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Health Care Being Discussed by… Lawyers?

Obama’s health care summit at the Blair house was attended largely by lawyers.  Professional politicians brought up as guardians of the legal system.  I use the term professional loosely as these experts on the legislative process have not been able to deal with the inefficiencies of the government they help to shape.  Why do we believe they could fix a health care system they know even less about?

Why is it such a surprise that all their answers are in more government?  That’s precisely the only thing familiar to them – government.  They know how to spend money, but when was the last time Congress ever cut costs on much of anything?  Senator Byrd spent billions on a four-lane highway to nowhere, we’ve funded a wind tunnel for the military that they never wanted and don’t want to budget for, there is the VTOL transport we’ve spent money on and can’t get above 2 feet in altitude (after 20 years of research).

The Blair house health care summit should have been broadcast on Bravo.  It’s more akin to a reality show than anything effective or useful.  Obama and the Democrats spent 4 hours talking (the opposite of listening).  Only 25% of Americans want the bill that the liberals are pushing.  How much more out-of-touch can you get?  No one wants it, politicians don’t even understand the subject, and it’s taking focus off of something that Congress is actually tasked with overseeing: the economy (well, trade and interstate commerce actually, but close enough).

So much for jobs, jobs, jobs.  It’s big government health care being discussed by lawyers in a reality show setting.  Who woulda’ thunk it?

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Rich Mitchell

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