Time for Americans

Patriots are protectors of the ideals of their country. I am grateful to have witnessed the largest gathering of patriots in history. I am grateful for September 12th.

I could very well end this post with that, but you all (y’all in the native tongue) know me better. Even CNN discussed the rally in Washington as people coming out against big government, overspending and fiscal liberalism. Seeing the pictures of the reflection pool overwhelmed with true patriots gave me pleasant pause.

Unfortunately, I also heard the hate-speech from left-or-die liberals. On Fox news, a young African-American woman was being interviewed by Julia Banderas and was asked about her feelings on the overwhelmingly-large gathering in Washington.

With all that has happened, all that is possible, all that could bring this country back to its founding principals, she went right to the corrupted, special interest, Alinskyish political party line.

I wish I had captured her name, but UT (Hook ’em) was playing and I caught her interview during a commercial and they didn’t post it before the interview ended. She basically cast-off the wishes of the 10’s of thousands of people in D.C. as special interest groups and bought-offs from insurance companies. She went on to say that everyone at this massive demonstration were cattle or lemmings and that they were being taught the wrong things by the wrong kind of media. I was seriously shouting at the T.V.

My son and my wife share a birthday this very weekend. Only because I have dedicated myself to them could I not have left them at home and gone to this rally – the rally. I instead spent the day getting up at the crack of dawn so that my son could have his favorite breakfast, see the new star wars display at the museum, take him to turn his saved-up coins into bills, go to the store to use his hard-saved money to buy his mother a gift. Idiots like this woman make me feel guilty for having chosen my family over my country. Idiots like her make me sad because she has selfishly chosen her party over her country and family.

Those of you who have read what I have to say know that I have never identified with a political party. You know that I have never issued a racist remark or pushed a corporate agenda or union intent. I have only one agenda – the constitution of these United States.

I served my country in the armed forces as did my father, uncles, and both grandfathers. We are not PHD’d know-it-alls. I would put my family name on the line that we understand far more about this country’s heritage and ideals than all those self-interested, overly-indoctrinated morons that cast me as a racist, a lemming, a cow.

They wonder why we are angry. They ask why we shout. They do not understand that they aren’t just pushing selfish, socialist crap. They do not understand that real citizens of these United States, want those United States… back. We are willing to fight for that ideal, that idea. An idea for which they have no respect. They underestimate every one of us. They underestimate each individual one of us.

They do not understand Americans at all. They have our citizenship and legal standing. They seem just like us. They are nothing like us. They are not us. Not because we differ in color, religion, size, shape or financial standing, but because we differ on the basic motivations and rights of every Citizen.

I speak out because I want my children to have the opportunities that my father, uncles, grandfather and I had. I spend time, money and effort to point out those things that clearly go against the intentions of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington et al. I would spend everything I have to make sure my children had the same opportunities as I and my ancestors.

We are grown-ups. Grow up. Deficit spending simply puts the cost of your wishes on your children and theirs. It is time to take responsibility for ourselves. It’s time to realize that utopia does not exist and that we must all take responsibility for our own actions. It’s time… to be Americans.

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Rich Mitchell

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