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Left Wants Gun Rights Taken Away on Suspicion, Conviction Too Late

Perusing the liberal blogosphere, I came across some interesting reactions on the Huffington Post (hey I read all sides) to N.Y. Governor Bloomberg’s ‘Terror Gap’ plea.  Michael Bloomberg is pointing out that suspected terrorists are able to buy guns.  The liberals are going nuts because someone suspected of something is allowed to keep their rights as afforded by the constitution.  Where is the ACLU outrage?  Why aren’t the right-protecting leftits running around in the streets screaming, “Innocent until proven guilty” or “protect our rights” or whatever else they need to yell before busting up a window or lighting a torch?

The article quotes the Governor:

“Shouldn’t FBI agents have the authority to block sales of guns and explosives to those on the terror watchlists — and deemed too dangerous to fly? I actually believe that they should..”

Well governor, flying on an airplane is not a constitutionally protected right, owning a gun is.  Can you imagine the outrage is a conservative leader announced that we should not allow a person to protest because he/she is on the watch list?  Wouldn’t everyone be concerned over the process by which someone gets on the list?  Why isn’t the left questioning that now?  What if I yell an obscenity at some anti-taxation rally and someone decides I’m a threat.  What if the next action is to limit my right to free speech, or speedy trial or due process for that point?  Does double-jeopardy get suspended because some Federal official found one of my actions “suspicious”?

It’s a slippery slope, but one the left is happy to grab the slick cardboard of big government and slide down laughing.  Due process, innocent until proven guilty – learn it – live it – someone’s coming after it.

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Rich Mitchell

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