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Obama Can't Talk to BP CEO Because He's Afraid of BP's Board?

So, the administration has it’s loafers on the neck of BP – which part of BP?  It might be those former employers of BP that rely on the company for their pensions.  It could be those that have BP in their 401k retirement accounts.  It’s certainly not the CEO, Obama hasn’t even called him yet.

Finally, after weeks of wondering why the CEO  wasn’t hearing from our golfer-in-chief, pontificator Gibbs provides us with the answer – It’s the board stupid.  This ranks right up there with Gibbs having told us that Rush trying to buy a stake in the St. Louis Rams was, “slavery.. only fatter”.

Gibbs informed the press and public that Obama hasn’t dialed-up Tony Hayward because, “Anything the CEO wants to do .. has to be approved by the board”.

Ah, so.. Obama held a session with the Board members then… not exactly – wait, not at all.

This has to be the worst excuse ever.  Of course it was approved by Obama, wonder what that intellectually stunning exchange sounded like:

Gibby: “Barry, I have to tell ’em something.. I could tell them that you were working with Republicans and Democrats so that we could conduct the call in a bi-partisan manner?”

Barry: “I think everyone’s figuring out the whole partisan thing – try again”

Gibby: “You texted him, just not sure if he got it?”

Barry: “Good, but no, that doesn’t blame anyone else for my lack of action”

Gibby: “I see, how about blaming BP’s board?”

Barry: “Now THAT’s the way to kick the ass down the road”

Gibby:” kick the can down the road sir?”

Barry: “Uh, I’m a very busy man”

The CEO does not run to the board to get every act approved and if Obama thought the Board was who needed to approve his miraculous, but still announced super-fix-it plan.. couldn’t he talk it over with the CEO and let Mr. Hayward worry about the corporate governance issues?

Obama doesn’t understand because he has no clue how business, corporations, or much of anything else in the real world works.  He’s a slick-talking, over-dressed, arugula-scarfing elitist.

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