Finally: Dems Read ObamaCare. Request Delays.

By | December 12, 2012

obamacare falloutAs Nancy Pelosi famously said, “You’ve got to pass the bill, so you can learn what’s inside…” Democrats are finally getting around to reading the ObamaCare law. And they’re surprised at the findings. Unknown taxes, hidden fees. Who would have guessed that within those 2,000 pages of hastily put together legislation would be ‘job killing taxes’ (as emphatically stated this Monday by Al Franken, D-MN)?

Well of course it’s true. Those of us who urged caution and debate anticipated this massive bill would impact people far more than House and Senate leaders would admit.

So here we are, as more parts of the law are being enacted, and Congress has just now learned about some of those unexpected fees. Acting as though they were blindsided, sixteen Democratic Senators sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asking for delays because they have just now realized that the medical technology field will be severely impacted by taxes levied through the new law.

It’s true, some of the Senators, including Franken, did express concerns when the bill was written about these very taxes. Unfortunately, these same senators did not see the problems as significant enough to vote no on the bill. Today as ObamaCare and its funding methods are about to become actuality they are responding to their constituents and finally, questioning elements of this new and expensive law.

You can read the letter below as provided by the Wall Street Journal.

letter to maj leader 2letter to maj leader 2letter to maj leader 3

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4 thoughts on “Finally: Dems Read ObamaCare. Request Delays.

  1. bronx

    Folks i’m affraid that President Obama’s plan is in full effect and moving “forward”.

    The plan to rid America of it’s middle class is well on it’s way. The middle of America’s jobs are being sent overseas and “ObamaCare” was the shipping vehicle to do just that.

    America is now in the “Forward” moving motion to destroy America. Welcome aboard America, welcome aboard.

  2. Stew

    It’s already too late. I am involved in a medical device manufacturing venture that has gone overseas. Not because of the reasons you may think though. We have no choice but to go overseas due to the amount of regulation from the FDA combined with the threats of lawsuits from competitors seeking to crush all competition. Literally the only way to go to market now in medical device development is offshore. Unless you’re GE or another major conglomo-corp. The sad reality is that innovation comes from small business. Big business simply adopts.

    It’s sad but with small business being smothered by the FDA and regulatory bodies, you’re going to see fewer innovations and more jobs going offshore.

  3. Jan Brown

    Quite a number of Senators are looking at an election in a couple of short years.& are now motivated to listen to their constituents & learn ‘just what they signed’…….anything as large & onimous should’ve been surrouned with red flags & alarms…A packet of paper of that magnitude has many many nooks & crannies for ‘hiding’….I know this has been talked almost to death, but considering it’s size & effect on the entire Country…I would hope that every Senate re-election would be grilled in detail on this & all candidates quizzed on what they know & feel about it….the jobs mentioned in the letter are just part of the domino effect.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Excellent observation Jan. I agree, and hope voters don’t forget this mess we’re in when it comes time to cast their ballots.

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