Left-Wing Columnist Calls Conservative Hosts Racist

Joe Conason, author and columnist for the New York Observer, plants the “R” word on Glenn Beck and  Rush Limbaugh in a recently published article entitled, “The Racist Truth About Beck and Limbaugh”.  His assertions are obviously incorrect.  Considering the recent realization by the New York Times that their content may be “left-of-center” it’s understandable that his rant contains all the balanced journalistic integrity one can expect from a New York rag.

Liberals use racism to quiet opposition
Liberals use racism to quiet opposition

Joe continually makes the assertion that Beck and Limbaugh believe that Obama called them racists.  Conason goes on to explain how that is a lie.  In actuality, Beck said of Obama, “so you unleash the hounds and point the fingers, and everybody is a racist.”.  That much may well be true.

The dogs were unleashed as a multitude of congressional democrats sprayed the “R” word around as much as possible.  Just because the president says that he does not believe they are racists, does not mean that he believes it.

Obama’s actions speak louder than any of his nuanced, fluffy, difficult to pin-down words.  He has never condemned a single democrat for slinging the racist term at anyone, ever.  Why?  Because he supports the use of the term and the defamation of anyone that disagrees with him and he needs to use this tool to silence the opposition.   The President  just can’t say that so he has everyone else do it for him.  Mr. Conason performs his part of the act beautifully by not only deflecting the racist behavior of the liberals away, but then having it land squarely on those that were defamed.

Joe’s deep-seeded hatred for anything not ultra-liberal is obvious by perusing his other writings on his homepage [link].   He spins his unabashed ultra-liberalism into articles that do things like defend ACORN, Joe Wilson-bashing, saying conservatives are not compassionate,  support for the investigation of CIA members, trashing Churchill, I could go on forever.

Joe can’t help but display his obvious bias as he labels left-leaning publications as “liberal media”, but right-leaning alternatives are the “Republican noise machine”.  He doesn’t support his claims, is incorrect on so many fronts, and writes in a manner that is feeding the liberal media with worthless ammunition.

So does Conason go after Beck and Limbaugh just because he’s part of a minuscule left-wing posse?  No, he and the ultra-left have run out of intellectual ammunition and need to stop the conservative message – at all costs.

I found Mr. Conason’s recent article while perusing the Rasmussen Reports website.  Finding an opinion piece on an opinion-pollster’s site surely seems fitting.  I would love to see a poll that shows how well his idiotic ramblings are received and by which demographic.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Excellent final analysis there Rich. This just gonna backfire on them once again. We don’t care any more. They have over played that card once too many times to the point it has become ineffective for them and provides more incentive for conservatives.

    I too believe that Obama not only condones it from his party, but, I believe he himself is racist.

  2. Don’t ya just love it? When the grand hypocrites set about once again to define themselves.

    What would have been more apropos would have been to have gathered the Black Congressional Caucus, the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, the NAACP(National Association of Angry Colored Peeps), the ACLU(American Association of Communist Lawyers) and some others and made them all up in ‘whiteface’ for a white minstrel show “press conference”.

    These idiotic dolts just can’t help themselves. They are racist demagogues from the word go and continue to define themselves thusly. Race-baiting and using political “target groups” are the stock-in-trade of the demonRATic establishment and will continue to be. Most especially so since the LBJ days of the Not-So-Great-Society. Blacks today have got to ask themselves one question….


    The resounding chorus should come back as…HELL NOOOOOOO!!!

    I still mainly live in ghettoized squalor.

    I still have a lousy self image. I”m self-loathing as a result of how my government has made me a parasite. Just look at the music style I’ve developed. Just look at how my young people dress and comport themselves.

    I”m still parasitically dependent upon government largess from cradle to grave.

    I still commit violence upon my own kind in violent frustration more than ever before.

    I still bear more and more bastard children than ever before.

    I’ve sold my very generational soul to the demonRATs and cannot figure how to retrieve it.
    Yet I call successful blacks who have worked within the system to uplift themselves “Toms”.
    What is he matter with me?

    Keep up the good work Mr. Joe Conason, author and columnist for the New York Observer. You keep on keepin’ on tootin’ your race-baiting horn. WE need you left-wing intellectual dolts to assure victory for us in NOvember 2012.

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