Presidential Election Results 2012 [Live Blog and Map]

After billions of dollars, months of campaigning and a deluge of campaign advertising, election day is here and CDN will be keeping up with voting totals and exit polls.

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Electoral Results Map


Electoral Count (270 needed to win) – Obama Wins

President Obama: 303

Governor Romney: 206

Results (called states will be highlighted red for Romney – Blue for Obama)

Alabama: Obama: 38% || Romney 61% (99% precincts reporting)

Alaska: Romney: 55% || Obama: 42% (67% precincts reporting)

Arizona: Romney: 55% || Obama: 43% (68% precincts reporting)

ArkansasRomney: 60% || Obama: 37% (97% precincts reporting)

California: Romney: 38% || Obama: 58% (69% precincts reporting)

Colorado: Romney: 47% || Obama: 51% (90% precincts reporting)

Connecticut: Obama: 58% || Romney 41% (87% precincts reporting)

Delaware: Obama: 59% || Romney 40% (99% precincts reporting)

Florida: Romney: 49% || Obama: 50% (97% precincts reporting)

GeorgiaRomney: 53% || Obama: 45% (98% precincts reporting)

Hawaii: Romney: 28% || Obama: 71% (97% precincts reporting)

Idaho: Romney: 65% || Obama: 33% (95% precincts reporting)

Illinios: Obama: 57% || Romney 41% (93% precincts reporting)

Indiana: Romney: 54% || Obama: 44% (94% precincts reporting)

Iowa: Romney: 46% || Obama: 52% (96% precincts reporting)

Kansas: Romney: 60% || Obama: 38% (94% precincts reporting)

Kentucky: Romney: 61% || Obama: 38% (98% precincts reporting)

Lousiana: Romney: 59% || Obama: 40% (98% precincts reporting)

Maine: Obama: 56% || Romney 40% (77% precincts reporting)

Maryland: Obama: 61% || Romney 37% (91% precincts reporting)

Massachussetts: Obama: 61% || Romney 37% (96% precincts reporting)

Michigan: Romney: 45% || Obama: 54% (90% precincts reporting)

Minnesota: Obama: 53% || Romney 45% (98% precincts reporting)

Mississippi: Obama: 44% || Romney 55% (92% precincts reporting)

Missouri: Obama: 54% || Romney 44% (94% precincts reporting)

Montana: Romney: 55% || Obama: 42% (82% precincts reporting)

Nebraska: Romney: 61% || Obama: 38% (93% precincts reporting)

Nevada: Romney: 46% || Obama: 52% (93% precincts reporting)

New Hampshire: Obama: 52% || Romney 47% (87% precincts reporting)

New Jersey: Obama: 58% || Romney 41% (94% precincts reporting)

New Mexico: Romney: 43% || Obama: 53% (91% precincts reporting)

New York: Obama: 63% || Romney 36% (85% precincts reporting)

North Carolina: Romney: 51% || Obama: 48% (97% precincts reporting)

North Dakota: Romney: 59% || Obama: 39% (94% precincts reporting)

Ohio: Obama: 50% || Romney 48% (90% precincts reporting)

Oklahoma: Obama: 33% || Romney 67% (93% precincts reporting)

Oregon: Romney: 44% || Obama: 53% (75% precincts reporting)

Pennsylvania: Obama: 52% || Romney 47% (98% precincts reporting)

Rhode Island: Obama: 63% || Romney 35% (88% precincts reporting)

South Carolina: Romney: 55% || Obama: 44% (93% precincts reporting)

South Dakota: Romney: 58% || Obama: 40% (94% precincts reporting)

Tennessee: Obama: 39% || Romney 59% (94% precincts reporting)

Texas: Romney: 57% || Obama: 41% (96% precincts reporting)

Utah: Romney: 73% || Obama: 25% (88% precincts reporting)

VermontRomney: 31% || Obama: 67% (87% precincts reporting)

Virginia: Romney: 48% || Obama: 51% (97% precincts reporting)

Washington: Romney: 43% || Obama: 55% (55% precincts reporting)

Washington D.C: Obama: 91% || Romney 7% (89% precincts reporting)

West Virginia: Obama: 36% || Romney 62% (93% precincts reporting)

Wisconsin: Obama: 53% || Romney 46% (98% precincts reporting)

Wyoming: Romney: 69% || Obama: 28% (98% precincts reporting)

Live Blog

12:44p Romney to make speech within the hour

12:13a Obama wins. The people lose. We have to re-energize to fight for the Senate in 2014.

