Obama Takes Sides: Hugo Chavez Over England

On April 2nd, 1982 the Argentine Military invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands which had been home to nothing but British Shepherds for years. The British Navy responded with the largest naval action since WWII and In the ensuing Falklands War 900 people lost their lives.

The British won the war and maintained ownership and control of the Falklands. Now the British Falklands are under attack again, this time diplomatically. The Falkland Islands have been found to be oil rich, and Argentina wants them again. Backed by Hugo Chavez chanting “Queen of England the Empire is over,” 32 Latin American and Caribbean heads of state agreed to support “the legitimate rights of the republic of Argentina in the sovereignty dispute with Great Britain”.

The question for the UK has been, Where is Obama?  At Telegraph.co.uk Nile Gardiner writes,

If the Obama administration does not take a clear position in support of London, the Anglo-American Special Relationship will be significantly damaged. It is imperative that in the coming days the White House issues an unequivocal statement backing UK sovereignty over the Falklands in the face of Argentinian bullying, and sends a clear signal that it stands united with Great Britain.
President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cannot remain neutral and sit on the fence over an issue of vital national interest to the United Kingdom. While British and American soldiers fight side by side on the battlefields of Afghanistan, the United States must stand shoulder to shoulder with the British people as they once again confront Argentine aggression and defend their own kith and kin.

That was in February 2010, The Obama admin had done just that, sit on the fence, until now. Now he has done the exact of what Britain ever expected. Obama has sided with (Socialist) Latin American countries in demanding sovereignty negotiations over the Falklands. This is yet another slap in the face to our ever shrinking list of allies in an attempt to appease those that should be our enemies.

The American position on the Falklands and the current issues over British Petroleum are a sign to England that their friendship with us means nothing. We will lose our old friends.

By siding with the Chavez back Argentina, Obama is sending a clear signal to our allies that they mean nothing to us and to Communists we are on their side. Chavez is a rabid wolf that cannot be appeased, this will only whet his appetite. Seeing this weakness from the USA will prompt him to conduct his lifelong dream and invade Colombia.

The British paid for the Falkland Islands in blood, and will never give them up regardless of what position Obama takes.

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    1. @ Ruben Rivero Capriles
      I respect your opinion even though I disagree. The UK has always maintained the Falkland Islands. They were originally occupied by little more than British shepherds tending ther flocks in peace. It was the naked agression and bloody invasion of Argentina that prompted Margaret Thatcher to defend them in the first place. It is Chavez that seeks an Empire, through Socialist weaklings like Argentina.
      !Socialismo Significa Muerte!

  1. los viejos convenios no pueden ser oviados por leyes nuevas, asimismo creemos que hay que respetar más que nunca lo convenido. . palabra de caballeros siempre han tenido aceptación y confiabilidad más allá de las leyes. rachel capriles.

  2. Oddly familiar sounding. The muslims want to assert ownership of many areas that have no historical ties to them, or they have lost centuries ago in battle. God help the British if they build a mosque there.

  3. Wow. This is bullshit. One, the UK and US need to stop their imperialist assault on Latin America, and Latin America should nationalize its oil to create wealth for the people. This article is such bullshit, I feel dumber just reading it.

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