 percent of Americans now pay zero or negative federal income taxes..

And that was in 2009.

So, 56.6% of us put money into a system that has 23% that are pulling from it.  The math is getting scary – to most of us.

Rasmussen continues: The 23% (we’ll call them .. 23ers in the spirit of the Unions 99er movement) are somewhat reluctant to let go of their free money.

Of those who do receive government money, just 34% are at least somewhat willing to cut some of their own benefits to reduce the size of the federal budget, with 14% who say they are Very Willing to do so.

Great, they love stealing bread from the tables of our children and most of them don’t care if our kids have to starve later because ,”It’s my money, and I want it now” to quote an annoying ad from a parasitic firm.

Sickening, upsetting .. I was laid-off a few years ago and took exactly zero dollars from the government.  We cut-off cable and cell phones, ran the AC less, discontinued magazines and newspapers, cut coupons and ate bulk-noodles.  We survived.

These are exactly the things we must cut.  Now.  It must be done responsibly as we have made far too many dependent upon the government’s drug.  We will have to let the retired and near-retired continue on, but those of us in our 40’s, 30’s and lower … be willing to give those entitlements up or our kids will be left with a mess that WE could have fixed.  We have to get over ourselves, yesterday.

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Rich Mitchell

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