11:57p No tweets or FB posts from Romney campaign for awhile…

11:56p Things are looking bleak for Ohio, but it’s not over yet.

11:47p Gave Nevada to Obama as expected.. Florida and Ohio are the open issues

11:38p Florida and Ohio are all that remain. Everything else is either decided or too small to change the outcome.

11:26p Only 911 votes separate Obama and Romney in Ohio. We still think Fox called Ohio too fast.

11:23p Although the MSM is calling Ohio for Obama, we’re not there yet.

10:51p Florida, Colorado, Ohio….

10:07p Wisconsin still too close to call. I know the big boys have given it to Obama, but I’m waiting for 4 precincts to report.

9:55p Colorado not showing as strong for Romney as I had expected. I hope I was not as wrong in CO as I think I was in NV

9:53p CDN is calling the Senate to remain in control of Democrats with Brown loss in Mass. 2 more years of Sen. Harry Reid.

9:35p Senate race in trouble unless Brown can pull off Mass.

9:22p Early good news is that the House of Representatives will stay Republican – Senate still up-in-the-air, but likely to remain Democrat-controlled

9:11p Fleischer tells us how VA results are looking good for Romney – I only need a few more precincts to call VA

9:09p Florida much closer than I expected.

8:57p Sean Spicer tells us that the GOP picked up a house seat in Kentucky

8:36p Fleischer thinks exit polls oversample Dems

8:20p Exit polling in Ohio showing near 2008 black vote turnout – could be a problem in that swing state for Romney

7:51p Ari Fleischer talks about exit polling data and young vote in NC

7:50p Wisconsin and Minnesota close next – 10 mins to go

7:38p Vermont exit poll data showing strong liberal Democrat turnout – calling it for Obama

7:29 Ohio, NC and West Virginia just closed

7:23p Florida razor-thin with 8% in

7:09p Paul Ryan tweets about Indiana call

7:08p Florida reports that southern district votes may not be tabulated until tomorrow morning due to high turnout

7:06p Virginia exit polls show close race, but Romney doing well with middle-class and only 8 points down with women

6:50p Polls to close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, parts of Florida, New Hampshire at 7pm

6:49 Exit polls show most voters knew who they would vote for before October

6:42p Continuing to peruse the exit polling data: 34% Conservative, 22% Liberal, 44% Moderate – center-right nation?

6:30p Obama takes 60% of urban vote while Romney takes 60% of rural vote (exit polling data)

6:25 Kentucky going as expected, strong for Romney

6:19p Romney: “I only wrote one speech” – victory or bust for the Romney campaign!

6:17p Ohio voters: Things getting better 37%, things getting worse 33%, things not changing 29% – not good news for an incumbent if voters want change.

6:05p Exit polls showing more Republican electorate than in 2008 – Gallup was right – the D+7 turnout model looks flawed – looks good for Romney-Ryan

6:02p National exit polls 46% say we are heading in the right direction, 52% wrong. Ohio: working class white voters going for Romney, government workers for Romney 51%-48%

5:59p As we approach the first poll closings, thought I’d share my predictions for the electoral map ( so you can all laugh when I’m wrong):

5:52p Obama campaign staff in panic mode. Throwing out campaign videos and begging people to vote:

5:48p Romney Press Secretary Andrea Saul tweets that exit polls showing that voters care about what Romney is strong on – the economy:

5:44p RNC Communication Director Sean Spicer tweets about encouraging voter turnout in Colorado – a state CDN predicted Romney would win

5:37p KatlainSmith89 tweets this pic of Virginia Beach, VA polling location line (heavy R district):

5:18p CDNs prediction for Indiana and Kentucky was for Romney to take both. That would give Romney a 19-0 electoral lead in the first two states to have statewide polls close.

5:07p Redstate reporting that GOP poll watchers are being denied access on a technicality:

5:04 Ari Fleischer tweets that things are looking good for Romney in Ohio

5:00p One hour to polls closing in Indiana and Kentucky. Romney campaign posts image of “War Stadium”:

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