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Huffington Attacks Obama on Economy, but Misses the Mark

Middle Class Hurt By Obama's Economic Policies
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Arianna Huffington may have gone off the reservation.  In her article titled “Obama Insists He Made ‘The Right Decisions’ on the Economy – The Struggling Middle Class Begs to Differ”, Arianna tells it like it is:

In his otherwise excellent speech in Cleveland on Wednesday, the president showed that, when it comes to the plight of the middle class, he still doesn’t get it.

When she, or anyone else criticizes our tzar-in-chief for his absolute bungling of the economy, I have no problem piling on a mile high.  So when Arianna lit into that odd cross of Alfred E. Newman, Karl Marx, and the wacky professor, one might expect the usual “Shock and DUH!!” tweet from me.  As I read further I had a change of heart.  This rated a blog post.

Has Arianna come over to the good side of the force?  Had she and Castro been afflicted by simultaneous cathartic epiphanies on economic policy?  Might Wile E. Coyote finally catch the roadrunner?  Uh .. no.  As the article continues, something evil oozes out of the third paragraph (emphasis mine)

But the problem isn’t that his economic policies have been slow to succeed or [have been] unpopular — it’s that they have been inadequate given the magnitude of the crisis.

Huffington’s rant is that the Obarrasment hasn’t done enough to the economy.  What might she have the chief dork do:

  • Stimulus II: Attack of the 50 foot deficit
  • The really really new deal 2.1 service pack 3
  • Cash for who knows what
  • Bailouts for out-of-work liberal congressmen
  • A budget line-item for SEIU (non-discretionary spending of course)

The idea that Obama is failing because he hasn’t done enough is exactly wrong.  His Keynesian garbage is sending us into the crapper.  Had we followed a Conservative approach, there would have been no stimulus and no new massive (that’s massive.. spelled with a TRILLION FRICKEN DOLLARS)  entitlement programs, no cash for clunkers.. I could go on but I just ate.

This ham-handed approach to a recovery has done nothing to fix the economy and is in fact just slightly deflating one bubble while letting others over-inflate. Bubbles that instead should have been allowed to burst.  Yes, I know .. weathering the original crash would have been painful, but instead, we’re bleeding-out slowly waiting for the inevitable beheading that’s coming when we run out of places to juggle the bubbles.

Obama’s actions haven’t been inadequate – they’ve been immensly heavy-handed, ill-thought, and based on economic and social policies that have failed every place they’ve been tried.

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