Meet Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, an Obama Backer

In this interview, Percy Sutton ( One time attorney for Malcom X) reveals that, at the request of Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, he wrote a letter of support to get Obama into Harvard as President of the Law Review.

So now we must ask, who is this Dr. Khalid Mansour that pulled these strings for Obama. Lets take a look. From Discover the Networks:

Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour is a Muslim lawyer and a black nationalist who made news in 2008 when it was revealed that he had been a patron of Barack Obama and had recommended the latter for admission to Harvard Law School in 1988.

Before becoming a Muslim, al-Mansour in the 1960s was named Don Warden. He was deeply involved in San Francisco Bay Area racial politics as founder of a group called the African American Association. A close personal adviser to Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, al-Mansour helped the pair establish the Black Panther Party but later broke with them when they entered coalitions with white radical groups.

In the mid-1970s al-Mansour met Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Tatal, who today is best known for having offered a $10 million donation toward 9/11 relief efforts in 2001 — an offer that was rejected by New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani when the prince suggested that the terrorist attacks were an indication that America “should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stand toward the Palestinian cause.” Al-Mansour’s relationship with the prince eventually led to al-Mansour’s hiring as attorney to King Saud. He has since been an adviser to Saudi billionaires who fund the spread of Wahhabi extremism in America.

Al-Mansour is an outspoken hater of the United States, Israel, and white people generally. In recent years he has accused the U.S. of plotting a “genocide” designed “to remove 15 million black people, considered disposable, of no relevance, value or benefit to the American society.” He has told fellow blacks that “whatever you do to [white people], they deserve it, God wants you to do it and that’s when you cut out the nose, cut out the ears, take flesh out of their body, don’t worry because God wants you to do it.” Alleging further that Palestinians in Israel “are being brutalized like savages,” he accuses the Jews of “stealing the land the same way the Christians stole the land from the Indians in America.”

And from the Discover the Networks Page on Obama:

Harvard Law School and Khalid al-Mansour:

In 1988 Obama applied for admission to Harvard Law School. At the time, a Muslim attorney and black nationalist named Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour asked civil rights activist Percy Sutton to send a letter of recommendation to his (Sutton’s) friends at Harvard on Obama’s behalf.

Al-Mansour formerly had been a close personal adviser to Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, having helped them establish the Black Panther Party in the 1960s. He thereafter became an advisor to a number of Saudi billionaires known for funding the spread of Wahhabi extremism in America. Al-Mansour also showed himself to be a passionate hater of the United States, Israel, and white people generally.

With al-Mansour’s help, Obama in 1988 was accepted by Harvard Law School, where he became president of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

Newsmax conducted an interview with Khalid al-Mansour after the Percy Sutton revelation and here is their article:

Who is Khalid al-Mansour?

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman Who is the “mystery man” former Manhattan Borough Chairman Percy Sutton named as having aided Barack Obama financially at Harvard Law School?

Signs of al-Mansour’s work exists in Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and spans four decades in the United States, Newsmax discovered while scouring hundreds of sources for the story it reported on the revelations Wednesday.

His life story could have been written as a Horatio Alger-style rise from rags to riches. He sees himself as something of the “return of Antar,” a mythical black poet-warrior of pre-Islamic times. His real-life exploits range from a surprise one-on-one meeting with the prime minister of India as a college student to mentoring Black Panthers’ founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in the early 1960s.

Saga Starts With Meeting Saudi King

Al-Mansour’s rise to fame and fortune began with an introduction to the Saudi king in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1977.

“I was asked by a Saudi friend – he was a student down in Newport (Calif.) –to go home with him to Riyadh,” al-Mansour told Newsmax.

His friend was a member of the royal family and planned to ask the king for money to help with his studies in the United States. But the king was in no mood to be generous.

“He was mad. And then my friend told me that the basis of his anger was that OPEC was being sued,” al-Mansour said. “This was a very nasty conspiracy that involved some of the biggest respected political names in America. The king didn’t know all of that, but he knew he wasn’t happy.”

Al-Mansour’s friend told the kin he was a lawyer. “The King didn’t know if I was a good lawyer or bad lawyer, but said, ‘Will you do it?’ I said, ‘I’d have to study it.’ He said, ‘Just take it, and get out!’”

The king required that only one lawyer represent the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. “So you win or you lose, based on the outcome because no one’s going to listen to any excuses. You’re either a loser for life, or a winner for life,” al-Mansour said.

Al-Mansour was a winner – big time.

Changed Name After Studying Islam

Born the 11th of 12 children as Donald Warden to a polyglot father who often spoke glowingly about Islam, al-Mansour decided to change his name in 1964 after learning Arabic and studying Islam.

“I found that Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, if you put ’em together, it means that, if I’m eternally the slave of God, and I follow the right path, I will always be victorious. I liked that. So that became my name.”

He met and befriended Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the world’s 19-thealthiest person, when the prince was studying at Menlo College in California in the late 1970s. Al-Mansour’s law partner was representing the prince in a court case in California.

After getting a degree in business administration from Menlo in 1979, Prince Alwaleed went back to Saudi Arabia determined to become extremely successful, al-Mansur recalled.

The two began to work together, and the prince asked him to help him invest in Africa. “He said, let’s make our focus turning Africa around. He has never told me until today where this idea came from, but it became an obsession.”

Al-Mansour says he and the prince flew from country to country as he introduced the prince to heads of state. “It was easy for me, because I knew all the presidents.”

Mum on Relations with Obama

Al-Mansour deflected several attempts to get him to answer direct questions about his relationship with Obama and the Percy Sutton revelations it reported Wednesday.

