Obama’s no Leader – He’s just a Dictator Wannabe

Obama and the Greek ColumnsBarack Hussein Obama’s psyche is reminiscent of Warden Samuel Norton in the Shawshank Redemption, arguably one of the finest movies ever made. You remember the scene, don’t you? Andy Dufresne has just arrived at Shawshank. He and the other new prisoners are marched, chain-gang style, into the prison and met by Warden Norton. Just before disappearing back into the shadows from whence he came, Norton utters those infamous words “Put your trust in the Lord. Your ass belongs to me!” That’s Obama in a nutshell. He is of the opinion that our asses belong to him. What’s more, he truly thinks he is the Lord. Not just a lord – the Lord. The staged Greek Columns at his nomination acceptance speech established that once and for all.

It has ever been thus. History is replete with tyrants arising from obscurity – imbued with an elitist vision of divine right to rule over us. This brings us to an examination of true leadership versus managership. The late Egyptologist, Hugh W. Nibley, speaking at the commencement ceremony at Brigham Young University on August 19, 1983 pegged both types – leaders and managers (In Obama’s case, an expressed proclivity for central management):

Leaders are movers and shakers, original, inventive, unpredictable, imaginative, full of surprises that discomfit the enemy in war and the main office in peace. For the managers are safe, conservative, predictable, conforming organization men and team players, dedicated to the establishment.

Hugh Nibley
Hugh Nibley

The leader, for example, has a passion for equality. We think of great generals from David and Alexander on down, sharing their beans or maza with their men, calling them by their first names, marching along with them in the heat, sleeping on the ground, and being first over the wall. A famous ode by a long-suffering Greek soldier, Archilochus, reminds us that the men in the ranks are not fooled for an instant by the executive type who thinks he is a leader. (Archilocus, frag. 58)

For the manager, on the other hand, the idea of equality is repugnant and even counterproductive. Where promotion, perks, privilege, and power are the name of the game, awe and reverence for rank is everything, the inspiration and motivation of all good men. Where would management be without the inflexible paper processing, dress standards, attention to proper social, political, and religious affiliation, vigilant watch over habits and attitudes that gratify the stockholders and satisfy security?

Now, having read Nibley’s amazing discourse on leadership and managership, into which camp do you think Obama falls? That’s right, he is no leader. He is, however, a great believer in his rank, his perks, his privilege, and his power. The irony is that Obama isn’t even much of a manager. This is odd, given the fact that he preaches the Gospel of Central Planning and Management.

Having established that Obama lacks true leadership skills, let us now turn our attention to the concept of liberty. For despite the fact the leadership gene is absent from Obama’s DNA, he does happen to rule over us in a despotic sort of way. Frankly, he has the power to restrict our liberties, and has demonstrated, time and again, a desire to do precisely that. America is at one of those hinge points of history – the ending of one era and the beginning of another. It is a time fraught with dangers to our personal liberties. It is also a time of blessing, for the dangers facing us have awakened the sleeping giant that is America’s soul and countless millions are fighting back against Obama and his minions – who intend to enslave us.


A key question is from where do our liberties originate? Obama would have us believe that the state is the grantor of all personal rights – the state alone has the right to determine what, if any, rights are granted to its citizenry. However, there is another, more revolutionary idea on this subject. The Declaration of Independence posited these truths to be “Self-evident,” that all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” and that the purpose of government is merely “to secure these Rights.” The Constitution of the United States was established to provide a practical way to guarantee these God-given rights. God – that’s a concept at odds with Statism, for Statists see God as a threat to their power.

The past week or so, we have been witnessing an amazing public relations attempt to align Obama with God in general, and Christianity specifically. The question: Is Obama a Obama's Religion Muslim? Perhaps a more fundamental question should be “Does Obama believe in God?” Well, does he? Evidence doesn’t support that contention. Obama doesn’t go to church. Therefore, Bill Burton is trying to convince us that Obama attends services via his BlackBerry. How does that work, specifically? Does Barry navigate to BlackBerry App World and purchase salvation for $3.99? Burton also is floating a trial balloon that Obama prays daily. Prays? No – Preys? Yes. America is seeing through the spin. Obama is a self-made man and worships his creator. Which is convenient, since that would be himself. Do we really believe that Obama sought out the Rev. Wright’s leftist church 20 years ago because he was a true believer in Christ? Not likely. That move appears to have been politically motivated. Do we really believe now that Obama is a Christian? No.  – Especially since he spends the typical Sabbath not in church but out on the golf course. It appears we have an oxymoron Messiah. He doesn’t believe in himself. The true Christ taught correct principles and then allowed men to govern themselves. Obama can’t abide that kind of doctrine – it goes against his grain. That alone tells us he is no Christian. He fights against personal liberties. Remember, he calls the Bill of Rights “Negative Rights,” for it does not specifically spell out what the government must do for us. Obama’s concept of liberty is not individual – it is collective. He is a statist. He believes liberties devolve from the state – not from God. Hating the concept of God, he probably wouldn’t make a better Muslim than he does a Christian. Is he Christian? No. Is he Muslim? It is debatable. Then what is he? Well, he obviously worships himself so we could call his self-professed religion Barium. Get it? Good!

The long-established position of the left has been to attack religious freedom. But now we see the leftists frantically trying to convince us that Obama is a Christian. Now what could possibly induce that kind of role reversal among the left? The answer is simple. The progressives (a more accurate name would be the regressives) are frightened. They smell political disaster if Americans perceive Obama to be Muslim. They can’t point to a life of piety on Obama’s part so they are forced, yet again, to spin the truth. Whatever happened to their incessant whining about the separation of church and state? The important message to take away from all of this is that the left believes in nothing. Every position they take is meaningless. And their positions change 180 degrees if the political winds shift. They are amoral. They have no morals.

It is not just our religious freedom that is at stake today. Freedom of Speech is also under attack. That became quite clear, even transparent, to us all as we heard Nancy Pelosi call for investigations into the backgrounds of those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero. (I’m not falling for the spin that the mosque is merely near Ground Zero.) Imagine, high-ranking government officials threatening police investigations of all those who have views differing from their own. Pelosi is engaging in the rawest form of intimidation.

Despite the constant attacks on our personal liberties that the Obama administration has engaged in for the past 19 months, we still retain most of our freedoms. But that situation can change if conservatives allow the midterm elections to slip through their fingers. The midterms represent the one, and only, chance to put a roadblock in the path to socialism. There is still hope.

We return to the Shawshank Redemption. Paroled from prison, Red travels to a field outside of Buxton, Maine. He digs up the little tin box under the mighty oak tree and reads Andy’s letter. “Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

Eagle of Liberty

Don’t let hope die, America. Fight for your liberties. Fight for your children’s liberties. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Giving in to tyranny is unacceptable because once liberty is lost; it can only be regained through the shedding of blood. Fight. Liberty is worth it!

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