“In respect to Mr. Obama, I have told him, because so many people are running after him, and when stories get printed they usually get distorted and then he has to spend a lot of time trying to unravel them – and then after the experience of Rev. (Jeremiah) Wright whom I’ve never met, but I’ve followed the media coverage – I was determined that I was never going to be in that situation. I never discuss Barack Obama,” al-Mansour said.

“I wish him the best, and hope he can win the election, and if he wins the election, that he adopts this campaign for education,” he said.

Al-Mansour wants Obama to launch an education and program” for black and Hispanic students, using his rock-star popularity to motivate young people, parents, and teachers to improve achievement standards.

Percy Sutton Revelations

Al-Mansour said is is aware of Percy Sutton’s revelations that identified him as raising money for Obama’s law school education when the presidential candidate was 25.

“But I’ve never confirmed it,” he said. “What you have since I’ve been out of the country is bloggers saying this is the new Rev. Wright — in drag! and he is a nationalist, racist, and worse than Rev. Wright. I’m not getting into that. Any statement that I make would only further the activity which is not in the interest of Barack, not in the interest of Percy, not in the interest of anyone. For the bloggers to not even have the courtesy to call me to ask what’s happening is a clear sign to me. There’s no need. There’s no benefit. So why do it?”

Asked specifically whether he had “spotted” Barack Obama while he was an undergraduate at Columbia as a promising student he wanted to help get into Harvard Law School, al-Mansour pleaded a faulty memory.

“I give a lot of speeches on college campuses, in the US and abroad. So I meet people all the time…. But I can’t say that I remember that.”

Nor would he confirm or deny that he had called Sutton, as Sutton reveals, asking him to help Obama get into Harvard.

“I’m not going to say that,” al-Mansour said. “That lends itself regardless of the answer and regardless of the truth to the type of sensationalism that I don’t consider productive to the goals that I have. I don’t see how this will promote education. I don’t see how this will promote a global respect. I don’t see how it deals with the basic issues we’re faced with in the country. I try to limit my comments to those kinds of issues, to avoid the tendency of the press to sensationalize both positive and negative.”

His attempts to deflect his support of Obama were pretty weak. Here he is practically campaigning for Obama:

Now for more on his radical views:

Here he is in an interview discussing one of his books and “Black Leadership”



Here is a multi part lecture titled: What Your Traditional Leaders Will Never Tell You

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9, Part 10

Part 11, Part 12

Part 13, Part 14

Part 15, Part 16, Part 17

I know theres alot there, Yes I watched all of it. Suffice to say, Dr. Mansour is just a Muslim version of Reverend Wright. While Wright  uses Black Liberation Theology with a Christian-ish face, Dr. Mansour basically does the same with an Islamic face. He has some very radical beliefs on Christianity and on Jewish people.

This lecture is titled: The Birth & Death of Christianity

This could be called the short version of the above

And heres a couple of his book titles taken from BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com

The Lost Books of Africa Rediscovered: We Charge Genocide by Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour

The Reflections of an African Arabian in American Captivity by Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour is just another radical skeleton that helped get Obama to where he is today. Without Dr. Mansour, Obama would not have gotten to Harvard Law. You can see the similarities of belief between Dr. Mansour, Obama, & Wright. Not the core religion, but the Black Liberation Theology. Obama was a Muslim in his childhood, and in his book stated politically he would stand with them, but I do not believe he himself is a Muslim now, but a Muslim sympathizer. Obama fully embraces Wright’s distorted version of Christianity and has made speeches confirming this. But hearing much of the rhetoric of Dr. Mansour, I can see how they could become close friends.

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  1. When will racism ever end. Will Someone please tell me what this has to do with anything. Has Obama done anything at all since he was in office to disgrace the United States. Has he buddied up with our enemies? Black, White, Red…. these things are only skin deep. Muslim, Christian, Catholic…. these things are entitlements of every American citizen. Those who judge will be judged the same. These types of prejudices, when enter into government cause chaos in our government and add to the delay of the recovery of these United States. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have limited income, and I suspect you do also. These types of behaviors must be put aside and we must work together to overcome the problems in our economy. If you believe in an after life, what color will you be then? It doesn’t matter, this is all just ridiculous to hang onto and make assumptions from. When I was in Junior high… I had several friends. Three of which grew up to be murders. I am not a murderer. Who people associate with, does not make them. Try looking at him for what he is, instead of who he knows and who paid for his education.

    1. I have no idea where you see racism in this report at all, there is none. A far as your last sentence goes, your the exception rather than the rule. Generally people choose to associate with people they agree with and that think alike. And I don’t know about you, But I’m not going out on a limb to get someone I don’t agree with into a prestigious university. Connect the dots.

  2. Your response proves exactly what I said. Guilt by association. Pure and simple prejudice/racism. This is absurd. Obama has done nothing but know these people, and get an education. You cannot prove him to be any sort of traitor of which this all leads to. Freedom of Speech gone haywire.

    1. I give you connections and you cry racism. I’m sorry to inform you, there is no racism. It’s beyond “Guilt by Association” because he recieved something, not just happened to be with people. “He has done nothing but know these people and get an education” It’s clear you will always ignore facts in order to defend Obama. I provide truth and facts, you seek to spin it as Racism. Thats a serious character flaw on your part. Your racism here is imagined. I don’t care at all the color of any of the people involved, Obama included. Good Luck to you.

  3. keep up the good work,dr.khalid. do not let these capitalist dictate your agenda. you are a hero to us,the oppressed. i thank god for you and the fight that you have put up over the years. you speak for all of us. please continue to do so. we all love you.

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